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Full text of "John Saul's catalogue of new, rare and beautiful plants, for the spring of 1880"

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ma>t&hlimbmd tB$^, 


\ ^ Oataicr^uB, ^c. O.-^X 




For the Spring of 1880. 

SEED and FLORAL ST0RE~621 Seventh Street, Opposite U. S. Patent Office. 
NURSERIES and GREENHOUSES—On Seventh Street Road. 



The fotloH^ing Catalogues are published and 
sent gratis to all applicants : 

JVb. /—A 'Descriptive Catalogue of Fruit 2rees, 

JVb. 2 — Catalogue of Garden, Agricultural and 
Flo>ver Seed. 

JVo, 3 — Wtiolesale Catalogue, or 2rade Jjist, 
published everj^ Autu?nn. 

JVb. 4^— Catalogue of Or7iame?ital 2rees, Fver- 
greens. Shrubs, (&c, 

JVo, 5— Descriptive Catalogue of a Selection of 

JVo, 6 — Descriptive Catalogue of JV^ejv, 'Hare, 
and beautiful Tla7its, Dahlias, Chrj^- 
sa?ithemums. Geraniums, Fuctisias, 
Ca?yiatio?is, &c> Published Februarj^ 
/st, Tvith a colored plate. Free to 
Customers ; to others W cents, or a 
plai7i copjf7^ee. 

JVo. 7— Descriptive Catalogue of Sulbs, pub- 
lished eve?y Autumn. 

JVo. 8— Descriptive Catalogue of Orchids, Sc. 

Established 1852 

gaialag«e §Co. O. 

Of ISTETT, RA-RE, and 

Crofons, Dracsoas and otlier Foliage Plants, 

Fucl^sias, tarnations, Verbenas, Phloxes, &c. 
Fob the Sprinu of 1880, 

gultivatsd and for f ale fcg 


NuRSEP^JMAN, Seed Prower^& Importer, 
Wa^hingtaa City, D, C 

SEED and FLORAL STORE-621 Seventh Street, Oppo. 0. S. Patent Office. 
NURSERIES and gREENHOUSES-On Seventh Street Road. 


Prixted by John Murphy & Co. 

Pki-ntkrs, Publishers, Booksellers axd Stationers, 
182 Baltimore Street. 
18 80. 


ISrOTICE. ,3^5 

In again presenting our Spring Catalogue, we do so with mucli pleasure, 
having added largely by importation of everything new and valuable among 
the various classes. 

We especially offer to the notice of our patrons many extremely rare and 
beautiful plants, suitable for the green-house as well as for bedding out. 

When selections are left to ourselves, the very finest varieties will be sent, 
and the most vigorous plants. 

After many years' experience in packing and forwarding plants to distant 
countries, we flatter ourselves we can pack both economically and safely for 
any distance. 

No charge is made for boxes or packing. 

The greater part of the new plants, and nearly all the bedding plants, can be 
forwarded by mail at the prices quoted ; on their reception they should be potted 
and placed in a frame or greenhouse to recover the effects of the journey. To 
Florists and Nurserymen who wish new plants, the mail offers the greatest 
facility for obtaining such, as they know how to care for them on their arrival^ 
Amateurs who have no means of caring for plants after a journey through the 
mail, as well as all persons requiring a considerable quantity of plants of a 
larger size, had better have their orders by express. If left to me, I will for- 
ward in such way as I deem best for the purchaser. 

In all orders by express, good plants are added in proportion to the value of 
the order or distance. Persons getting up clubs will be liberally rewarded 
with choice plants in proportion to the amount remitted. 

The prices at which some of the new plants are offered, may appear high to 
persons unacquainted with the importation of these articles. For such we have 
to pa}" high prices in Europe, adding duty, freight, risks, &c., to justify which 
when first offered, the price should be proportionate — though we make it at the 
lowest possible rates, and as stock increases the price is reduced. Older and 
standard varieties are offered at our usual very moderate rates. 

Orders intended for mailing should be accompanied with a remittance, but in 
express orders the purchaser may remit, or the article will be forwarded C. 0. D. 
at his option. 

Write your name plainly ; give post-office, county and State, whenever you 
write, no matter how frequent. 

Customers who fail to receive a catalogue in due time, will please inform us 
of the same, that a copy may be sent, as catalogues are frequently lost in the 

We charge for plate with catalogue to applicants who have not previously 
purchased, but when, however, orders are subsequently sent, the price of the 
catalogue will be allowed. 

This catalogue annuls prices in all former issues. 

February, 1880. JOHN SAUL. 


New, SiL?i mi iiautlful f knti. 

*EOSE, JULES CHRETIEX, (SCHWARTZ.)— i\'etu Hybrid Perpetual.— 

See Colored Plate. 

An exceedingly beautiful flower, very bright crimson shaded with purple; 
very large, full, and of the finest form, among dark brilliant roses this is the 
finest. A vigorous grower and free bloomer — will be largely grown. A superb 
rose. Eeady in April. 75 cents each. 

*ROSA POLYANTHA.— (A^ev^ of 1880.)— Mademoiselle Anne Marie de 


A beautiful seedling from the Japanese Rose Polyantha. " I was struck 
with the large trusses of blooms exhibited. I found a great number of plants 
of it covered with blooms, and on nearly all the branches numerous clusters of 
flower buds. They had been continually in bloom the whole season, it is a 
seedling from Rosa Polyantha. (a Japanese species.) The plant, which is 
dwarf, (being about IJ feet high,) is vigorous, and what is very remarkable 
some of the trusses rise about 1 foot above the foliage, and in the bud state 
on one I counted sixty-five, a number as far as I know very uncommon. The 
flowers are pure white, and last very long in perfection, they measure about IJ 
inches in diameter, are very double, each truss will make in itself a splendid 
bouquet. It will doubtless make a fine pot rose." — Jean Sistey, Lyons, France, 
$1 each. Ready in April. 

Catalogue of Roses mailed on application. 

*EMILE ZOLA, (LEMOINE.)— A^gu? Pelargonium. 

Truss large and finely formed, color carmine orange, bordered with bright 
rose, centre with maroon blotch, a vigorous grower, and profuse bloomer — a 
lovely flower. $1.00 each. Ready in April. 

*MISS MALLER, {IjETd01'S'E,)—New Pelargoniu?n. 

Truss large and elegantly formed, flowers pure white, exceedingly chaste and 
beautiful, a good grower and free bloomer — a charming flower. $1.00 each. 
Ready in April. 

* WILLIAM POTTEN, (LEMOINE.)— iVew; Pelargonium. 

Grand umbels, individual flowers, large and finely formed, color a rich 
maroon, base of petals veined, a free grower and bloomer. Forms a grand 
show plant — very fine. $1.00 each. Ready in April. 


4 John Saul's 

^MIGNONETTE, (LEMOINE.)— iVew' Pelargonium. 

An elegant variety with fine trusses of beautifully formed flowers, color rose 
carmine, centre white maroon blotch ; a good grower and free bloomer — a 
showy and beautiful flower. $1.00 each. Keady in April. 

* LUCIE LEMOINE, (LEMOINE.)— i\^e7^ Pelargonium. 

A chaste and beautiful new flower, grand umbels of purest white flowers, 
perfect form and shape, fine compact vigorous habit. This magnificent and 
distinct flower will be extensively grown. Keady in April. $1.00. 

*MRS. JOHN SAUL.— iV^ew Pelargonium.— {Colored Plate in 1878.) 

This beautiful flower, which orignated in our establishment, we consider one 
of the very best in cultivation. It belongs to the new class of '' K^gal " or 
"Fringed" Pelargoniums. The habit is compact and very free flowering, 
producing large trusses of charming flowers. The color is a rich glowing ver- 
milion, with light centre and light margin to the petals. We feel much 
pleasure in ofiering this splendid flower. 60 cts. 


A splendid variety, belonging to the group of " Capt Rakes," and others. 
It is of dwarf sturdy habit, the trusses, which are large, are thrown well above 
the foliage in great profusion ; it is semi-double, the upper petals having large 
black blotches in the centre, with a narrow margin of rich crimson, the lower 
petals having a smaller blotch, with a broader margin of the same color as the 
upper ; this will prove most invaluable for market purposes and for bouquets. 
50 cents. 


One of the most useful and charming of this highly decorative section of 
Pelargoniums. Its blossoms are of the purest white, prettily fringed, with a 
feathered spot of delicate rose in the upper petals. Its habit is dwarf and com- 
pact, and the flowers are produced with the greatest redundancy. Added to 
other qualities, this is one of the best of the early-blooming varieties. 75 cts. 


Color purest white — nearly all white, with a few veins of crimson on upper 
petals ; compact habit, free flowering. An exceedingly chaste and lovely 
flower. 50 cents. 


Fully sustains its character as one of the best high colored varieties in culti- 
vation. The habit close and short-jointed; it is profuse of bloom, and the 
flowers are large and of massive substance. These can be grown much more 
easily, as a general rule, than the more delicate higher bred varieties Triom- 
phe de St. Maude is a fine conservatory plant, while it is a telling exhibition 
variety. 50 cents. 


*AMAZONE, (LEMOINE.)— A^ew Double Geranium. 

Yery large and beautiful trusses, color creamy white; from its novel color, 
fine habit and profuse blooming qualities, will make it largely ffrown. $1 each. 

*AUG. POIRIER, (LEMOINE.)— iVewj Double Geranium. 

Trusses large and spherical, color salmon rose — with bright orange centre — 
distinct in color, fine habit and profuse bloomer — a superb variety. $L00 each. 

Descriptive Catalogue. 5 



Trusses large and finely formed, color salmon orange; dwarf compact flori- 
ferus habit, an exceedingly beautiful plant for bedding or pot culture. $1 each. 

^DENFERT ROCHEREAU, (LEMOINE,)— -ZVew; Double Geranium. 

Immense trusses of finely formed flowers ; color a fine galmon. A grand 
plant for bidding, being of compact vigorous habit, a profuse bloomer, and the 
colors striking and distinct. $1.00 each. 

^GENERAL DE GALLIFFET, {h^UOi^^.)— New Double Geranium. 

A beautiful habit, colors distinct — orange, base of petals rose, a superb plant 
for bedding or plant culture, color and habit being most distinct. $1.00 each. 

*PAUL BERT, (LE'^iOl'i^^.)— New Double Geranium. 

Very large and grand umbels of finely formed flowers, color a lovely violet 
rose ; tine habit, excellent for bedding or pot culture. $1.00 each. 

*VILLE DE NANCY, (LEMOINE.)— iV^ew; Double Geranium. 

Enormous trasses of grand finely formed flowers, color tender rose, very 
chaste and lovely, finest habit. This is a very beautiful plant for pot culture 
or bedding. $1.00 each. 

^^AMPHITRITE, {l.^UOll^lS,.)— New Double Geranium. 

Trusses large, fine color, alabaster white, neat, compact habit and free 
bloomer, a very beautiful plant. $1.00. 

*HEROINE, (LEMOINE.)— JVew Double Geranium. 

An exceedingly vigorous free flowering variety, trusses large, flowers of the 
purest white, a charming variety. $1.00. 

*LOUIS POIRIER, (h¥.U01^^.)— New Double Geranium. 

Very fine large globular trusses of large full flowers, color a salmon rose with 
bright orange centre, fine habit and free bloomer, very fine. $1.00. 

*M. MACHET, {h'EWOV^^.)— New Double Geranium. 

Large trusses of well formed flowers, color a reddish orange, the lower petals 
of which are marked with salmon rose, quite a new color, a distinct and fine 
variety. $!.00. 

*M. PASTEUR, (LEMOINE.)— iVet/; Double Geranium. 

Fine large trusses of spherical flowers, of a beautiful reddish orange color ; a 
neat compact habit and free bloomer, fine. $1.00. 

*PERLE, (LEMOINE.)— A^cjw; Double Geranium. 

Trusses large flowers finely imbricated, of a soft satiny flesh color, neat habit, 
profuse bloomer, a beautiful and distinct color. $1.00. 

*PSYCHE, (LEMOINE.)— iVew; Double Geranium. 

Grand trusses of semi-double flowers, color a clear bright rose changing to 
carmine, a superb variety. $1.00. 

The above 14 beautiful varieties sent out by V. Lemoine in 1879 for $12.00. 

6 John Saul's 

Per plant. 

Nymph, (Lemoine.) Immense trusses of pure white, imbricated flowers, 
delicately tinted; this is the finest of all double whites; a grand 
flower. Keceived first-class certificate of Eoyal Horticultural Society, 
London,. 75 

Chas. Hovey. Very large trusses of delicate blush, fine habit and free 
bloomer ; a lovely flower. Received first-class certificate Royal Hor- 
ticultural Society of London 50 

Ed. About. A fine variety, producing enormous trusses of flowers of a 

clear coppery red color, paler towards the edges 60 

Ed. Andre. A very large flower of a bright red color, deeper in the 

centre; all the flowers shaded with lilac 60 

E. P. Raspail. A beautiful flower of a rich crimson color, trusses enor- 
mous ; a very attractive variety 60 

Gambetta, Immense trusses of very laige flowers, of a rich rosy cerise 

color 60 

Madame Thiers. An immense truss of large and beautiful flowers of 
excellent form; white, slightly rose at the decline of flower, a very 
pretty variety 60 

Namur. A large flower ; bright orange scarlet, tinted with lilac in the 

centre, extremely attractive 60 

Victor Emmanuel. A splendid variety, flowers of a rich orange red 

bordered with white 50 

Victor Hugo. A flne variety, producing enormous trussess of double 

flowers of an o*"ange red; veined and marbled with rose 60 

Souvenir de R. Masson. A dwarf variety, producing enormous trusses 

of the most pure white flowers ; very double and of good form 50 

La Lorraine. A fine variety, producing enormous trusses of large flowers 

of a chamois salmon color. Fine habit and free bloomer 76 

President Renouard. A flne flower of a bright carmine color with light 

centre, large trusses, good habit and free bloomer 75 

Violet. A very free blooming variety, producing beautiful flowers of a 

violet crimson color, large globular trusses and fine habit 75 

Champion. Large globular trusses, color rose shaded with mauve, and 

marbled white, very distinct and pretty 75 

M. de Joybert. Large globular truss of semi-double flowers, color a deep 

scarlet, a remarkably fine variety 75 

Ethel Beale. ''This is one of the most beautiful and distinct Double 
Geraniums in cultivation, with clusters of brilliant-colored flowers, 
resembling the finest double Balsam in perfection of outline. The 
color of the flowers is rich pink, shading ofi" to brilliant crimson 30 

H. W. Beecher. " Small leaf, dwarf habit, short jointed enormous trusses, 
color brighter than Bishop Wood. Stands sunny or rainy weather. 
Special Premium N. Y. Horticultural Society." 30 

Candidissima plena. Flowers large and double, purest white, large finely 

formed trusses, good habit and free bloomer, very extra 30 


*CHALLEMEL LACOUR, (LEMOINE.)— iVew; Zonale Geranium. 

Immense trusses, color bright rich crimson, fine habit, a very beautiful 
plant. $1.00. 

*DE MORTILLET, (LEMOINE.)— iVew Zonale Geranium. 

Fine globular trusses, color a bright rose with a fine white centre, neat com- 
pact habit, very fine. $1.00. 

*JXJLES FERRY, (lu'EMOl'i^'E,.)— New Zonale" Geranium. 
A very beautiful zonale, color a bright orange veined with carmine, centre of 
petals light rose, compact habit and free bloomer, a charming variety. $1.00. 

Descriptive Catalogue. 

*MAJOPv LABORDERE, (l.'L'^Wl'SE.)— New Zonule Geranium. 

Trusses immense, color light rose, free bloomer and fine habit, very distinct 
and striking. $1.00, 

♦PRESIDENT GAMBETTA, (LEMOIXE.)— A'ety Zonule Geranium. 
Very large finely formed trusses, excellent habit and free bloomer. $1.00. 


Very large trussa? of finely formed flowers, color rich violet, petals edged 
with carmine, exceedingly distinct and beautiful, a charming pot plant. $1.00. 

The above 6 beautiful varieties sent out by V. Lemoine in 1879 for $5.00. 

Per plant. 

*Eclair. Truss large and fine, color cinnabar purple, with a large white 

centre, very striking and distinct 50 

*La iSabob. Very large umbels, rich and brilliant color, orange scarlet, 

very showy and fine 50 

*Mrs. AVm. F. Massey. Raised by Mr. W. F. Massey, Baltimore. 
"Color the same as Master Christine, better foliage and withstands 
hot suns better, fine habit, good for summer bedding or winter bloom- 
ing, finest of its color "< 1 00 

*Nuee. Very finely formed trusses; color orange salmon, centre white, 

a very fine variety 50 

*S. Delaux. Fine trusses, color violet tinted with orange, a new and dis- 
tinct color _ 50 

^Beauty of Kent. Very large trusses, color a brilliant scarlet orange, a 

grand bedding Geranium 50 

^General Grant, (George.) Very large trusses, color a crimson scarlet, a 

splendid bedding plant. (Different from the old variety of this name.) 50 

♦Gnome. Trusses large and fine, color orange scarlet, white eye, dwarf 

habit 50 

♦H. M. Pollett. Fine trusses, a beautiful crimson with a large white eye, 

finest form, a beautiful flower 50 

*J. Spencer. Large truss, color rosy scarlet, beautiful form, a fine flower 50 

*Mr. Parker. Immense bouquets, of brilliant magenta elegantly formed 

flowers, a grand variety 50 

♦Salmon Vesuvius. Very beautiful salmon with a white eye, fine truss, 

excellent habit and free bloomer like Vesuvius 50 

♦Joshua Smith. Large trusses, color salmon with a red centre, shaded 

violet, very di>tinct 75 

New Life. A sport from the well-known and useful variety Vesuvius, 
having its vivid scarlet flowers striped and flaked with salmon and 
white; extremely distinct and effective 25 

Dr. John Denny. Rich crimson -violet ; the base of the two upper petals 
marked with orange scarlet ; a magnificent flower of large size and 
good form : one of the best varieties in cultivation ^ 30 

Atalanta. Large truss, color deep crimson shaded with purple, white 

eye; very distinct ; a fine flower 30 

Andre Gill, (Lemoine.) Grand umbels of very beautiful clear rose 

flowers; very beautiful 40 

Deputy Duvaux, (Lem.) Velvety purple, very rich; a fine variety 40 

Guinea '■'Jealousy was a great step towards a yellow zonal, i^ut this 
carries us nearly two shades nearer that color so much desired, its 
brilliant orange yellow color renders it most striking wherever seen, 
for it is not only its color, but the shape is also very nice, it is one of 
the most pleasing and distinct zonals 40 

Jean d'Arc. Much the purest white in cultivatinn ; neat habit and free 

bloomer. First Class Certificate Royal Horticultural Society 40 

8 John Saul's 

Per plant. 

Lord Gifford. A First Class Certificate of the Royal Horticultural Society. 
Color crimson scarlet, with a distinct white eye, very free, and its 
flowers of a splendid satiny texture, smooth petals, and fine large 
round truss often measuring 6 inches over ; must soon become a very 
popular bedding variety .. 50 

Nymph Trusses large, flowers pure white, freely produced, compact neat 

habit; an extra fine variety 50 

Osman Pacha, (Lemoine.) A beautiful variety with orange red flowers, 

the centre surrounded with a rose chamois tint; very attractive 40 

Sensation. Large umbels, color bright rose, white centre, fine habit and 

free bloomer 40 

Senator Bernard, (Lem ) Very large trusses of deep madder-red color.... 40 

Sunshine. Beautiful tender rose, large truss, fine habit 40 

Tintamarre. An excellent bedding variety, producing immense trusses of 

fine flowers of a cerise red color 40 

White Vesuvius. A sport from Vesuvius, with pearl white flowers ; the 

finest white out for winter blooming 40 

Tricolor, Salmon, striped and ribboned rose and white 40 

The Set of 29 last named for $12.00. 



An exceedingly beautiful tricolor bronze. Large round leaves, bright yellow, 
with a rich maroon zone, colors very brilliant, fine habit. This will make a 
grand bedding plant. $1.0U. 


This is a great novelty among Geraniums, a silver tricolor with fine double 
orange salmon flowers; a most beautiful variety. $I.5U. 


A very unique and attractive variety. Outside of leaves light green, with a 
large pure white centre; flowers light scarlet; habit very dwarf and spreading. 
It is undoubtedly far before any other of its class, and the greatest novelty in 
foliage that has been sent out for years. In the way of "Happy Thought," 
but very superior in every respect. Awarded Three First Class Certificates. 
Ready in April. $1.50. 


Per plant. 

Peintre Morot, (new.) An exceedingly beautiful new double Ivy-leaved 
Geranium — flower ranunculus shaped, white, tinted with lilac, reflex 
of leaves satin, neat habit, a charming pot plant $1 00 

La Fiancee. A new variety, color a bright lilac, large and double 25 

Lucie Lemoine. Another fine variety, flowers large and double, white, 

tinged rosy lilac; free bloomer and beautiful variety 26 

Konig Albert. A very eff"ective form, with flowers of a bright violet-pink 

color, of good shape and double form 25 

Mme. Emile Galle, (Lem.) Flowers double, pure white, veined ; a charm- 
ing new flower 40 

Mile. Adrienne Barat, (Lem.) Flowers double, beautiful lilac; a beau- 
tiful new variety. First-class certificate Royal Horticultural Society, 
London 40 

Descriptive Catalogue. 9 

Per plant. 

Perle, (Lem.) A magnificent new double variety, finely formed, color a 

clear lilac, neat habit, very tine 40 

Sarah Bernhardt, (Lem.) Very large, fineh formed double white veined 
with rrim.son flowi-r-: ; a vigorous fine variety. First-class certificate 
lioyal Horticultural Society 40 


Geant. A fine hybrid, between Ivy-leaved and Zonale. This beautiful 
new variety has grand bouquets of single brilliant vermilion flowers, 
very showy and tine 30 

Bijou. An extremely attractive hybrid pr«.ducing large trusses of full 

double flowers of a rich bright scarlet 50 


This name is applied to that magnificent group of Pelargoniums the flowers 

of which are of large size, very rich and i^hftwy : a few are double, and although 

the others are not really double, yet from thfir fulness of form and the extra 

number of petals, they have the appearance of being so. 

Per plant. 

Beauty of Oxton. A splendid novelty. The upper petals are of a very 
rich maroon color, dnrkly blotched ; under petals very dark crimson, 
shaded with maroon ; light centre tint^-d with rose; all th^ petals are 
attractively and regularly margined with white, and beautifully 
fringed. Flowers large and full, the extra number of petals giving 
them the appearance of being semi-doubie 50 

Captain Rakes. The trusses of blooom are borne well up above the foliage, 
and are both numerous and laTijo, whilst the individual flowers are 
lar^e and full, upper petals deep riery crimson, flaked with purplish 
black and bordered with carmine; lower petals clear, bright, ti«-ry 
crimsom ".. 50 

*Dr. Masters. See N'-velties. 

*Elegantissimum. A beautiful variety, with large crispy semi-double 
flowers, of a rich vermilion color, all the petals broadly margined 
wiih white 50 

Le 20 Fevrier. In the style of that lovely flower. Prince of Pelargonium': ; 
coinr brilliant orange vermilion, !»lotched with maro<»n on upper petals, 
lower petals light color, nicely fringed, a magnificent variet}', should 
be largely grown 50 

♦Madame Evrard. A most attractive and distinct variety ; the flowers 
are very full, with beautiful crispy petals of an exceedingly bright 
purplish crimson color, richly spotted with dark maroon 50 

*M. Ph. Zeller. A distinct and sh»)wy variety. prf>ducing very large and 
full flowers, of a rich fiery crimson color, bordered with rose and 
spotted with very dark blackish red 50 

*Mrs John Saul. See Novelties. 

*Patria. (Prince Arthur.) The upppr and lower petals are a rich rosy 
carmine tint, the former equally marked with a r ch crimson spot or 
blotch. The ground color is finely relieved by the pure light centre, 
and the margins bounded by a white line or border 50 

Queen Victoria. To say that this is handsome conv-ys hut an inadequate 
idea of it, for it is the most marvellously benutiful and novel variety 
ever offered. The flowers have peculiarly crispy petals; the}' are not 
really double, but from their fulness of f«»rm and extra number of 
petals have the appearance of being so. The co.or is a rich vermilion, 
all the petals broadly margined with pure white, and the upper ones 
blotched with maroon 50 

Striata Elegans. This is one of the large flowered exhibiti<m group of 
Pelargoniums. The flowers are a magenta-rose, being flaked or 

10 John Saul's 

Per plant , 
barred witli elegant blue mauve, tbe top petals have a black feather- 
like plume, The previous striped flowered varieties in this group 
were distinguished by white bars upon a rosy-red ground. The one 
now offered is unique in its combination of color 50 

*Prince of Novelties. This is a double flower, combining novelty and 
beauty, the usual upper and lower petals of unequal outline are trans- 
formed into a flat, circular ray of equalized petals, flower and truss 
large, the ground color is a brilliant carmine tinted crimson, with a 
blush white margin, each petal being marked at the base with a rich 
dark crimson blotch , 50 

Theophrasta. A very beautiful Pelargonium, flowers double crimson, 

freely produced ; a very desirable variety 50 

Ville de Caen. A very novel variety, of a scarlet maroon color ; very 

large pips; fine addition to this class.. 50 

PELABGONIVMS.—New Varieties with Fringed 
and Striped Petals, 

*" Queen of Stripes," (new.) The flowers are of good outline and sub- 
stance, well expanded, petals or flower lobes overlapping, ground color 
elegant blush white, the petals being finely striped or barred with 
brilliant carmine-rose, each of the upper ones being marked with 
crimson lines surmounted with an intense crimson blotch. A charm- 
ing plant. (Ready in April,) 1 00 

*Mad. Gustave Henri, (Lem.) A charming new flower ; large well formed 
trusses, color rosy carmine, with white centre, purple blotches on 
upper petals; very fine and rich. (Ready in April,) 1 00 

*Mad. Chas. Koenig, (new.) Trusses large and fine, color pure white, 
finely formed. This is a superb variety, which will be extensively 
grown wherever chaste and lovely white flowers are in demand. 
(Ready in April,) 1 00 

*Mad. Thibaut, (Lem.) Grand umbels, color rosy lilac with white centre 

and spotted with crimson ; a showy and distinct plant .♦ 1 00 

*Beauty, (new.) Flowers of pure white, upper petals beautifully spotted ; 
neat habit, profuse bloomer, a charming new flower. This fine 
variety will be largely grown 75 

Crispiflora. White, with rose blotches shaded lilac and blue, and beauti- 
fully fringed, a lovely variety in the style of Dr. Andre, early and 
profuse bloomer, fine habit; quite a florist's plant 50 

^Candida. White, flaked and striped with amaranth, beautifully fringed, 

a very chaste flower 50 

■^^Fantasie. Flowers very large, white, blotched and veined with carmine, 

fine habit and free bloomer; a lovely variety 50 

*Jean Sisley. Flowers brilliant carmine, white centre, beautifully fringed, 50 

*Junon. A grand fiower, large and striking, color purest white, veined 
with carmine on upper petals, compact habit, free bloomer; a lovely 
flower 75 

*Le Democrate. This fine variety has large flowers and trusses, color 

carmine margined with white, and blotched with maroon, extra fine, 50 

Lapis Lazuli. Another of those beautiful frilled French Pelargoniums ; 
color blush white, with scarlet belted blotched, elegantly frilled like 
D?\ A7idre, equally beautiful with the others described, neat habit, 
early and profuse bloomer •. 50 

*Mad. Vibert. Fine black maroon blotches, bordered fiery red, the 
flower entirely edged with rose, vigorous grower, fine habit and free 
bloomer; a grand flower 50 

*Marie Leinoine. A very beautiful variety, large truss and flower, color 
white, beautifully fringed ; in the way of Empereur des Pelargo- 
niums, but of much finer form and greater substance; extra fine 50 

Prince of Pelargoniums. This most beautiful variety resembles, in its 
style of flower, the well-known Dr. Andre, by its elegantly fringed 

Descriptive Catalogue. 11 

Per plant, 
margin and equally large flowers, but greatly exceeds it in effect in 
being a brilliant vermilion-scarlet ground color, finely relieved by a 
blush white centre with violet veins, and flushed with rich crimson 
on the upper flower lobes, producing its flowers in great profusion 50 

Princess of Wales. A very hnndsome variety with elegant frilled petal 
margins, in the style of Dr. Andre: flower trusses large size, and 
borne in profusion well above the foliage; ground color pure blush, 
each petal alike marked with a rich dark velvet crimson-scarlet mar- 
gined blotch. This is unquestionably one of the most beautiful flowers 
ever raised 40 

♦Progress. Pure white, beautiful rose spot on all the petals ; neat, florif- 

erous, exceedingly distinct and striking : extra fine 50 

*Star of the East. A' very tine variety, resembling the Princess of Wales ; 
it is equally free and compact in growth, with an equal profusion of 
bloom, but with larger flowers, of pure white ground. The petals are 
elegantly fringed, the upper ones marked with a rich crimson spot, 
and the under ones elegantly pencilled with violet colored lines 50 

*Keveil de la France. Flowers snow-white, spotted with rosy-carmine ; 

a delicate!}' beautiful variety, will be largely grown 50 

*Triomphe. A very showy flower, vivid carmine with a maroon blotch, 

and marbled; a free grower and bloomer, a very attractive flower 50 

*Triomphe de St. Maude. See Novelties. 

*Signor E. Montabone. Large and finely formed flower, rich rose color 
with a large white centre ; upper petals blotched maroon, lower veined 
very fine 50 

*Yolunte National. An exquisite Pelargonium, of a fine, free yet compact 
habit, and produces numerous large and symmetrical trusses of bio'.im, 
flowers white with a warm salmon pink blotch on each segment, mar- 
gins and throat pure white, petals fringed 1 00 


*Captain Cook. Very large umbels, of a rich orange carmine, centre lilac 

white, upper petals lightly blotched, a very fine variety 50 

*Copernic. Flowers flesh white, upper petals blotched with purple car- 
mine, lower petals blotched and reticulated with crimson 50 

*Istmo de Suez. A flower of great effect, fiery orange with rose centre, 
upper petals blotched with fiery maroon, surrounded with fiery orange, 
superb .'. 50 

*Jean Bart. Vermilion purple, centre white, upper petals blotched with 

maroon, and edged with white, beautiful 50 

^Spitfire. Bright maroon-crimson, shaded with scarlet, light centre, tra- 
versed with dark underlines : a rich and effective variety 50 

*P. Glaucum hybridum, (Lem.) An exceedingly distinct hybrid Pelar- 
gonium; flowers white, spotted and veined with amaranth, a free 
bloomer, extra 50 

♦Manifestation. Large, white, reticulated with crimson, vigorous, and 

free bloomer ; a most distinct and striking variety 50 

♦Brongniart. Large trusses, color pure white, blotched with violet- 
purple, very rich; an extra fine flower 75 

♦Bradamante. Clear lilac, flaked and veined with maroon, bordered with 

white, very free •. 75 

♦Daguerre. Deep violet, marked with dark maroon, centre veined and 

striped with white, very beautiful 75 

♦Hercule. Fiery orange red. petals flaked with dark maroon, very fine.„ 75 

*Jules Simon. Large trusses color bright vermilion, purple spot on all 

the petals ; a very showy and beautiful flower 75 

*Le Cid. "White and carmine, spotted with dark maroon o 75 

*M. Thiers. Fine truss and shape, mauve, tinted with carmine, maroon 

spot; very distinct and fine 75 

12 John Saul's 

Per plant. 

*Regulus. Kosy carmine, with large dark red spot ; very fine distinct 

variety ... 75 

*Salamun. Lilac rose, marked with deep maroon and edged with white.. 75 

*Vestris. Large red, very much spotted with maroon and carmine, petals 

bordered with rose and white 76 

*Alladin. Bright cerise crimson, marked with maroon, centre violet, 

habit good 75 

*Trojan. Crimson, upper petals surrounded with bright rose and mar- 
gined with pink, under petals blush, cleanly spotted with crimson 75 

*Toison d'Or ", 75 

*Venus. Pure white, fine truss and habit 75 



One of the most magnificent ornamental-foliaged plants ever introduced, and 
altogether unique in character and aspect. It is a native of Western Tropical 
Africa. The plant is of erect habit, and the stems are closely set with stalked 
spreading leaves, the petioles of which are of a grayish color, tereie with a 
narrow furrow along the upper side, the base being dilated and sheathing the 
stem. The blade of the leaf is cordate-ovate acuminate, with a yellowish-green 
costa, and banded with dark green and silver gray in alternate straight or furcate 
bands, the colors being about equally distributed. The back of the unrolled 
leaves is a pale reddish-purple or wine color, and the stem where visible at the 
upper joints is of similar hue, the lower parts becoming green. It is, without 
doubt, one of the finest of all stove plants and indispensable in all first-class 

This magnificent plant was sent out in London in 1878 at 5, 7^ and 10 guineas 
per plant. Price on application. 


An exceedingly beautiful hybrid, sent out by Messrs. Veitch & Sons. It is 
of free growth with exceedingly beautiful foliage with a metallic hue, in the 
way of A. Veitchii but much finer, will make a grand specimen plant for 
Exhibitions, &c. $3 to $5 each. 


" A free growing, very showy variegated plant, of erect habit, with beau- 
tifully colored foliage. The leaves are broader than those of the flowering 
kii ds usually cultivated; they are blotched and spotted with white in a very 
effective manner. 

" L'he elegant and beautiful appearance of this plant renders it most useful 
for decorative purposes." $2.00 each. 


"A very striking flowering plant. The outer calyx consists of two whorls of 
narrow slender bright red bracteoles, the outer whorl shorter than the inner, which 
equals the closed coro la. Both the latter and the calyx are of a 'red black.' 

" It flowers continuously throughout the year, but most freely in the winter 
months ; it also commences to bloom when only 2 to 4 inches high, and a 
small plant has from 20 to 40 blooms open at one time, and thus with its neat 
habit and pleasing foliage it will be exceedingly valuable for decorative pur- 
poses. $1.50." 


"The leaves are of ovate-oblong form, about 6 inches long and 2| inches 
broad, and deep glossy green. The mid-ribs are at first light rose, and have 

Descriptive Catalogue. 13 

on one or both sides a central blotch of light yellow As the leaves apjjroach 
maturitv the mid-ribs deepen to crimson, and the blotches become suffused 
with rose/' $1.00. 


An elegant and very distinct habited stove plant from the islands of the 
South Sea. The leaves are tinted and indistinctly marked with pale olive 
brown, and form a rather complicated mass of narrow segments; they are 
bipinnate, nearly as broad as long, and have a drooping contour ; and the 
pinnules or segments are vi-ry variable in size and form, presenting the appear- 
ance of a complex head of foliage in which the lanceolate lobes or pinnules 
have the preponderancy. $1.50. 


"A splendid foliage plant, having large green leaves with a light band down 
centre of the leaf, of easy culture and rapid growth." $1.00. 

NEPENTHES, PITCHER PLANT.— .SVe Orchid Catalogue. 


" This splendid variety of Dipladenia is one of the best exhibition plants 
extant. It is of free growth, and of the most floriferous character, in this 
respect greatly exceeding any other Dipladenia. It is an evergreen stove 
climber of the very first rank, and is furnished with opposite oblong acute dark 
green leaves, which serve as a fine contrast for the superbly colored flowers, 
which are of the largest size opening pink and changing to the richest crimson 
color. They have this remarkable peculiarity, that the color increases in 
intensity with the age of the flowers. Beautiful as were the Dipladenias of 
some few years since, they have been quite eclipsed b}- the improved varieties 
which have been obtained, and amongst these, D. Brearteyana is certainly the 
most distinct and beautiful." $*^.00. 


A splendid hybrid, an intermediate form between D. amahilis and D. splendens^ 
Color soft pink or rosy-crimson; it is very profuse; flowers produced in large 
clusters, the raceme continuing to grow and produce a succession of blooms — a 
marked and desirable character in this variety. Its free habit of growth and 
prolific blooming qualities will render it a most desirable plant. $1.00. 


Has the leaves of a rich olive velvet ground color, traversed broadwise by 
large bars of beautiful magenta red and dotted all over with thousands of spots 
of the same color. This description will, however, give only a slight idea of 
the real beauty of this plant. $1.00. 


An exceedinglv beautiful plant, foliage dark velvety green spotted with 
white ; a perfect gem. $2.00 each. 


This beautiful Oleander is the most prolific bloomer and finest of the white 
flowered varieties. The flowers are double, full petaled, rose-like in form, with 
a delicious perfume; small plants blooming freely will cause this plant to be 
grown largely for decorative purposes as well as being unique for the bouquet. 
$1,60 each. 

14 John Saul's 


A Brazilian plant. Flowers freely of a fine violet-carmine, a pleasing color 
This plant is of free growth in a warm house, flowering profusely and showy. 
One of the very finest winter blooming plants of recent introduction. 75c. each. 


It is a plant of erect habit, much branched with opposite ovate-oblong leaves, 
from the axils of which the flowers are produced in cymes of three or more and 
usually with a pair of bracts. The corolla tube is long and slender, the lobes of 
the limb nearly of equal size, spreading, and of a purplish crimson, quite unique. 
The flowers are continuously produced during the autumn and winter months. 
60 cents. 


The plant is stocky in habit, and well set with spreading leaves. The leaf- 
stalks are very pale g^een. The blades are of a deep rich green, marked over 
the central portion to within about an inch of the margin, with largish angular, 
irregular and variously confluent white spots, which contrast strongly with the 
color of the margin and intervening portions. Altogether a strikingly hand- 
some plant of its group. $1.00 each. 


An extrem.ely attractive and distinct variety, freely producing large dense 
trusses very full of pips, which are of a rich violet salmon color. It is of a 
dwarf compact habit, and the flowers are of a deep shade of color; the trusses 
are of a somewhat similar shape to those of /. coccinea, but the plant is much 
more compact in growth than that variety. It is a most superb and efiTective 
flowering plant. $1.00 each. 


This variety is distinct in color from any other, and is a valuable addition to 
this ornamental genus. It is of free compact habit; flowers rich orange-red, 
tinged with violet towards the centre, and produced in large and dense terminal 
corymbs. $1.00 each, 


A most effective and beautiful variety, of free and vigorous growth, with 
rich dark green foliage and numerous large, terminal, globular flower-heads, 
with blossoms of a brilliant flamed salmon color, upon carmine scarlet flower 
tubes, and rich under pedicels or flower stalks. $1.00 each. 


This is a free growing and beautiful plant, nearly or quite hardy, a profuse 
bloomer, pure white sweet scented flowers, like orange blossoms. This plant 
will be largely forced for its flowers, like Deutzia Gracilis. 50 cents each. 


" A handsome Croton well distinguished by the peculiar form of its trilobate 
leaves and the depth of coloring pervading the whole plant. The newest formed 
leaves are light olive green with mid-ribs and veins of golden yellow, and the 
inter-spaces spotted with the same color. As the leaves become older, the green 
deepens and changes to a bright bronzy crinnson, and the golden yellow of the 
midribs, veins and spots becomes a rich orange scarlet." $3.00 each. 

Descriptive Catalogue. 15 


"It is of dwarf and compact habit with broadly lanceolate leaves about 6 
inches long The coloring of the plant is very effective. The middle and lower 
portions of the leaves, together with the footstalks, are light creamy yellow which 
spread over the greater part of the leaves, the extremities with the edges of the 
leaves only are bright green ; thus the ensemble presents a centre of light yellow 
surrounded by bright green." S-^-OO. 


" A new variety of bold and spreading habit, introduced from New Caledonia. 

"The leaves are about 15 inches in length and 2J inches in breadth. 

" The coloring is exceedingly varied and attractive ; the ground color, a bright 
olive green in several shades is, in many leaves, quite subordinate to the rich 
golden yellow and rosy crimson that suffuse the whole plant. All the leaves 
are beautifully marbled and blotched with these tints. 

" A highly effective and beautiful plant to which a Certificate of Merit was 
awarded by the Koyal Botanic Society." S3. 00. 


" A strong-growing, robust, and finely-marked variety. The leaves are large, 
broadest on the upper half, acute or shortly acuminate at the apex, and narrowed 
to an acute base ; they are of a very dark green color, being marked out by a 
band of golden yellow a quarter of an inch wide, and all the principal veins also 
being broadly marked with yellow; these latter markings meet near the edge, 
where there is a variegation of broken reticulated golden lines. The inter- 
mediate spaces are freckled with yellow dots." $3.00 each. 


This is one of the best of the large-leaved Crotons, of free growth, with bold 
foliage, handsomely marked and richly colored. It is one of the red-tinted 
series, very strongly flushed with violet crimson. The leaf has a central band 
and costa of yellow, from which the pinnate veins of the same color branch out 
on either side, more or less forking and coalescing near the edge. These veins 
all change to a deep crimson, and the whole plant becomes flushed with a glow- 
ing tint of crimson, shaded with violet, which renders it extremely conspicuous, 
well adapted for decoration, and a strikingly effective plant for exhibition 


This is one of the long-leaved drooping forms of Croton, and is perfectly dis- 
tinct in character. The leaves are from 1^ to 2 feet in length, sometimes plane, 
and sometimes strongly undulated. The ground color is green, and the varie- 
gation creamy-yellow, very variable in character. In some there is a creamy- 
yellow mid-rib, with a band on each side; in others the mid-rib is bright 
green. The markings are of the maculate style, with here and there large 
blotches of clear cream-yellow, and in other parts clouded markings of smaller 
confluent blotches and spots. Occasionally these conditions are reversed, and 
there are longish patches on which the ground color is creamy, relieved by a 
few clouded green markings. 


The leaves are of many forms, some dilated at the base and much narrowed 
at the opposite end ; many have the mid-rib and blade twisted like a spiral, in 
others the edges are undulated, in others again the extremities are incurved, 
while there are others in which two or more of these peculiarities are present. 

16 John Saul's 

The color is more constant, but the markings on the different leaves are as 
varied as the forms assumed by the leaves themselves. The habit is excellent, 
and its pleasing and very striking variegation, fully one half of which is yellow. 
The mid-ribs are yellow, and the bright green ground of the blades are spotted, 
blotched, flaked, and barred in infinite variety. $2.50 each, 


A robust -variety. It has long leaves, marbled and blotched with different 
shades of yellow, orange and crimson. 

The leaves, both in color and shape, are very variable; some are straight, 
others recurved, falcate or often distorted, their surface being either smooth or 
undulated. Some of the shades of color are peculiar to this variety, and are 
seen in every tint, from deep orange red to light sulphur yellow. 

It is quite unlike any other Croton in cultivation. $2.60 each. 


The ground color is a very deep green, the principal veins being marked by 
bright yellow lines, interlacing near the edge, where, and especially rear the 
point, the surface is chiefly yellow, with irregular small green spots. The mid- 
rib forms a brownish yellow band. The green spaces beiween the yellow veins 
are more or less freckled with yellow. $8.00 each. 


It is of medium growth and free branching habit, a most desirable feature in 
the formation of good specimens ; the leaves when well matured are from 9 to 12 
inches long, and about 2 inches broad, oblong lanceolate ; the ground color of 
the leaf is rich golden yellow, beautifully mottled with green ; the mid-rib and 
the primary veins are of a rich magenta color, changing with age to a vivid 
crimson ; the margin of the leaf is unevenly banded with carmine, often extend- 
ing as far as the mid-rib, and so harmonising with the rich yellow as to produce 
a gorgeous effect. 


A small- leaved variety of very neat and compact habit. 

The leaves are ovate-oblong, not more than 3 inches long and 1^ inches 
broad, deep but bright green, profusely spotted with golden yellow. 

It is quite distinct, and will prove one of the most useful as well as most 
pleasing additions to this numerous family of decorative plants. $2.00 each. 


One of the best and most distinct of the long leaved varieties. The leaves 
are broadly lanceolate, spreading, and slightly recurved. The variegation is 
very striking. The mid-ribs are at first creamy white, which gradually becomes 
suftused with red, finally deepening to bright crimson carmine. The ground 
color of the blade is light green, but much blotched and streaked with light 
yellow that takes a rosy tint as the mid-rib deepens in color. $2 to $3 each. 


A splendid novelty, with leaves of the C. Disraeli form, very highly colored, 
and quite distinct from every other Croton of its class. The stem during its 
earlier growth is of a remarkably bright yellow, the petioles and mid-ribs of 
the three-lobed leaves springing from it are of the same rich color, which also 
spreads over the greater part of the lamina or blade, the extremity of each lobe 
being green. As the plant increases in age the color deepens, and finally becomes 
suffused with red. $2.00 to 3.00 each. 

Descriptive Catalogue. 17 


A beautiful variety with long pendulous leaves, richly colored with many 
tints. The colors are crimson, yellow, and green in many shades, the crimson 
being predominant in the stems, footstalks of the leaves, and mid-ribs, where 
it is bordered by bands of deep golden yellow. In the latest growth the pre- 
vailing color is sulphur yellow. A noble Croton with gracefully weeping 
habit. $1.00 to §2.50. 


The color and markings of the foliage are rich and distinct. The mid-rib 
and margin of the leaf are of a clear orange yellow, with the blade crossed with 
parallel bands and stripes of the same color upon a deep green ground ; these 
bands and markings show considerable regularity, and form a distinguishing 
feature in this variety $1.5U to $2.50. 


A variety of neat habit and free growth. The foliage colors in the most ex- 
quisite manner. One of the most beautiful of Crotons. $2.00. 


A most distinct plant, having trilobate leaves, the middle lobe greatly elon- 
gated. The coloring of the foliage is rich and varied. In the newer leaves the 
mid-rib and margin are of a lii^ht yellow. As the foliage becomes older, the 
yellow subsides to a bright orange yellow, the marginal line becoming more 
defined, and the markings enlarged. In the mature leaves the margin is a 
bright scarlet, and the mid-rib is striped by a band of the same bright color 
between two lines of a deep golden yellow, and the blotchings and markings a 
rich orange yellow, upon a deep green ground. 75 cts. to $2.50 each. 


A distinct and handsome Croton, the leaf almost panduriform or fiddle- 
shaped, with the basal half broadest and obovate, the middle part narrowed, 
and the apex again swollen out into an ovate form. The color is a deep green, 
with a broad band of golden yellow along the costa, and yellow markings indi- 
cating ttie course of the lateral veins, in addition to which a few slight yellow 
blotches are scattered over the surface. 76 cts. to $2.50 each. 


A fine new plant, with beautifully vari.'gated foliage. 

The variegation is exceedingly rich and varied, both in color and form, no 
two colored leaves showing precisely the same markings with like tints. Many 
of the leaves are bright crimson, which is also the color of the stem during the 
early stage of growth ; some are a light cream color, tinged with a delicate 
blush, others again have a dark bronzy hue, shaded with crimson : some are 
dark green, with blotches and spots of rose while others are tri-colored, white 
with different shades of rose and green. 50 cts. each. 



*Marie de Savoy. The largest of violets, color deep blue with a white 
centre, very fragrant. This violet will be largely grown by florists; a 
grand flower. Ready in April 75 

*Rubra plena. Double red violet, very distinct. Ready in April 60 


18 John Saul's 


A very scarce find beautiful plant from the Nueces River, Texas, whicli is 
best described as a Yucca, with red flowers. The discoverer's description is 
" a large group of these plants with flower stems from 4 to 5 feet in height, 
covered entirely with beautiful red bell shaped flowers, which we took atthe 
first glance for Yuccas." 


An extremely pretty variety with attractively variegated leaves, the colors 
of which are rose, white and crimson on a light green ground. The flowers 
have a double white corolla contrasted well with the bright carmine tube and 
sepals, the latter being nicely reflexed. $1.00. 


The immense size of the blooms of this variety, equal to Champion of the 
World. Habit, one of the dwarfest and most graceful among Fuchsias ; corolla 
pure white, very double and immense size; tube and sepals coral red ; a few 
blooms cannot fail to create quite a sensation. 50 cents each. 


A charming plant, foliage light green with cross bars of a dark green : 
flowers yellow and crimson, last three months in beauty. $2.00 each. 


An extremely handsome plant, of dwarf habit; leaves large, ground color of 
the upper side rich deep shining green, traversed with an innumerable quantity 
of parallel transverse fine white lines ; the under side is of a uniform deep 
purple. It also produces lovely rich azure flowers. $1.50 each. 


Very distinct from D. mosaica, producing large ovate leaves, very dark 
green in color ; the raid-rib and veins are of a lighter green, which gives the 
leaves a striped or marbled appearance. 75 Cents each. 


A charmingly variegated plant, of dwarf habit. Its leaves are most elegantly 
studded over wiih silvery white pearl, or tiger-like spots upon a rich dark 
olive-green ground. Flowers rosy lilac. 

This beautiful plant proves far easier in its management than any of the 
former species of Sonerila. We have found this plant a profuse bloomer during 
the winter. Florists should grow it largely. 50 cents each. 


The habit is more compact than T. Asiatica, the flowers are richer in color 
and more freely produced. For pans, baskets or vases, this will be found to be 
a very useful and interesting plant. It succeeded admirably with us the past 
summer bedded out. 20 cents each. 


A pretty variet}- similar to the last in habit, and like it, suitable for bedding 
out. Flowers bright yellow, with a black eye, very distinct. 25 cents. 

Descriptive Catalogue. 19 


A beautiful stove plant with white flowers. It is extremely floriferous, 
even in the youngest plants; the flowers are produced in very large corymbs, 
each flower being of a tubular form with expanded limbs. It is very ust-ful 
for bouquets, being delightfully fragrant as well as beautifully chaste in color. 
$1.50 each. 


A fine Aroid discovered by Mr. G.TVallis, in New Grenada, and sent by him 
to M. Linden, of Ghent. The plant has robust foliage, which is very persist- 
ent ; the leaves are of a light glossy green, marked by bands of white, which 
cross the blade in almost parallel lines from a prominent mid-rib of the same 
color. $1.00 each. 


An evergreen species from New Zealand, of rapid growth, not quite hardy, 
suitable for a cold greenhouse. It gives in great profusion during winter fts 
small white flowers. 75 cents each. 


A pretty plant, with rosy-crimson flowers, very showy, flowers late in sum- 
mer. §1.00 each. 


A new species introduced from Japan, growth about two feet high, robust 
habit, foliage broad, of a deep rich green, dense and abundantly produced. 
The flowers are very large, rich deep violet blue, produced in large cluster 
heads composed of many spikes, the finest of the herbaceous section of veroni- 
cas, $1.00 each. 


A very beautiful hardy herbaceous plant with elegantly variegated foliage, 
long spikes of blue flowers. 75 cents each. 


"It is a hardy herbaceous perennial, 18 to 24 inches in height, branching 
from tbe base. The violet blue flowers, 1^ inch in length, are in terminal ver- 
ticillasters, intermixed with numerous obovate acuminate leafy bracts. 

" It is a very pretty and effective herbaceous plant, and one well adapted for 
bedding out. We strongly recommend it to all lovers of hardy p.ants. 

"It was introduced to Messrs. Veitch's establishment by Mr. Maria's, and 
■when we saw it in a large patch on one of thp sunny slopes of Coombe Wood 
Nursery, we thought we had seen few, if any finer things of its class." 50 cts. 


A pretty variegated variety of this beautiful plant. 75 cents. 

JSEW fer:ss. 


An elegant Fern, native, as its name implies, of the Fiji Archipelago. 
It has slender stipes and gracefully archirg fronds ; the pinnules are fijiely 
and beautifully cut, and of a bright green color. 

20 John Saul's 

Its graceful habit and cheerful color render it a valuable addition to our lists 
of Ferns requiring the temperature of the intermediate stove or warm green- 
house. It is one of the most useful of its class either as a basket or pot plant. 
$2.00 each. 


A remarkable variety, quite unlike any other Maiden-hair Fern in cultivation. 

The peculiarity which distinguishes this Adiantum from all others consists in 
the pinnules being crested or agglomerated at the extremities of the stipes and 
their rachides ; they are also much crisped and curled. 

Fronds erect, from 8 to 12 inches high ; pinnules on short petioles, generally 
fan shaped, and deep green color. $1.00 each. 


A beautiful and distinct Fern. The fronds are densely crowded, from 15 to 
18 inches long, pinnate, and much crested ; the stipes are slender, terete towards 
the base, and covered with reddish brown downy scales. The pinnse, which 
are small, are produced in pairs, one overlaying the other, those above being 
largest. The compact elegant habit of this Fern and its bright attractive color, 
render it a most desirable acquisition. $1.50 each. 


One of the most charming of greenhouse variegated Ferns. It has the same 
kind of firm leathery fronds as the type, and like it is of a rich dark full green 
color, which sets off the distinct variegation to much advantage ; the variega- 
tion consists of a band of pale yellowish green, which runs down the centre of 
the pinnag, and includes the mid-rib or rachis. This will no doubt prove to be 
one of the most valuable of recent introductions. $1.50 each. 


A very elegant Fern, of semi-scandent habit, with large tripinnate fronds, 
which frequently attain a length of 36 inches with a width of 21 inches, the 
pinnules of which are | to 1 inch across, the lobes cuneated and soriferous at 
the apex. The whole of the pinnules are covered with dense short hairs, 
giving the foliage a woolly feeling when touched. $1.50. 


This is one of the finest Ferns of recent introduction. It has the same large 
pinnules as A. Farleyense, and the rachides are similarly slender. It is one of 
the most elegant Ferns in cultivation, and will be the more popular on account 
of its comparative hardiness. It was discovered in Peru, at an altitude of 
more than 10,000 feet, hence the temperature of a warm greenhouse will suit it 
admirably. $2.00 each. 


This is a graceful Fern with light, lace like pinnaa and arched fronds, which 
somewhat resembles those of A. viviparum or A. lineatum. $1.50. 


" In its native country it is said to produce fronds 17 feet in length ; and as 
seen in this country under pot culture, it has caudices as thick as one's finger, 
and fronds 7 or 8 feet in length. To this stout and vigorous constitution, it 
adds the elegance and gracefulness of minute subdivision, so that its fronds, 
though large, are utterly devoid of coarseness ; while growing to a large size, 
■ it is one of the most finely cut of all the large growing sort, of herbaceous 
texture, and when throwing out its boldly arching fronds, Irom an elevated 
position, it has a very fine eflfect." $1.50 each. 

Descriptive Catalogue. 21 


Per plant. 

*Filicifolia, fnew.) An ornamental leaved plant of the first rank, grace- 
ful in habit, and well furnished with foliage, and altogether one of the 
most valuable decorative plants of its family. It is a native of the 
South Sea Islands. The stem and leaf-stalks are purplish, thickly 
marked with oblong white spots; the leaf-stalks are sheathing at the 
base, and terete in the upper part, expanding into a broad leafy limb 
which is imparipinnately divided; the pinna; themselves are of a 
bright green with a purplish costa, opposite and deeply pinnatifid ] 50 

*Elegantissima. A beautiful plant with straight erect stem, furnished at 
short intervals with digitate leaves on long foot-stalks, mottled with 
white on a dark green ground ; the leaflets, from seven to ten in 
number, are filiform, deeply and unequally serrate, and gracefully 
pendulous. The color of the foliage is a deep green shaded with 
brown ; the mid-rib of each leaflet is of greenish white and verj'^ dis- 
tinct 2 00 

*Veitchii. A very elegant plant from the South Sea Islands, producing 
very narrow digitate leaves, considerably undulated ; upper surface 
deep green, under dark crimson. One of the most beautiful decorative 
plants in cultivation 1 50 

Leptophvlla. A very distinct and fine species, makes a fine decorative 

plant 1 00 

Guiifoylci. The bold pinnate leaves are made up of from three to seven 
stalked oblong-elliptic bluntish leaflets ; these leaflets vary in size 
from two to three inches long, and are neatly and evenly margined 
with creamy white, the surface being in addition occasionally splashed 
with gray. A fine and distinct ornamental stove plant 50 

Reticulata. A very distinct species, of free growth ; a fine decorative 

plant '. 75 


*Crystallinum. It produces large, cordate leaves. The emerald green 
refulgent leaves are spotted all over with a brighter shade, and 
bordered by a broad silvery or rather crystal band, which surrounds 
the intramarginal and four secondary nerves. These dazzling white 
zones are so distinct and regular that they resemble a border of in- 
crusted silver around the sections of the blade of the leaf. The efl^ect 
of this highly ornamental plant is most striking 1 50 

*Regale. This superb ornamental foliage plant is well deserving a place 
in every collection. There are several varieties of this plant. The 
one now offered is the finest ; the leaves are heart-shaped, much 
lengthened out towards the apex, and rich dark velvety-green in 
color 1 SI to 2 00 

Magnificum. The foliage of this plant is truly magnificent, a noble spe- 
cies, with large velvety-green leaves and broad silver veins. .50 cts to 1 00 

*Scherzerianurn. One of the most striking and beautiful dwarf-flowfring 
stove plants of recent introduction, producing beautiful brilliant 
scarlet flowers, each of w'hich remains from two to three months in 
bloom. This charming and novel plant is easy of culture, and a 
most abundant bloomer ". .SI to 2 00 


Macrorhiza Yariegata. Leaves nearly as large as Colocasia Esculentuyn, 
broadly splashed with white. Some leaves nearly all white. For 
easy growth, combined with the rich variegation, makes it a very 
telling subject for exhibition 50 cts. to 1 00 

22 John Saul's 

Per plant. 

*Sedeni. "A very beautiful hybrid, between A. Metallica and A. Lowii. 
The form of the leaf is perfectly intermediate between the two 
parents, whilst the coloring is a very striking and pleasing combina- 
tion of the metallic hue of one parent, with the dark green and 
prominent white veins of the other. A fine foliage plant 1 00 

*Lowii. A very beautiful plant with large shining foliage. Forms a fine 

specimen 2 00 

■^Yeitchii. The foliage of this plant is exceedingly distinct. A grand 

show plant. - 1 00 

Zebrina. Fine yellow leaf-stalk, with distinct black marks, rendering it 

a very conspicuous plant. It makes a grand specimen 1 00 

■'^Metallica. A plant possessed of great beauty. Large thick shell-like 
leaves of a bronzy-copper color. It is distinct and admirable in every 
respect 50 cts. to 1 00 

Illustris. (Gibsonii.) The leaf-stalks are erect, and have a brownish- 
purple tint, color a rich green, marked between the principal veins 
by broad patches of blackish olive, and forming a striking contrast 
with the brighter green portions of the leaf surface 50 

Jenningsii. A delicate green, over which, between the principal veins, are 
laid heavy blotches of black, which are remarkably precise in outline and 
arrangement. 30 cents each. 

DOKYANTHES PALMEKI.— Queen's Land Lily. 

An ornamental flowered plant, in style intermediate between the Yucca and 
DrcEcoena, forming a stemless bulbiform rootstock. The flower scape rises from 
the centre, 8 feet in length, forming densely clothed pyramidal compound race- 
mes, much like those seen in various Yucca species. Flowers numerous, ap- 
proaching in size and form to those of the well known Vallota purpurea^ from 
three to four inches in diameter, of a rich poeony-crimson hue, with a white 
centre. Each blossom is accompanied with leaf bracts of an equally rich color 
as the flower. $1.00 each. 


(Growers of Flowers for Market should cultivate a house of this plant alone.) 

A very desirable shrub of a neat compact dwarf habit, with medium small 
glossy bright green laurel-like leaves and terminal axillary cymose racemes of 
double white flowers of Gardenia like outline and fragrance, which are pro- 
duced on the point of every shoot. The usual temperature of a hot-house with 
less humidity, will produce blooms more freely and longer in succession. The 
petals of the flowers are lighter and more elegantly arranged than the Gardenia, 
and not quite so large ; soiall plants in 3-inch pots will produce flowers freely. 
50 cents each. 


A beautiful and distinct South African plant, with foliage similar to a Pelar- 
gonium; flowers very showy. A really flne and distinct plant. $1 each. 


A small plant, with bright green leaves dotted all over with white spots — a 
gem. 60 cents each. 


A very fine species, with very ornamental foliage as well as magnificent 
flowers ; the leaves are rich dark green, beautifully banded with silvery white, 
and underneath of an uniform purplish-violet ; the spikes of bloom are very 
large and of dazzling vermilion color. 60 cents each. 

Descriptive Catalogue. 23 


Leaves of a delicate satiny green, shaded with metallic olive color on the 
upper surface, the underpart pale green, ornamented with bands of maroon. 
The young leaves are of a bright chamois color, and the maroon bands of the 
under parts penetrate through to the upper, so that the coloring of the plants 
has a glistening and indescribable effect. 75 cents each. 


This plant forms an elegant bush, and is very free flowering. Leaves large, 
somewhat ovate, coriaceous and shining green ; flowers tubular, pure white, 
produced in large corymbs of a dozen and more, waxy like, from 8 to 4 inches 
long, and deliciously fragrant. It is a beautiful plant. $1 each. 


A very beautiful plant. It is of a slender growth, producing very freely its 
beautifully cut leaves, which resemble the fronds of a highly divided Maiden- 
hair Fern. The matured leaves are of a striking bright green, the young shoots 
and foliage being of a beautiful rosy tint. 30 to 50 cents each. 


Plant dwarf, with habit of some of the Begonias, leaves green, striped with 
broad bands of white ; a beautiful plant. 50 cents each. 


A free growing slender wood}' climber, from the Fiji Islands. The leaves, 
from their size and form, are strongly suggestive of fronds of some small grow- 
ing pinnate Asplenium. The growth and general character of the plant is so 
elegant that whether cultivated as a small pot plant, trained on globular or other 
trellises, or planted as a climber, it has a most charming appearance. 25 cts. each. 


This most beautiful plant is a native of Natal. The flowers have a pale lilac 
corolla, nearly two inches long, the throat ornamented with most delicately pen- 
cilled reticulated purple veins, tubular below, campanulate. The plant is very 
floriferous and when in full bloom, appears a mass of most delicate, pendant, 
campanulate flowers. 40 cts. each. 

NEW CLIMBING liY'DB,Al^GEA.—{SchizophragmaHtjdrangeoides.) 

This is described as clinging to trees to the height of 50 feet, producing 
corymbs of white flowers of the size of ordinary Hydrangeas. It clings exactly 
like Ivy, and one can imagine the effect of a wall or tree so covered, while in 
full bloom. 50 cts. each. 


This, the finest of all Hydrangeas, was sent to the United States by Mr, 
Thomas Hogg, from Japan. The"American Agriculturist" says : "We think 
it safe to sa}', that no ornamental plant ever introduced exceeds this in value. •"■ 

It belongs to the Hortensia section of the family, but it is a far more free and 
abundant bloomer than any other; the flowers are of the purest white, of very 
firm texture, and continues in flower for a great length of time. 25 cents each. 

24 John Saul's 


A very beautiful new variegated Hydrangea, foliage striped, spotted, and 
splashed with yellow, very handsome. 75 cts, each. 

* Cr^iV OPJ3 YLL VMS, 

Per plant. 
*Magnificum. A grand specimen plant, having large heautiful foliage. 

50 cts. to 1 50 
*Spectandum. A grand plant with large velvety leaves, and whitish rihs 
which grow to an immense size and are very attractive. A fine plant 
for flower shows, fairs. &c., as it makes a heautiful specimen. .50 cts. to 1 60 
*Assamicum. A very beautiful foliage plant, large tine foliage..50 cts. to 1 60 


A plant with the grandest possible foliage, large, broad and flat, deep green 
on top, under side cinnamon brown; very hairy leaves and stems; a grand 
specimen plant. One of the most attractive for exhibition. $1 to $3 each. 


Per plant. 
Splendens Bruantii. A dwarf-growing variety, producing fine large 

flowers of a velvety-red color ; exceedingly attractive. 50 

Splendens Hoveyi. This is a most desirable and handsome variety, of the 

habit and general character of S. sjilendens^ but with dark blue flowers, 25 
Splendens, "Mrs. Stevens." Similar to splendens, except in color of 

flower, which is a deep crimson 30 

Nigrescens. Long flower spikes, gracefully decurved or drooping, of a 

blackish violet and lavender colored calyx 25 

Boliviensis Yerticillata. Another beautiful Salvia which blooms freely 

during the winter and spring months, flower spikes, eight to ten inches 

long, of rich glossy scarlet flower tubes 25 


William Fowler, (new.) A pretty variety, with bright yellow flowers.... 30 
Snowstorm, (new.) Pure white of dwarf compact habit, an excellent 

variety 30 

President de Bellee, (new.) A very beautiful new Abutilon 50 

Toison d'Or, (new.) Color deep bright yellow ; a very fine variety 50 

Sellowianum Marmoratum. The leaves of this beautiful variety are very 
large and ornamental ; their color is a golden yellow, richly tessel- 
lated with green. It is an extremely attractive variegated foliage 

plant 25 

Darwinii. The flowers are orange scarlet veined with pink, opening like 

a parasol, making it distinct from any of the family 20 

Darwinii Tessellata. An exceedingly beautiful variegated variety of the 

last 20 

Auguste Pasewold. The foliage is large and thick set, beautifully blocked 20 

with green, yellow and a creamy white 20 

Eoseum Superbum. Flowers of a rich rose color, veined with a delicate 

pink; flowering in great profusion ^ 20 

Descriptive Catalogue. 25 


Per plant. 
John Douglas. A pretty dwarf compact habit, admirable for bedding, 

flowers large, color azure Ijlue ; a very fine variety 25 

Blanche—" Xew White." This is a really white Ageratum, which will 

be useful for bedding out and winter flowering 25 


Japonica Zebrina. The variegation is this lovely grass in across the leaf 
instead of longitudinally. It grows from 4 ^o 5 feet in height, is a 
most strikingly gracefuf plant. Its flower spikes are equally beauti- 
ful and valuable as E. Japonica 50 cts. to 1 00 

Japonica Variegata. Leaf long, variegated. The flower stems are from 
3 to 4 feet high, very reed-like, and produce loose panicles of flowers; 
these panicles are hairy and erect until dried, when they become ele- 
gantly curled, closely resembling Ich-dien feathers 25 

TAMP AS GRASSES, — Gyneriwtn Argenteum, 

Per. plant. 

Argenteum. The well-known Pampas Grass, with long graceful foliage, 

which gives forth in autumn its beautiful silvery plumes 25 

*Argenteum Album Variegata. White variegated JPampas Grass. This 
beautiful grass has all the grace and elegance of G. Argenieum, and 
flowering quite as freely ; add to this its graceful foliage striped with 
silvery white 50 cts to 1 00 

♦Argenteum Aurea Variegata. Gold variegated Pampas Grass. Another 
beautiful variety, similar in its graceful habit to the last, but in this 
the foliage is striped with a deep yellow; a charming variety. .50 to 1 00 

♦Argenteum Carmineum Eendatleri. This new Gynerium is a really 
majestic and very beautiful plant. The panicles, measuring more 
than 2 feet in length, are of a bright carmine rose color ; if kept dry 
in winter, they gradually assume a light violet tint. The habit of 
this new Gynerium is magnificent 1 00 

♦Argenteum Elegans Xiveo-vittatis. Another very elegant Pampas 

Grass, handsomely variegated 1 00 

♦Argenteum Koseum Variegated. Foliage finely variegated with stripes 

of rose " 1 00 

♦Gynerium Jubatum. This new variety of Pampas Grass from Chim- 
borazo, is the earliest flowering of the family, and very free. This 
early flowering will mako this fine variety intermediate between the 
Arundo Conspicua and the ordinary Pampas Grass 1 00 


♦Collerii, (new.) A remarkably distinct variety. The general habit of 
the plant correspond with those of the type, but the flowers are of 
a butf-yellow, with a crimson scarlet base, and are particularly hand- 
some ". 1 00 

Cruentus. The flowers are of a moderate size, compact and double, of 
a remarkably rich crimson red, and having a strikinglv showy char- 
acter *. 25 to 40 

Carminatus perfectus. It has very large flowers, nearly 5 inches across, 
with broad and slightly undulated petals, of a rich soft carmine rose, 
with a deep crimson eye 25 to 40 

26 John Saul's 

Per plant. 

Fulgidus, The flowers are of a very large size, (5 inches in diameter,) 
composed of fine, broad, round and beautifully undulated petals, of 
an intense carmine scarlet 25 to 40 

Miniata Semi-plena. Brilliant flowers of a vermilion-scarlet color, darker 

towards the base of the petals. The flowers are semi-double 25 to 40 

Puniceus. The flowers are double, neat and compact, of a very elegant 

crisped appearance, color bright dense crimson 25 to 40 

Lambertii. Flowers large, of a deep crimson, very fine 40 

Van Houttii, (new.) Another magnificent flower, large, of a deep crim- 
son, extra fine 40 


Pulcherrima Plenissima. (new Double Poinsettia.) This magnificent 
plant is remarkable for its floral bracts, the size of the heads in which 
they are produced, and their marvellous brilliancy of color. Instead 
of the bracts being borne in a single head and spreading out as in the 
old form, in this new double kind, they are gathered into clusters, 
which fill up the centre, so that the whole inflorescence is full and 
rosette-like, and of a most vivid and brilliant scarlet color 50 to 1 00 

Pulcherrima Major. The present variety is a great improvement on the 
old species, both in the size of the individual bracts, and also in the 
far larger heads, which are of a bright scarlet, tinted with violet 
cerise. It is also dwarfer in habit ...30 to 50 

Kosea-Carminata. This fine variety resembles the type form of P. pul- 
cherrima, the diff"erence consisting in the color of the fine spreading 
head of bracts, which are larger, smooth, and of a brilliant rosy car- 
mine hue 30 to 50 


Brasiliensis. A handsome variety, the leaves averaging 18 inches in 
length, by 8 or 9 inches in width ; the ground color of the leaf is deep 
green, and the whole surface is mottled with small blotches of greenish 
yellow and white. A beautiful plant 30 to 75 

Bausei. It is a stocky-growing broad-leaved variety, with yellowish 
green leaves, which are irregularly edged and blotched with dark 
green, and also spotted with white, the marking being particularly 
eff'ective 30 to 75 

Bowraanii. Very large bright green leaves, blotched and marked with 

golden green; a grand specimen plant 30 to 75 

Weirii. It is of dwarf habit, the foliage of a bright green color, thickly 
blotched and spotted with pale yellow. This is one of the finest of 
the Diefienbachias 30 to 75 

Baraguiniana. A fine vigorous plant with white stems, leaves green, 

spotted and blotched with pure white 30 to 50 

Picta. A very beautiful foliage plant, leaves a deep green mottled with 

white; beautiful 30 to 50 


Massangeana. A very distinct dwarf species. The variegation consists 
of three distinct colors. The mid-rib veins and middle portion of the 
leaf are silvery white, faintly tinged with bluish green, then a broad 
band of blackish hue, the whole being surrounded by a belt of bright 
green, margined with a thin line of a lighter shade 75 to 1 00 

Illustris. A beautiful marked species, with leaves of a rich lustrous 
green, being a rival to M. Lmdennii and M. Veiichii, assuming the 

Descriptive Catalogue. 27 

Per plant, 
habit of M. rosea picta whilst young. Towards maturity the tracery 
changes to a broader white one within the margin 75 to 1 00 

Eegalis. Very beautiful, with fine foliage distinctly and finely marked... 50 

Chimboracensis. Leaves bright green with a dark feathering, edged with 

white 30 

Lindenii. Foliage very dark, with a golden feather along its centre. A 

fine species ..\ _. 30 to 50 

Makoyana. A very ornamental dwarf growing species; leaf-stalks slen- 
der reddish purple, blade of the leaf ovate, ground color olive green, 
beautifully and regularly blotched with creamy yellow, of a trans- 
parent character; on each side the mid rib are oblong dark green 
blotches, whilst the under side is rosy-red 30 to 50 

Tubispatha. An elegant and very attractive species of erect habit of 
growth ; leaves some 9 or 10 inches long, light green, ornamented on 
each side the mid-rib with oblong blotches of cinnamon brown... 30 to 50 

Veitchii. The leaves of this grand plant are upwards of twelve inches in 
length; "the under surface of a rich purplish wine color, the upper 
of a deep shining green, blotched with conspicuous patches along each 
side, of a yellowish green, almost verging on grey. The contrast is 
very marked, and the whole plant very beautiful 75 to 1 00 

Porteanna. This is a vigorous growing species, with fine large foliage 

feathered with white 30 

Van Den Heckei. Leaves dark satin-like embellished by a large central 

line, surrounded by a silver disc 30 

Bicolor. Deep green marked with dark brown 30 

Princeps. This plant attains a height of from three to four feet, the 
blade of each leaf measuring upwards of a foot in length ; centre dark 
metallic green, margined with light green 50 

Per plant. Per plant. 

Amabilis 30 Pulchella 30 

Argyrea 30 Kosea picta 50 

Baraquirii.- 50 Sanguinea 30 

Goveniana 30 Wagnerii 30 

Legrelliana 30 Warscewiczii 30 

Micans 30 Zebrina .- 25 

PAJSDANVS.^Screw Bine. 

Per plant. 

Javanica Variegata. This variegated Screw Pine is well known as one of 
the finest decorative plants; leaves green, with broad stripes of pure 
white, gracefully curved ; very beautiful 50 cts. to 2 00 

Utilis, Screw Pine. Very fine decorative plant, with recurved graceful 

foliage 50 cts. to 2 00 

Veitchii. This splendidly-variegated Screw Pine is one of the most at- 
tractive plants. The leaves which are of a light green color, beauti- 
fully marked with broad stripes and bands of pure white are most 
gracefully curved, which elegant habit of growth renders the plant 
extremely effective 50 cts. to 3 00 

Graminiformis. This has narrow light green foliage, a pretty graceful 

species , 50 

FICVS.— India Biihher Tree. 

Elastica. India Eubber plant. Fine large shining foliage ; fine for bed- 
ding 50 

Macrocarpa. A free growing shrub, with smooth terete stems and thin 
coriaceous glossy ovate-oblong entire leaves, 5 to 6 inches long and 3 
inches broad T. 50 

28 John Saul's 

Per plant 
Macrocarphylla, (Atrocarpus imperialis.) A robust vigorous grower with 

immense foliage 1 00 

Parcelii. A splendid decorative plant with beautifully variegated foliage. 
The leaves, which are of large size, thin texture and coarsely serrated 
on the margins, are of a bright green color, profusely but irregularly 

blotched with creamy white and dark green ; 50 

Australis. Foliage, a pretty ornamental plant 30 

Lucida. Leaves bright green, shining 30 

PHOBMIVM.—New Zealand Flaoc, 

*Atropurpuream. A very desirable species; habit the same as P. ienax ; 
leaves reddish purple. This makes a distinct decorative plant for the 
conservatory, and a fine subject for the sub-tropical garden. A dis- 
tinct and beautiful plant 

*Colensoi Variegatum. This beautiful plant has fine broad erect pointed 
dark green leaves, elegantly banded at the margin with one or some- 
times two conspicuous stripes of creamy white. It has the same 
mode of growth as F. ienax, but is altogether distinct, while its more 
erect habit gives it quite a distinct appearance $1 to 3 00 

*Cooki Variegatum. An elegant, somewhat dwarf-growing plant ; leaves 
green, beautifully striped with golden yellow. Native of New Zea- 
land. Price on application. 

*Yeitchii Variegatum. This is a finely variegated form of the well-known 
New Zealand Flax. The leaves are of the same size as the species, 
with conspicuous broad stripes of creamy white running out their 
whole length, and contrasting well with the light shining green 
ground color. It is a truly noble plant , $1 to 3 00 


Aloefolia Variegata. We received a special premium for a fine specimen 
of this plant from the Maryland Horticultural Society. Leaves green, 
broadly striped and banded with yellow ; a beautiful variegated 
plant 75 cts. to 1 50 

*Quadricolor. The foliage of this is long, recurved and beautifully varie- 
gated. A very fine plant 1 60 

DIPLADENIA, (Echites.) 

Amcena. Flowers of a soft pink color, sufi"used with rose, somewhat re- 
sembling D. Splendens, but in every respect a great improvement on 
that variety, being of superior form, the lobes being stiff" and round, 
instead of refiex and pointed. For summer blooming in the green- 
house, no climber is more lovely than this 50 

Urophylla. A prettj^ species, flowers yellow 50 

*Boliviensis. A very free-flowering white Dipladenia. In habit it is 
very compact, producing an abundance of flowers in a much smaller 
state than almost any other species. The foliage is medium in size, 
and of a light glossy green color. The flowers pure white, with a dis- 
tinct yellow centre 1 00 

*Hybrida. A very floriferous variety; flowers resembling D. insignis 

both in color and form, but are produced in much greater profusion.. 1 00 


Persicum. These have been raised from the finest strain and embrace 
many new and beautiful varieties. As a winter blooming plant it is 
invaluable 25 to 50 

Giganteum. A very large and fine variety of Persicum 50 

Descriptive Catalogue. 29 


Per plant. 

Duchess d'Orleans. Flowers double, white like miniature white roses, de- 

liciously fragrant, a very valuable plant 80 

Grand Duke. Flowers double, white like miniature white roses, deli- 

ciously fragrant, similar to the above, but distinct 30 

Grand Duchesse de Tuscany. Flowers double, white like miniature roses, 

deliciously fragrant, in the style of the two preceding; very fine 40 

Trifoliata. Another fine variety, flowers white like miniature roses, deli- 
ciously fragrant 40 

Hirsutum, (single.) A very free flowering winter blooming species 40 

No plants can be more beautiful or fragrant than those blooming freely 
through the summer. All who grow choice plants should possess them. 


Per plant. 

Amabilis. Of vigorous and compact habit, deep orange salmon, well 
formed flowers, borne in large trusses, which are produced in great 
profusion 50 

*Colei. A cross between /. Coccinea and I. Albo, having the strong free 
robust habit and large foliage of the former, and the pure white 
flowers of the latter 1 00 

*Fraseri, See Novelties 1 00 

*Williamsii. It is a free growing plant and an abundant bloomer, pro- 
ducing immense trusses of large flowers, of a very distinct and pleasing 
shade of reddish salmon. It is one of the very best varieties in cul- 
tivation *; 1 00 

Coccinea Superba. A beautiful variety, with very large heads of bril- 
liant orange scarlet flowers, produced freely 50 

Crocata. Deep orange, free grower, and profuse bloomer 50 


Hendersonii or "Wardleiana. A distinct and beautiful species, which 
blooms quite small and continues flowering nearly the whole year, 
the flowers are circular, of great substance ; color a rich deep yellow, 
fine habit 30 

Nobilis. A distinct and beautiful new species, flowers equally as large as 
the finest forms of A. Hendersonii, of a pure rich yellow, but which 
are greatly superior in form to others in cultivation, by their large 
firm lobes being more widely imbricated 50 


Balfouri. A beautiful climbing species, which blooms profusely on the 

young wood, flowers scarlet and white 25 

Thompsonii. A very beautiful climbing stove plant, with crimson flow- 
ers, free, vigorous grower and profuse bloomer 25 

Speciosum. This beautiful plant forms a flne intermediate variety be- 
tween C. Spleiidens and C. Balfouri, rich rose or violet tinted crimson, 30 

Coronaria. A very desirable plant, flowers double, white, very fragrant, 

fine for bedding out ". 25 

Clerodendron Yiscossissima. This is a handsome hardy shrub from North- 
ern China, the flowers emit a deliciou.- yierfume; flowers lilac-rose, in 
dense terminal corymbs, a very desirable new shrub 50 


This is a very beautiful free flowering plant ; flowers pure white, fragrant, 

^imWsiV io E. Amazonica 7. 50 

30 John Saul's 

{BV CM AMIS— Amazonian Lily,) 

Per plant. 
Amazonica. Large pure white fragrant flowers, full 4 inches in diameter, 

and are produced m abundance on strong plants 25 cts, to 50 

Grandiflora. Large, pure white, very fragrant 25 cts, to 50 

■^Candida. A very beautiful and rare species, flowers pure white 1 50 


Lactea. A very beautiful winter flowering plant of easy culture, flowers 
freely, color pure white. For cultivating in windows few plants suc- 
ceed as well as this. It is one of the very best plants for this purpose 25 

Cordata. Another fine species for winter blooming ; color pure white, of 

free growth, and profuse flowerer 25 


A most striking novelty. The foliage is of a bright grassy green, beau- 
tifully striped and margined with creamy white 30 


beautiful plant of climbing habit, with numerous racemes of rose- 
colored flowers, showing a still richer tint in the centre. The pro- 
fusion of its bloom is such as to give the resemblance of Roses at a 
distance, hence one of the Mexican names is '^ Eosa de Montana," or 
Mountain Rose. Described by its discoverer as the most beautiful 
climber he had ever beheld 50 


*' The leaves are sub-cordate and serrate, eight inches long and six broad, 
frequently cut into many forms, and very highly colored bright red, 
blotched with deep bronzy crimson." It is the best Acalypha yet 
oflered, and will prove a superb summer bedding plant 50 


This is the most stately and graceful of all known variegated grasses of 
the garden. It forms a robust plant of majestic habit, with long, broad, 
elegant leaves, IJ to 3 feet in length, marked with broad silver stripes 
or margins their whole length 25 cts. to 50 


This very curious Aroidese planted in the open ground, in April-May 
(like the Dahlias) the tubers will produce on a thick stem, a very 
extraordinary looking palmated single leaf, in the shape of a reversed 
umbrella.. 25 


The flowers, which are borne in terminal corymbose trusses, are trumpet 
shaped, and pure white. In its color it is unique in the group, a 
desirable acquisition 30 

Descriptive Catalogue. 31 


Per plant. 

A very large growing species from Mexico. Flowers during winter in a 

warm greenhouse. Flowers semi-double, purplish lilac 75 


A very excellent evergreen, warm greenhouse or cool stove plant, inter- 
mediate helween Clivia and Vailota or Amaryllif^ in style of growth, 
with dark green leaves and large corymbs of erect, large, clear rich 
salmon or light flame colored cup-like blossoms 75 


A magnificent plant of good habit and a most profuse bloomer ; the flowers 
are lich violet blue, between five and six inches in diameter and pro- 
duced nearly all the year through. It requires the same treatment as 
Pleromn Elegans, but it is superior to that jjlant both in habit and size 
of its flowers 50 


A climbing plant, which succeeds admirably bedded out during summer. 

The flowers are orange scarlet and given in the greatest profusion 25 


A plant closely allied to Aralia, with beautiful fern-like foliage ; a fine 

decorative plant 75 


This plant is not new, but as a valuable stove climber it is unequalled. 
The Cowers are pure white, of a waxy texture very persistent. Some 
large plants in one of my greenhouses were covered with bloom the 
whole of the past spring and summer. Florists should grow it exten- 
sively 50 cts. to 1 00 


This plant is not new, but it is not cultivated to the extent it deserves ; it 
succeeds well bedded out during summer, giving its lovely double 
fragrant flowers of the purest white in great profu.sion, excellent for 
bouquets, &c 30 

A very fine winter blooming variety, flowers pure white. 50 cts. each. 


A climbing plant of moderate growth, which flowers freely during winter, 
flowers in clusters of deep mazarine blue, pear-shaped flowers."^ 50 cis. each. 


A rapid growing climber perfectly hardy. It produces racemes of vivid 
scarlet berries which hang on the vines all winter. 50 cts. each. 

32 John Saul's 


Per plant. 

A free-growing plant. The leaves are ovate and bluntly rounded, and 
they have a smooth surface of pale green, marked with blotches of 
pale yellow and creamy-white, spreading out from the mid-rib on one 
or both sides, and assuming a variety of grotesque forms 50 

A remarkably graceful Palm-like plant, suitable for decorative pur- 
poses 25 cts. to 1 00 

EUPATORITJM TRIST E.—{Hebechinum Macrophyllum.) 

Flowers pure white, blooming in January and February. A very useful 

plant for Florist •. 25 


An old, but scarce summer climber ; flowers profusely of a blackish purple, 

a very desirable plant 50 

IRISINE.— (^cAyran^Aes.) 

Brilliantissima, (new.) Stems and foliage exceedingly brilliant ; a most 

desirable new bedding plant 50 

Wallisii, (new. ) Another distinct and valuable variety. Both very use- 
ful for ribbon gardening 25 


Alba Violacea. Stems blue, striped white, large foliage 25 

Marshalli The leaves are a bright green, marked between the principal 

veins with broad wedge-shaped blotches of blackish purple 25 

Jenningsii. A delicate green, heavy blotches of black, which are remarka- 
bly precise in outline and arrangement 25 

Batavieiisis. Foliage and stems dark purple 25 cts. to 50 

Auriculata 25 

Javinica. Beautiful green 30 


Creole, (new.) Very dark foliage, grows about 6 feet high; a fine variety, 50 

Glorie de Provence. Foliage large, fine plant, flowers canary yellow, 

dwarf 25 

Bannetti Excelsa. Foliage large shaded purple, flowers orange red 25 

Ornement du Grand Rond, (new.) Very tall variety, with large bronzy- 
green foliage, large scarlet flowers 25 

Premices de Niece. Medium height, fine green leaves, golden yellow 

flowers 25 

V. Lemoine. Fine broad green foliage, flowers orange scarlet 25 

Henri Vilmorin. Large dark green leaves, brilliant orange blossoms ; 

leaves stand well in exposed situations. This is a very fine plant 25 

Marechal Vaillant. Large orange flowers, a fine, vigorous grower, with 

large leaves of a dark bronze-crimson 25 

Mussefolia Sanguinea. Highly ornamental variety, having broad and 
stately Muse-like leaves, prominently ribbed or nerved, and of a rich 
bronze or chocolate and crimson tint 25 

Oriflarame. Leaves large lanceolate-green, with violet veins, a vigorous 

showy plant, with salmon orange flowers 25 

My selection, 16 to 25 cents each, $1.25 to $2 per dozen. 

Descriptive Catalogue. 33 



The following novel and beautiful varieties will be found admirably adapted 
for the summer and autumn decoration of the greenhouse and conservatory ; 
for they produce in the utmost profusion magniticent flowers of very large size, 
and great variety in color. They do not require stove cultivation, but will 
succeed well in a greenhouse. The tubers rest during the winter months, sim- 
ilar to Gloxinias, and can be easily re-started into growth in the spring. Their 
profuse flowering quality, and the charming variety of color of their blossoms, 
render them extremely showy and effective : 

Per plant. 
*Davisii. This is the most important acquisition that has been made in 
the tuberous-rooted section of the Begonias since the introduction of 
B. Veiichii. It is a native of the Andes of Peru. It is of the 
dwarfest habit, the leaves and flowers all springing from the root 
stock. The scapes, which rise erect above an elegant bluish green 
foliage, are bright red ; each scape bears three dazzling scarlet flow- 
ers. The plant is of very free growth, and a profuse bloomer. "Al- 
though one of the smallest of all Begonias, this well deserves culture 

as one of the best of them." — The Garden. (Keady in May.) 2 00 

*Froebelii. A splendid new species from Ecuador, very distinct and at- 
tractive, producing, well above the foliage, erect bunches of large 
brilliant scarlet flowers; the foliage is of a bright green color, fur- 
nished on the under side with a thick covering of white hairs. 25 cts to 50 
*Onyx, (Van H.) Flower very large, vermilion, shaded with very lively 

orange, reminding of the color oi B. Veitchii 75 

*White Queen. A very elegant variety with numerous racemes of ivory 

white blossoms, an exquisite flower 75 

Sutherlandii. Flowers yellow, distinct and fine 30 

Vesuvius. A flne variety, producing very large flowers of a rich orange 

scarlet, superb 50 

Fani^ie E. Saul. The flowers are large, of a brilliant amaranth, of free 

growth and profuse bloomer 30 

*Crepu5cula, (Lem.) Flowers large and round, color salmon buflT, a vig- 
orous plant, and free bloomer 75 

^Diamant, ( Lem.) Flowers very large, of a vivid rose color, habit dwarf 

and compact, beautiful 1 00 

*Eldorado, (Lem.) A free flowering plant, flowers bright yellow 1 00 

*Incendie, (Lem.) Flowers of a glowing orange, very fine and rich 1 00 

*Jules Janin, (Lem.) Flowers beautiful carmine rose, very large, free 

flowering, a fine variety 1 00 

*Model. A free flowering variety, with finely formed flowers of a beau- 
tiful carmine rose 75 

*Troj:jh(^e, (Lem.) A free flowering variety of neat habit, flowers cin- 
nabar red 1 50 

*Rubens, (Lem.) Color coral rose, very large, a magnificent flower 1 00 

*Oriflarnme. (Lem.) Very large flowers, of a carmine vermilion, bril- 
liant and showy ; vigorous, robust grower, with large foliage 2 00 

*Velours, (Lem.) Flowers of a rich vermilion, large and freely pro- 
duced *. 1 00 

*Wilh. Liebnecht, (Lem.) Flowers of immense size, color crimson ver- 
milion and orange, very brilliant, fine habit and free bloomer 1 50 

*M. Marcotte, (Lem.) Flowers large, of a beautiful tender rose color, 

very large and fine, a magnificent plant, superior to B. Rosceflora 1 50 

*'Wilh. Pnizer, (Lem.) Flowers rich carmine vermilion, centre solferino, 

very large in the way of B. Veitchii, but superior, magnificent 1 50 

*Messange de Louvrex. (Van Houtte.) Splendid orange red 1 60 

Chambersii. A hybrid between B. Pearcei and B. Sedetii, the flowers are 

freely produced, large rosy-salmon inside, pink without 50 


34 John Saul's 

Per plant. 
Agate. A lovely hybrid raised from Boliviensis, a free grower and pro- 
fuse bloomer, color vermilion orange 40 

Chicago. The flowers are of a glossy salmon red color, averaging more 

than 2 inches in diameter, and produced very freely 30 

Carminata. Flowers large rosy-salmon, the male blooms being upwards 

of an inch long. It is a remarkably free bloomer 30 

*Chas. Baltet, (Lem.) Large flowers of a rich vermilion, a beautiful 

variety. , 2 GO 

*Bril!iant. Flowers orange crimson, very rich, superb 2 00 

*Excelsior. A large flower, cinnaber red, very fine 1 00 

*Emperor. Orange scarlet flowers, very brilliant, a grand flower 1 50 

*John Laing. A brilliant carmine, large and fine, very showy 2 00 

Chelfoni. An elegant hybrid ; it is of good, compact habit, flowers large, 

drooping, bright orange, shaded with red 25 

Pearcei. The foliage is very pretty colored, flowers yellow, distinct and 
fine, a bulbous rooted species from South America, and very dis- 
tinct 50 

Boliviensis. The flowers are produced in great abundance, pendulous, 

somewhat bell shaped, and bright shining red in color 30 

Sedeni. This is a cross with Boliviensis, but larger leaves ; the flowers are 

of the richest Magenta color, and of large size 30 

*Seedlings raised from our finest varieties, 20 cts. each, $1.50 per dozen, fine 
for bedding. (Keady in April.) 



Per plant. 

*Argu3, (Lem.) Fine double flowers of a rich vermilion, good habit and 

free bloomer $1 60 

*Balsamin8eflora, (Lem.) An exceedingly beautiful full double flower 
like a double Balsam, color orange red, fine fiorifcrous habit, 
superb 2 00 

*01orie de Nancy, (Lem.) A magnificent variety, with large very double 
beautifully colored carmine flowers. The plant is of erect growth 
and very floriferous ; a grand plant 2 50 

•^'Leomeini, (Lem.) The flowers of this beautiful plant are like a double 

Anemone, of an orange vermilion, very beautiful 2 00 

*Loujs Van Houtte, (Lem.) Flowers of enormous size, brilliant orange 

scarlet, very double, a magnificent flower 3 00 

^President Burelle, (Lem.) Flowers large and double, of a crimson 

scarlet, of a tine habit and free bloomer, a grand plant 3 00 

*Salmonea Plena. Flowers of a pleasing shade of deep rosy-salmon, fine 

habit and profuse bloomer, very distinct, fine 2 00 

*W. E. Gumbleton. Flowers large, and of a rosy-salmon orange, pro- 
fuse bloomer. A distinct and very beautiful new double 3 00 

^Phosphorescent, (Lem.) Flowers very large and double, brilliant deep 

vermilion, an exceedingly beautiful variety 2 50 


A beautiful climbing species, admirable for hanging baskets; free grower 

and profuse bloomer 25 


A very beautiful species of shrubbery or bush-like growth, forming a 
grand plant for the greenhouse or window, a free bloomer, color 
bright scarlet, a fine plant 25 

Descriptive Catalogue. 35 

I^rimula Sinensis J^leno, 

Per plant. 

Mrs. John Saul, (Saul.) This superb variety was raised in our estab- 
lishment. The flowers are large, pure white, petals overlapping, 
beautifully serrated, of fine form, robust and compact habit, profuse 
bloomer. "^ Can be safely recommended as the best double white Pri- 
mula out oO 

*Mary C. Saul, (Saul.) A seedling raised in our establishment, the flow- 
ers are as large as a carnation, very double, of the purest wiiite, 
fringed, habit strong and vigorous ; the finest white Primula ever 
raised 2 00 

*Fannie E. Saul, (Saul.) Another of our seedlings, a counterpart in every 
particular of the last, except that the beautiful white blooms are occa- 
sionally flaked with vermilion, a magnificent flower 2 00 

•Rosina M.'^Saul, (Saul.) This beautiful double flower is in the style of 
the two last. The strain is of great vigor. The flowers, which are 
fully as large, are of a rosy crimson, fringed. 2 50 

*Winefred Lawley, (Saul.) This plant is of the same vigorous strain as 
the others, flowers fully as large and very double, the color is distinct 
and novel, a beautiful pink shaded with lavender, fringed 2 50 

We recommend these beautiful Primulas to our patrons, believing they are 
unequalled by any others in cultivation. Their merits are well known to the 
florists of Baltimore and Washington. 

*PPwIMULA S. GRAXDIFLOPvA RUBRA, very large double red 1 00 


Fine seedling plants, raised from the finest strains of single flowers ; va- 
rious shades of color 25 



Beautiful new Japanese Primroses. The flowers of the first are of a rich 
rosy purple, the second a pure white of good size, borne in large clus- 
ters, highly interesting as an early spring flowering plant for pot cul- 
ture, nearly or quite hardy 49 

Hose-in-Hose Polyanthus 20 

Fine seedling Polyanthus 20 

Auricula, Alpine 25 

JVERIUM.— Oleanders. 

We have given much attention to the collecting of the very choicest Neriums 
from the fine^t growers in Europe, and the following may be confidently relied 
on as the finest in cultivation : 

Per plant. 

Album Maximum. A very large and pure white semi-double $;j 30 

Atropurpurea plenum. Dark purple, double rich color 50 

*Cardinale, (Double.) Rich purple vermilion, lighter in centre of petals, 

one of the finest dark Neriums in cultivation 1 (X) 

"Flavum duplex, (new.) Double yellow, fine, distinct 50 

Geant do Batailles, (s.) Light blush centre, petals edged with crimson 50 

36 John Saul's 

Per plant 
*Gloriosum, (new.) Flowers very large and double, of a brilliant cherry- 
crimson, extra fine 100 

Grandiflorum plenum. Cherry crimson, large and double 25 

Jean d'Arc. Pure white, double 40 

Madoni Grandiflorum, (new.) Beautiful double pure white flowered 

splendens, free blooming, superb 40 

Mad. Chas. Baltet, Cherry carmine, large and very double, a fine variety. 50 
Souvenir de Claude Sahut. Rich carmine, large and very double, very 

beautiful 40 

^Professor Durand, (new.) Flowers pale yellow, double 50 

*Luteum Novum, (new.) Fine new yellow, single 40 

■^"Lilian Henderson. See Novelties. 

On small plants the double varieties frequently produce semi-double flowers. 


For autumn and winter blooming plants, the Bouvardias are well known to 
every florist. They are of the easiest culture, giving their rich colored flowers 
in great profusion. 

Per plant. 
*Flavescens, (new.) Flowers like Jasminiflora, but of a canary yellow, 

a very desirable novelty $1 00 

*Sanguinea, (new.) Color crimson vermilion a very fine new variety... 

Lady Hyslop. Flowers similar to Elegans, of a bright rose color 

Alba Adorata. Pure white centre of great substance, and very richly 

fragrant 25 

Candidissima. Racemes of pure white blossoms, each three-quarters of 

an inch in diameter 25 

Humboldti Corymbiflora. The blossom is the largest hitherto known in 
the group, four sizes larger than the well-known B. Jasminoides ; the 
flower tube 3 inches in lenu;th, snow white and exquisitely fragrant... 25 
Jasminoides Longipetala. Compact racemes of large pure white trumpet- 
like flowers, with petal lobes nearly an inch in width 25 

Umbellata Alba. Broad pure white petal lobes ; is in the style of B. Da- 

vidsonii, but much neater in its leaf growth 25 

Leiantha. Dazzling scarlet 25 

Floribunda. Flowers orange scarlet, very distinct and flne 25 

Hogarth. Splendid raceme, rich scarlet, vigorous grower, fine habit 25 

Longiflora. Snow white, long tube, beautiful 25 

Hendersonii. Delicate waxy flesh color, a sport from Hogarth 25 

Elegans. Color a scarlet carmine, flowers and trusses of immense size, 

larger than any other variety 25 

Laura. Bright pink 25 

Jasminoides. A beautiful species in the way of B. Longiflora. It is a 
more ready blooming plant, with larger terminal and auxiliary 

racemes of equally fragrant snow white flower tubes 25 

David^onii or Yreelandi. The finest of all white Bouvardias, and of the 

free growth of its parent Hogarth 25 

JDBAC^NA Dragon Tree, 

Our rich collection of Dracaenas has been awarded the first premium by the 
Maryland Horticultural Society for several years, and first premium at the '• Cin- 
cinnati Exposition" in September last. For decorative purposes these plants 
are now extensively grown, their broad dark tropical foliage and graceful 
habit render them very appropriate. 

Per plant. 
*Princess Margaret. A very fine variety of bold habit and free growth, 
remarkably distinct in the color and markings of its foliage. The 

Descriptive Catalogue. 37 

Per plant, 
leaves with their foot-stalks are about 18 inches in length. "When 
first expanded they are creamy white, slightly shaded with green of 
a tint quite unlike any other Dracaena in cultivation, with a few 
oblique stripes of deep green, with a pale crimson mid-rib. The 
light-colored portions of the leaf become suffused with delicate rose. 
It colors well from its youngest state, even when in the smallest pots, 
so that it will prove a most valuable decorative plant in every stage 
of its growth $3 00 

*Dracfena "Frederici. It has a compact yet graceful habit of vigorous 
growth. Its leaves assume a rich rosy crimson color, and is a grand 
decorative plant. One of the most valuable, as it colors beautifully 
in a small state .' 3 00 

*Macarthuri. Of very dwarf compact growth and bright colored foliage. 
The leaves, including their petioles, scarcely reach a foot in length, 
with a breadth of three inches; they are very elegant both in form 
and coloring, the latter being especially brilliant and attractive, ren- 
dering this variety one of the most distinct in cultivation. In many 
leaves almost the entire upper surface is colored with a vivid rosy car- 
mine, interrupted by a few lines of deep olive green ; in others the 
bright coloring is confined to the margins 2 00 

*Roseo-picta. A plant of robust habit and bold aspect. The leaves are 
sub-erect or slightly spreading, from 18 to 20 inches long including 
the foot stalk, with a width of four inches.. They are beautifully 
colored with a delicate rose tint which deepens by age to a bright car- 
mine, finely contrasting with the ground color which is a deep olive 
green 2 00 

*Terminalis Alba. This is a most important acquisition, having quite 
the habit and character of the well-known favorite D. ierminalis, but 
with white variegation. The ground color bright green, with bold 
pure white variegation, the upper leaves being white, with here and 
there a bar or band of green, in some cases large sectional patches are 
colored white, while leaf-stalks are also edged with white, colors very 
early 2 50 

*Bausei Of grand and free-growing habit, highly colored, and most 
effective, raised between JD. Chelsoni and regina Leaves recurved, 
about 4 inches wide, dark bronze^ the margin crimson, narrow in the 
lower leaves, becoming broader and more developed on the upper 
ones, the youngest and uppermost being broadly and brilliantly edged 
with deep rose, and the margins of the leaf-stalks also richly 
colored 2 50 

*Taylori. Of very stout habit, a hybrid between D. magnifica and Moore- 
ana, dwarf and dense. Leaves very broad ovate-oblong, erect, with 
reddish stalks, having something the aspect of those of D. Fraseri 1 50 

*Wisemannii. A handsome stove shrub, with the leaves of a bronzy hue, 
red at the margins, and breaking out into white in the younger 
growth ^.... 1 00 

*Robinsoniana, (new.) A robust growing variety, having leaves from 15 
to 18 inches long, and from 3 to 3^ inches broad ; the ground color is 
a light olive green, very much striped with bands of bronzy crimson 
and greenish white, more broadly in some leaves than in others ; the 
petioles are margined with crimson. The coloring is unlike that of 
any other Dracaena, and marks the plant as a distinct variety 1 50 

*Elegantissima, (new.) A dark colored variety, with narrow undulated 
leaves of dense habit. The leaves are of a deep bronze, with a metal- 
lic lustre, and very distinctly margined with bright crimson ; in the 
young leaves crim-son of a lighter shade entirely predominfltes, the 
bright coloring giving the plant a glowing and attractive aspect. It 
is one of the best of the narrow-leaved Dracaenas 1 50 

*Speciosa, (new.) The leaves are broadly striped or margined with a 
yellowish creamy white, stained and edged with light rosy pink ; the 
ground color is a rather light but pleasing olive green; it is therefore 
a tri-colored plant, distinct and attractive 75 to 1 50 

38 John Saul's 

Per plant. 

*Hybrida, (new.) The older leaves are of a deep green color, margined 
with bright rose; as the plant attains age, the latter formed leaves 
become entirely suffused with deep rose and creamy white, the foot- 
stalks being also of deep rose. The variegation shows itself whilst 
the plant is quite young 50 to 1 50 

*Mooreana, (new.) It is a noble plant, the leaves being fully 4 inches in 
width, 2 to 3 feet in length, and beautifully undulated. The habit is 
compact, and especially suitable for decorative purposes. The base of 
the leaf-stalk and the mid-rib are of a bright reddish crimson color, 
which, in the leaf itself, changes to a glossy bronze 75 to 1 50 

*Amabilis. This is a magnificent variety. The ground color of the leaf 
is bright glossy green, becoming beautifully marked and suffused 
with pink and creamy white, the young leaves being occasionally of 
quite a rosy color - 50 to 1 00 

^Baptistii. The leaves are green, 1 to 1^ foot long, 4 inches broad, mar- 
gined and irregularly and obliquely striped with narrowish creamy 
white flakes, passing through pale pink to deep rose. The older 
leaves frequently become flushed with rose 50 to 1 00 

*Excelsa. Large leaves, of an erect arching habit, and of a deep bronzy 
hue, margined with deep magenta crimson. This bright color is con- 
tinued throughout the edge of the leaf, breaks out into streads and 
patches 50 to 1 00 

*Eraseri. The leaves, a foot or upwards in length, and as much as five 
inches broad, are margined with bright rosy lake. The principal 
part of the leaf is of a blackish purple, with a glaucous bloom, a mar- 
ginal stripe of deep magenta runs down into the edge of the petiole, 
while here and there besides may be seen a streak of the same rich 
rose color 50 to 1 00 

*Grandis. The leaf is a foot long and 4| inches broad, with striated sur- 
face, which is of a shaded deep green, broadly edged near the base 
with blush white, the extreme margin being of a deep magenta rose, 
which becomes more or less suffused over the pallid portions 50 to 1 00 

*Guilfoylei. A most superb species, with long pendant lanceolate acumi- 
nate leaves ; the ground color is bright green ; fully one-half the leaf, 
however, is striped with white and bright rosy red, the latter color 
mostly forming the border in addition 50 to 1 00 

*Hendersoni. One of the very finest forms, being distinct not only in its 
elegant and graceful habit, but in the leaves being uniquely and 
beautifully variegated with white, rosy-pink stripes upon a light 
green ground 75 to 1 00 

*Magnifica. This is a very handsome plant ; leaves nearly two feet in 
length and eight inches in breadth, when the plant is well grown. 
The foot-stalks are reddish purple, and the leaves are rich bronzy 
brown suffused with pink, becoming darker with age 50 to 1 00 

■^Metallica. This is the finest of all the dark colored Dracaenas, the leaves 
being as much as 16 inches long. These, together with the sheathing 
leaf-stalks, are of a uniform rich coppery purplish hue when young, 
becoming a dark purplish bronze when mature 1 00 

Nigro-Rubra. A robust growing and exceedingly beautiful plant, leaves 
upwards of eighteen inches in length, ground color rich brown, the 
centre crimson, shaded with rose ; it is a most desirable variety..50 to 1 00 

Kegina. This is a plant producing very large and broad leaves, the ground 
color is bright green, but fully one-half the leaf is variegated with 
creamy white, which produces a rich and most beautiful effect..50 to 1 00 

Shepherdii. This plant takes on its distinctive coloring gradually on the 
older leaves, the young ones being green, and showing paler green 
stripes on those parts which take on at a later period the peculiar 
bronzy orange hue. It is very free growing, of ample proportions, 
the broad oblong linear leaves 2^ feet long and 6 inches broad, tinted 
at the edge with the same bronzy orange color 50 to 1 00 

Splendens. Of dwarf and compact but free growing habit, densely 
furnished with short recurved leaves, about nine inches long and four 

Descriptive Catalogue. 39 

Per plant, 
inches broad. The color is a deep bronzy green, breaking out in the 
young errowth into bright rosy carmine. The brighter coloring 
appears sometimes in stripes, and sometimes occupies the whole 

surface 50 to 1 00 

Imperialis. The variegation is in this case of a clear white combined 
with deep rose, and is most effective. The leaf-stalks are about 4 
inches long, and marginate. The color is a deep sap green, breaking 

out freely in the young leaves into white. 50 to 1 00 

*Macleayi. Leaves are some 18 inches long and about 4 inches wide, of 
a rich dark metallic bronze. It is very distinct in habit and color, 

and one of the most beautiful 50 to 1 00 

*Porphyrophylla. A noble stove shrub, of erect habit, with bold broadly 
oblong leaves of a fine deep bronzy green color, having a glaucous 

bloom on the under surface 30 to 75 

Braziliensis. A robust growing species with large, broad green foliage... 50 

Cooperii. Foliage gracefully recurved, rich crimson 25 to 50 

Charlwoodia Serratifolia. Foliage green, erect 25 to 60 

Ensifolia. Foliage green 25 to 50 

Elegans Rubra 50 

Ferrea. Foliage broad dark crimson 30 to 50 

Haageana. A very distinct variety, with green foliage 30 to 50 

Latifolia pendula 30 to 50 

Nigrescens. Foliage very dark, blackish brown, a very distinct variety.. 50 

Spectabilis. Foliage long green, very graceful 26 to 50 

Terrainalis. Foliage bright crimson 25 to 50 

Terminalis Stricta. A variety with brilliant foliage 30 to 50 

Specimens and half specimens of all can be supplied during summer and 
autumn, suitable for exhibiting at Fairs, Flower Shows, «&c., Sit moderate prices. 


Per plant. 

Australis. A very long, narrow, graceful foliage 25 to$0 50 

Indivisa. Long, narrow, graceful foliage 25 to 50 

Australian plants of much grace and beauty, admirable for vases, single 
specimens on lawns, &c. 

CROTON.—{ Codiceum.) 

These very ornamental plants are natives of the South Sea Islands ; they are 
among the most beautiful of variegated plants, the leaves being blotched with 
yellow and red in various ways, which renders them most attractive and valu- 
able for decorative purposes. They are of the easiest culture, succeeding in 
any warm greenhouse. 

Our rich collection of Crotons has been awarded the leading prizes by the 
Maryland Horticultural Society for some years, and first premium at the Cin- 
cinnati Exposition in September last. 

Per plant. 
Aucuboefolium. Leaves large dark green, blotched with golden yel- 
low r 25 to 50 

Augustifolium. Leaves very long green, blotched with red and yel- 
low 25 to 50 

Hillianum. Dark green, blotched and splashed with red and yellow.25 to 50 
Cascarilla. Leaves long, twisted and crimpled, blotched with golden yel- 
low 25 to 50 

Interruptum. Very long leaves, nearly an inch broad, mid-rib bright 
scarlet, shading to a golden yellow ; an exceedingly graceful 

plant 25 to 50 

Longifolium. Leaves green, blotched and striped with golden yellow, 

very long and graceful; a magnificent plant ....25 to 60 

Picta. Foliage dark green, spotted with red and yellow 25 to 50 

40 John Saul's 

Per plant. 
Variegatum. Leaves dark green, blotched and spotted with gulden yel- 
low 25 to 50 

Variegatum Elegans. Leaves dark green, striped with gold, mid-rib 

golden yellow 25 to 50 

Variegatum Rubruni. Leaves dark green, striped and spotted with red 

and golden yellow 25 to 50 

Johannis. The leaves are from twenty to twenty-four inches long, nar- 
row and pendulous, ground color bright shining green, the margins 
and mid-rib bright orange yellow, a beautiful variety 50 to 1 00 

Irregulare. Leaves broadest at the base, and tapering to an obtuse point, 
about 9 inches long, and most diversified in shape, scarcely two 
leaves resembling each other ; ground color dark green, mid-rib 
orange yellow, with the upper surface of the leaf irregularly spotted 
and blotched with yellow 50 to 1 00 

Lord Cairns. This has trilobate leaves, the middle lobe being considera- 
bly elongated and with a broader expansion towards the point ; the 
lateral lobes are unequally developed in the different leaves. The 
color of the foliage is a bright green, the mid-ribs of the leaves a 
light yellow, blotched and spotted with the same color, the spots and 
blotches being irregularly scattered over the surface 50 to 1 00 

Majesticum. A truly grand variety, leaves from twelve to eighteen inches 
long, somewhat narrow ; when young the leaves are deep green, 
ribbed with golden yellow, the green changing with age into a deep 
olive and the yellow becomes crimson 50 to 1 00 

Multicolor. Leaves irregular in shape, contracted in the centre and 
twisted at the point, light green blotched with yellow, but changing 
to glossy green blotched with yellow, reddish-yellow, and red, the 
mid-rib crimson 50 to 1 00 

Spirale. The spiral leaves render it most distinct, they are from 9 to 12 
inches in length, and about an inch wide and pendulous ; in a young 
state the ground color is deep green, striped up the centre with a 
broad band of golden yellow ; with age they change to a deep bronzy 
green, and the mid-rib becomes a deep crimson 60 to 1 00 

Tortiiis, A remarkably fine variety with twisted foliage, very distinct. 
The mid-rib of each leaf grows in a spiral from the base to the point. 
The ground color is of a deep olive green, the mid ribs of the mature 
leaves bright crimson, bordered on each side with a line of deep 
yellow 40 to 1 00 

Volutum. A very distinct form, the leaves being rolled up from the end 
in a volute, after the manner of the curving of a ram's horn. The 
ground color is deep green, a golden bar runs down the centre, from 
which yellow veins diverge at about half-inch intervals, and meet near 
to, and so as to coalesce with, the golden margin, in which occur 
scattered spots 50 to 1 00 

Veitchii. A splendid variety. The leaves attain a length of twelve to 
fourteen inches, and two-and-a-half inches in breadth, and are tra- 
versed by broad bands of creamy yellow, which change with age into 
rose and carmine purple 50 to 1 00 

Undulatum. This is one of the most beautiful, the edges of the leaves 
being beautifully undulated and wavy, and the variegation consisting 
of numerous markings and blotches, which in the matured leaves are 
of the brightest crimson on a dark green ground, and in the young 
leaves, at first yellow, gradually changing to pink and crimson. .50 to 1 00 

Weismanni. This is one of the most beautiful of all the forms ; leaves 
about a foot long and three-fourths of an inch wide ; ground color 
shining bright green, striped and mottled with golden yellow.. ..50 to 1 00 

Chrysophyllum. At the upper ends of the shoots they appear to be almost 
entirely golden. The upper leaves are shorter than the lower, some- 
what wavy-edged, and occasionally about once twisted; the petioles 
are red, and the bark of the young wood yellow. The peculiar style 
of coloring, which might also be called golden-crowned 50 to 1 00 

Cornutum. This is a curious and handsome variety ; leaves irregular in 

Descriptive Catalogue. 41 

Per plant, 
ehape, dark green, blotched and spotted with yellow, and having a 
horn-like extension of the mid-rib, which has given rise to its 

name ...50 to 1 00 

Youngii. This magnificent Croton is of noble and graceful habit; the 
leaves are of great substance, from 1^ to 2 feet in length, deep red 
underneath, while the upper surface is dark green, densely blotched 
and suffused with creamy-yellow, and bright rosy-red 50 to 1 00 

Specimen and half specimen plants of all can be supplied during summer and 
autumn, suitable for exhibiting, at moderate prices. 


All are magnificent plants for bedding out. 

Per plant. 

Grandiflora. This is a beautiful new plant in the way of the fine old plant 
H. rosa Sinensis, it has very large flowers of rosy-crimson, one of the 

finest plants for bedding out ; magnificent $0 25 

Cooperii tricolor. Beautifully variegated in foliage and flowers 25 

Kosa Sinensis. Flowers deep crimson, single 25 

Eosa pleno rubra. Double crimson 25 

Eosa pleno Jaune. Double yellow 25 

Rosa pleno Aurantiaca. Double orange 25 

GAUDBNIA. — Cape Jasamine, 

The Cape Jasamine is well-known for its delicious fragrance, as well as the 

beauty of the flowers, which are large, white and double. 

Per plant. 

Florida. Large double white 25 to 50 

Florida Major. Very large double 25 to 50 

Florida Majestica. Very large double white. 25 to 50 

Fortunii. Fortune's large double white 25 to 50 

Camelliflora. Large double white 25 to 50 

Radicans. Profuse bloomer, double white 20 to 40 

Radicans Variegata. Variegated leaves, double white flowers 20 to 50 

Citriodora. Single white, extremely fragrant 30 


Odoratissima, (Lees.) This is a beautiful new single Violet, represented as the 
most fragrant in cultivation ; very large, color purplish azure. 30 cts. 

Belle de Chatenay. New double white Violet. The flowers are pure white, 
most delicately perfumed, of immense size, and very double. It is pro- 
nounced by French Horticulturists to be the very best double white Violet 
in cultivation. The raiser says: "This new Violet will be appreciated as 
a Market Gardener's and Florist's plant, as it blooms most freely and con- 
tinuoush'." 25 cts. 

Czar, (Single.) Very large purple, hardy and fragrant. 

Czar White, (Single.) A pure white variety of the last, very desirable. 

Double Blue Neapolitan. Light blue. 

Schoenbrun. Ever blooming, single dark blue. 

King of Violets. Large and double, indigo shaded with violet. 

Marie Louise. Very fine double flowers, purple, with white centre, forces well. 

Princess Louise. Double white, fine. 

Devoniensis. Single blue, large, very fragrant. 

42 John Saul's 

Victoria Kegina, (Lees.) This is a most beautiful single Violet, with blooms 

1^ inch in diameter, pale blue, very fragrant. 
Marie de Savoy. See Novelties. 
Kubra Plena. See Novelties. 

Price 15 cents each, $1.50 per dozen, (save where priced.) Large plants in 
autumn 25 cents each, $2.00 per dozen. 

LAGEnSTMAMEA.'-Crape Myrtle. 

Per plant. 

Indica Alba. White Crape Myrtle, a very beautiful shrub $0 25 

Indica Rosea. Rose or pink, the variety generally grown 25 

Indica Purpurea. A bright purple, a vigorous grower and free bloomer.. 25 

Indica Magenta. Color a bright magenta 25 

Indica New Crimson. Bright deep crimson, no variety hitherto intro- 
duced approaching it in color ; a profuse bloomer, giving immense 

heads of its rich flowers 25 

The Crape Myrtle is well-known in this latitude and South as our most beau- 
tiful summer flowering hardy shrub. North, it will need protection. 

P UNIC A.— Pomegranate, 

Per plant. 
Nana. It blooms freely in a small state, and larger specimens are sheets 
of bloom. It is highly recommended for bedding purposes, being a 
profuse bloomer, and exceedingly desirable from its rich color, bril- 
liant orange scarlet $0 25 

Alba Pleno. Double white 25 

Rubra Pleno. Double red 25 

Rubra Prolifera. A profuse flowerer 25 

Legrellise Pleno, (new. ) Reddish yellow bordered with white, very double, 

splendid 30 


PASSIFLOBA—Passion Mower. 

Alba. White Passion flower, greenhouse climber 50 

Cardinalis. Scarlet flowers, greenhouse climber 50 

Princeps. Flowers rich crimson, a very fine greenhouse climber 50 

Quadrangularis Variegata, Very fine golden variegated foliage 50 

Trifasciata. Leaves dark green, tri-lobed, each lobe having a broad cen- 
tral band of rose, a very distinct Passion fiower, flowers white 25 

Coerulea. Coerulean blue, a beautiful old variety, nearly hardy, requires 

only slight protection in severe weather 25 

Incarnata. This variety is perfectly hardy in this latitude. In very 
severe winters it is killed to the ground, but on the return of spring, 
it puts out with great vigor, growing luxuriantly, and flowering pro- 
fusely during the summer months; similar in color to Coerulea 25 

TACSONIA—A Section of Bassiflora, 

Exoniensis. Color a glowing scarlet ; a rich and very beautiful Passion 

flower 60 

Van Volxemi. A splendid conservatory climber, with large scarlet 
crimson blossoms ; it may be regarded as a scarlet greenhouse Pas- 
sion flower, an exceedingly beautiful climbing plant 40 

Buchananii, ( Vitifolia.) Another magnificent conservatory climber, with 
brilliant orange scarlet flowers, most profuse bloomer, and one of the 
finest Passion flowers 40 

Descriptive Catalogue. 43 



Per plant. 

A very beautiful hardy tree of rapid growth, from north of China, with 
large foliage similar to Ailanthus, and yellowish bark. This is a 
very handsome new tree, very desirable for gardens, lawns, cemete- 
ries, &c., its fine large shining foliage being most distinct, and the 
tree, withal, perfectly hardy 76 

CALLICARPA TJjnVV RE A. —{Gracilis.) 

A pretty berry-bearing shrub. It blooms in August ; these are succeeded 
by a crop of small berries, which are of a bright lilac-purple, and 
which continues up to winter. Theplant is quite hardy. The shoots 
are generally killed to the ground, but they throw up rapidly in 



This magnificent hardy evergreen flowering shrub is a grand acquisi- 
tion to our scanty list of hardy flowering species. Its individual 
flowers, which are produced in bunches, are pale yellow, and of great 
substance, resembling much in appearance the beautiful Gardenia 
Javinica. It continues long in perfection, commencing to flower in 
June, and has been in fine perfection till the first week in Novem- 
ber." — M. Carriere 30 


A very beautiful new Japanese tree, with a handsome spreading head and 
fine foliage 6 inches broad and of a bright green. The flowers, which 
are of a yellowish green, spring from the axils of the upper leaves 
in long gracefully drooping branched racemes. They are deliciously 
fragrant, their odor resembling that of a Vanda. These are followed 
by numerous orange berries, about as large as a small cherry. Tree 
quite hardy 60 to 75 


This desirable new fruit has been introduced into England from Japan ; 
it is allied to the Japan Quince. The fruit is the size of a moderate 
Quince, of a bright apricot color, and makes a rich conserve. The 
flowers, which are produced in great profusion, are of a most bril- 
liant orange scarlet color. It is one of the most beautiful flowering 
trees of recent introduction, as well as a valuable fruit. Small plants, 50 


An exceedingly beautiful hardy shrub, flowers profusely early in large white 
clusters. Will force as freely as Deutzia gracilis. Florists should grow 
it largely. $1.00 each. 


A pretty medium-sized tree from the Amour, with a straight stem and dense 
head and long pinnated foliage; produces the Siberian Cork. "This 
is just now (November) a beautiful object in my garden. My specimen 

44 John Saul's 

tree m about 12 feet in height, and has a tall pyramidal crown of from 3 to 
6 feet. The form of its foliage, which is deeply lobed, gives it a singular 
appearance, and the coloration of the leaves, which are bright red, is very 
fine. It retains its foliage very late." — Max Leichtlin. 9 to 12 inches. 
$1.00 each. 


Per plant. 

This handsome shrub is from Japan. It is one of the earliest to bloom, 
coming out the first fine days in February. The flowers with which 
the plant is clothed are pure white and very showy, a great acquisi- 
tion among shrubs, quite hardy 30 to 75 


A beautiful new climbing plant from Japan, perfectly hardy, of very 

rapid growth and fine large foliage 1 00 


This is one of the finest hardy shrubs of recent introduction. It is of 
vigorous compact growth ; blooms early and most profusely ; the 
plants are sheets of bloom, which are pure white and most charming, 
admirably adapted for cemeteries, &c 30 cts. to 50 


A very fine variegated shrub, centre of leaf green, broadly margined 

with silver 50 


A variety of Pyracantha, much superior, has deeper colored berries and a 

more compact and better habit 40 


This noble deciduous shrub has been introduced from Mandchuria, and, 
therefore, is perfectly hardy. Its handsome multifid leaves are about 
a yard in length, and as much in breadth, the mere mention of which 
conveys some idea of the grand efi'ect this plant produces 50 


Japonicum. A pretty dwarf Japanese shrub, which is quite hardy. " Its 
drooping branches are entirely hidden by millions of its white flowers, 

which are freely produced from August to beginning of winter." 25 

Penduliflorum. Similar to the last, with purple flowers 25 

Dilleni. Blooms during summer 25 


A dwarf compact shrub, flowers pure white in long racemes during sum- 
mer and fall ; a beautiful shrub, quite hardy 25 

Descriptive Catalogue. 45 


Incarnata, (new.) A beautiful bright colored variety 40 

John Standish, (new.) Large flowers of purplish crimson 40 

Looymansii Aurea. A fine new variety ; leaves golden yellow, margined 
"with a slender edging of fine carmine. Magnificent bouquets of Rose 

flowers 50 

Ed. Andre. A very beautiful new variety, interior of flower purple, ex- 
terior very dark blackish purple 50 


This beautiful new Honeysuckle has very large flowers of a deep vermil- 
ion, with orange centre, very fine 50 

^JAPANESE PERSIMMON. ^Btjospyros Kaki. 

Of this beautiful new fruit I oflfer several finest varieties 75 


Among the most beautiful of climbing plants are the Clematis — whether 
trained over lattice work, on pillars or trailing on the ground. There can now 
be found among them great variety of colors, all are profuse bloomers, and 
quite hardy. 

Class I. 

PERPETUALS, Summer and Autumn bloonn'rs flowering 
on shoots of the same yearns growth^ raised between Lan- 
uginosa and Viticella, except the two first named. 

Per plant. 
Coccinea. A native Southern species, quite hardy, flowers small, bright 

scarlet; a very interesting plant 50 

Flammula. Sweet scented, the flowers are small, pure white and fragrant. 25 
Alexandra. Large flower, color reddish violet, blooms finely through the 

summer 50 

Aureliana. Flowers large and of a lively porcelain blue 50 

Atropurpurea. Large and intense crimson blue 30 

Candidissima. Very large, pure white, fine 60 

Fulgens. Violet purple, with a reddish band through the centre of each 

petal 40 

Gem. A most profuse bloomer, continuing in full beauty late into the 

autumn, flowers large, a most intense rich blue 50 

Henryi. A magnificent large white flower ; a free grower and a most 

profuse bloomer 60 

Jackmanii. A lovely hardy climber, with large flowers of a deep purple 

light violet ; a profuse bloomer .' 50 

Jean d'Arc. Flowers white, large and perfect, with three pale blue stripes 

on each petal. The plant is of vigorous habit 50 

Lady Caroline N eville. Color delicate blush white, with a broad purplish 

lilac band in the centre of each petal 50 

Lanuginosa. A beautiful species, with light azure flowers, which form 

an admirable contrast to the others 40 

Lanuginosa Nivea. A variety of the last, with large white flowers, a 

very fine and distinct sort 50 

Lawsoniana. A large and very fine flower, of a fine rosy purple, a free 

and continuous bloomer 50 

46 John Saul's 

Per plant. 

Mrs. Jas. Bateman. A very large lavender blue 40 

Mad. Grange. Flowers large purple violet with maroon mid-rib, redder 

than any other Clematis 75 

Mad. Van Houtte. A splendid variety ; white, suffused with a bluish or 

mauve colored tint 75 

Marie Lefebvre. Flowers from six to seven inches in diameter, delicate 

violet white, with purplish lilac band in the centre of each petal 50 

Magnifica. Purple, shaded with crimson, very large and fine 50 

*Otto Frobel. This variety is remarkable for vigor and the flower is of 
immense size and perfect in form, the sepals being sufllciently broad 
to be well imbricated. The color French white. Any person plant- 
ing this cannot possibly be disappointed 75 

Princess of Wales. Large flowers of a deep rich violet purple, with red 

bars down the centre of each petal ; a beautiful variety 50 

Rubella. Flowers of a rich velvety claret, the deepest color of any Cle- 
matis, generally has six petals to each flower 50 

Rubra Violacea. Shaded reddish violet flowers, which are of a rich vel- 
vety appearance 50 

Symeiana. Delicate shade of pale mauve or lavender blue ; a striking 

variety 75 

Star of India. Flowers from four to five inches in diameter ; color rich 

violet purple, with a rosy purple band in the centre of each petal 50 

Thomas Tennant. White, with pale rose changing to ivory white, very 

handsome 75 

Thomas Moore. Deep rich violet tinted puce, a very large flower, occa- 
sionally nine inches in diameter 50 

Tunbridgensis. Flowers four to six inches in diameter, dark blue, and 

ribbed on the centre of each petal with purple 50 

Velutina Purpurea. Very profuse bloomer, color blackish mulberry 50 

Viticella Venosa. A reddish purple, reticulated with white 50 

Twelve very fine, my selection, $4.50. 


*Andre Leroy. An immense flower of the finest form, color rich violet, 

with a metallic hue ; a grand flower 1 50 

Ascotiensis. The flowers containing six petals each ; color a fine azure 

blue; it is a most profuse bloomer 50 

*Fairy Queen. Flowers very large, occasionally measuring nine inches 
across ; color pale flesh, with a pink bar in the centre of each sepal, 
shaded purple at the base 1 00 

*Duke of Edinburgh. This is a fine variety, flowers large, six-sepaled, of 

a rich violet purple. One of the most attractive 75 

*Devoniensis. Flowers large, delicate azure blue, very free bloomer, 

extra 1 50 

*Duchess of Teck. Flowers pure white, six-sepaled, with a faint, delicate 

mauve bar down the centre when first opened 1 00 

*Duchess of Edinburgh. Without doubt the best of the double whites 

yet known, most deliciously scented, very free blooming 2 00 

■'^Gipsey Queen. An extremely rich, bright, dark velvety purple variety 

of the Jackmanii type ; very free, late flowering 1 00 

*Jackmanii Superba. A large variety of the well-known Jackmanii, very 

fine 1 50 

*Lord Derby. The flowers are eight-sepaled, of a pale lavender or bluish 
mauve ; the sepals very much overlap, so that the flower is remark- 
able for its fullness 1 00 

*Moritkata Oke. A beautiful new variety, satiny French white, closely 

set and slightly cupped, flowers very perfect in shape 2 00 

*Mrs. Hope. Satiny mauve, bar rather darker tint, sepals broad and over- 
lapping, forming a full slightly reflexed flower 2 00 

Descriptive Catalogue. 47 

Per plant. 

*Mrs. Baker. White, with dark carmine ribbon, a large and beautiful 

flower, free bloomer 75 

*Mrs. Moore. The flowers are from eight to nine inches across. The 
sepals, six in number, are white, showing, in the young state, a 
slight mauve shade along the bar ^ 75 

*Neptune. Flower immense, color pale lilac, a lovely flower 1 00 

*Purpurea Elegans. Flowers large, fine form ; color deep violet purple, 
well contrasted by its light colored filaments and pinkish brown 
anthers '. ~ 1 00 

•Eeine Blanche. A lovely white flower, delicately margined, with sepals, 

fringed 1 00 

*Yesta. The flowers are five inches across, and consisting of eight or more 
spreading sepals, of a dead white color, with a creamy tinge over the 
centre bar 1 00 

♦Victoria. A distinct and handsome variety, flowers large, composed of 

five and six petals well formed, color deep reddish mauve 50 

Class II. 

The following varieties flower in spring and early summer, from the old or 

ripened wood of the previous year's growth, have been raised from Patens : 

Per plant. 

Albert Victor. A thick velvety texture, flowers large deep lavender, with 

brown ribs down the centre petal $0 40 

Excelsior. Flowers of large size, finely shaped and occasionally double, 
the outer petals resembling the guard-peials of a Hollyhock, and well 
arranged Anemone centre ; color rich deep mauve 75 

Fair Rosamond. The flower is fully six inches across, and consists of 
eight sepals. White with a bluish cast, having a light wine red bar 
up the centre of each sepal. Flowers very fragrant, and are abun- 
dant through June and July 75 

Fortune!. A very fine species from Japan, flowers double, white and 

fragrant 40 

Florida Standishii. One of the most beautiful flowers, of a kind of violet 

blue, with crimson and carmine shining through it 40 

John Gould Veitch. A magnificent "Double Blue Clematis." It is a 
profuse bloomer, the flowers being very double, of a large size, (four 
inches in diameter,) and of a beautiful light blue 50 

Lady Londsborough. A robust constitution, producing its elegant flowers 
in great abundance : color a delicate silver}' lavender with a white 
stripe down the centre of each petal '. 50 

Lucie Lemoine. Fine double white, the flowers are composed of 75 to 90 
petals. In the first period of its flowering the blooms are semi-cir- 
cular in shape, resembling a gigantic double white Zinnia... 50 

Miss Bateman. A magnificent plant of both gr(jwth and flower ; the 
blooms are large, of good shape and pure white, banded with creamy 
white down the centre of each petal 40 

Montana. Flowers pure white early in spring 50 

Stella. Very showy The flowers are of a light violet or deep mauve, 

with a distinct bar in the centre of each sepal of a reddish plum color. 75 


♦Countess of Lovelace. This fine variety is remarkably vigorous. The 
flowers are most distinct, having large obovate lanceolate accuminate 
sepals of a bluish lilac, forming a guard to the flowers, like the guar.i- 
petals of a Hollyhock, within which is a rosette of smaller sepal-like 
bodies, which are of a deep bluish lilac to the base, forming a full 
double flower 1 50 

48 John Saul's 

Per plant. 

*Sir Garnet "Wolseley. The flowers are very distinct and attractive, nearly 
six inches across, of a slaty-blue ground color, having in the young 
state a very effective dash of bronze, and in the matured condition a 
showy and distinct bar of plura red 1 00 

The Queen. A free habit and remarkably handsome foliage, and flowers 

of a delicate lavender color ; very beautiful 75 

Maiden's Blush, Delicate blush white having a stronger tint of bright 

rosy lilac, beautiful new variety 50 


These are all bulbous-rooted plants which bloom magnificently during the 

winter months. 

Per plant. 

*Donkelaari. A remarkably fine plant for winter blooming, color rich 

vermilion %l 00 

*Leopoldi. Dwarf, compact, erect habit, umbels of a rich vermilion ; an 

exceedingly beautiful plant 50 

*Lilacina. A variety similar in all respects to the last, except color of 

flowers, which in this is of a clear lilac 50 

Kegalis. Large, splendid and elegantly-arranged foliage, flower trusses 

sparkling vermilion 75 

Exoniensis. A magnificent winter flowering plant ; the color of the 
flower is an intense orange scarlet, the leaf is of a dark velvety tex- 
ture, studded with minute red hairs like plush 50 

Kefulgens. Another superb winter flowering plant ; color of flower be- 
tween vermilion and amaranth, a charming plant, producing mag- 
nificent flowers 50 

Splendidissima. Color crimson, with yellow tube, spotted, very beauti- 
ful, velvet-like foliage, very tine 30 

Jasminiflora. A tall growing species, flowers of the purest white, freely 

produced, beautiful 30 


Cyrtodeira Metallica. Leaves large, thick, of an olive hue, with red cen- 
tral band, feathering out from the mid-ribs; flowers bright scarlet.... 30 

Cyrtodeira Chontalensis. I^eaves light green, purple underneath; flow- 
ers lilac with a yellow centre ; a charming plant 30 

Drymonia Turialvae. A beautiful bold leaf, very thick, with a silvery 
metallic appearance, very free grower, and as easily cultivated as a 
Begonia. Also a good flowering plant 30 


The sections of Eucodonia and Naegelia are typed in habit by the well-known 
Gesneria Zebrina, in its exceedingly picturesquely tinted leaves, the flowers 
being produced on large terminal cone-shaped racemes in drooping funnel- 
shaped flower-tubes of rich violet and bright rose, with pretty dotted centres. 

Per plant. 

Naegelioides. Flowers in large spikes, violet, changing to velvety crim- 
son, centre of the throat bright yellow, spotted with crimson $0 25 

Naegelioides Diamantina. Very fine foliage, short peduncles terminated 

by large flowers of purplish violet, very striding 25 

Naegelioides Van Houttei. Large spikes, perfect form, vivid carmine 

spotted with flesh-colored stripes on a white ground « 30 

Descriptive Catalogue. 49 

Per plant. 
Na3gelioides Lilacina. This surprising novelty may be considered as a 
type of perfection both for the form as well as for the distinctive 
character of the flowers, which are of a beautiful clear lilac with 
white throat, charmingly spotted and speckled with citron, lilac and 
yellow. A profuse bloomer, very attractive 50 

TYDJEjA.—A Section of Achimenes, 

The group of Tydaea includes the late autumn and winter flowering varieties, 
producing a long and brilliant succession of bloom, and include the most florid 
colors found in the other sections, of pure rose, amaranth, rosy crimson, scar- 
let, cerise, rose, orange-tinted scarlet, and white shaded with rose, elegantly 
spotted or barred in nearly the whole section. 

Per plant. 
Belzebuth. Flowers crimson, covered all over with black spots, like the 

skin of a leopard $0 40 

Agar. White suffused with carmine and dotted with bright chamoy 30 

Display. Tube is a bright carmine, the lobes are pink, reticulated with 
crimson ; the mouth is a rich carmine and the throat white, blotched 

orange 30 

Gigantea. Majestic growth, flowers vermilion and golden yellow 30 

Junon. Tube purple red, limb scarlet, with reddish dots 30 

Lady Digby. Brilliant crimson, beautifully spotted 30 

Robert le Diable. The largest flower; ground color dark vermilion, 
covered with large jets, black fantastic figures of the most astonish- 
ing features 30 

"Wonder. Magnificent; flowers, which are of a dazzling bright orange 

vermilion, veined with black, are produced in majestic spikes 30 

Compacta Fioribunda. Flowers very compact, smooth and of a velvety 

cherry red with parallel markings of bright amaranth 30 

Uranie. Very large flower, finely striped with scarlet upon a lilac 

ground, orifice deep straw yellow 30 

Alba Kermesina. White ground, shaded with a bright rose and beauti- 
fully marked with crimson , 30 

Sape. Fiery vermilion, centre golden yellow striped and dotted with 

crimson 30 

Thalie. Large well-formed flower, tube vermilion, limb lemon yellow 

with large vermilion spots and flakes 30 

Price per dozen, $3.00. 


Cerise d'Or. Exterior cherry red, interior golden yellow, covered with 

cherry red spots, color quite new 30 

Cinnaberina rosea. Beautiful clear vermilion, tube almo>t transparent, 
interior carnation, marbled with white, throat citron yellow, speckled 
with gold 30 

Madame Van Houtte. Magnificent terminal racemes, very branching, 

tube bright rose, lips white, striped and sprinkled with carmine 30 

Mad. Paul Boulez. Beautiful pale pink, speckled with amaranth, golden 

yellow throat, spotted with deep scarlet 30 

Sceptre cerise. Very bright vermilion cherry, covered with golden yel- 
low spots, magnificent branching pyramids of flowers forming splen- 
did specimens 30 

Fulgida Van Houttei. Its sparkling vermilion, its snow-white interior, 
covered with distinct balls of vermilion, make this plant an object of 
great beauty 30 

Sceptre Brilliant. Flowers of a brilliant vermilion and a shading of the 

most beautiful shiny lilac 30 


50 John Saul's 

Per plant 
Pulgida Concolor. Is a magnificent plant, producing vermilion colored 

flowers of great brilliancy 30 

Alice. Flesh colored, shaded carmine on tube on edge of limb 50 

Dauw. Corolla white, sprinkled with rose, throat golden yellow, dis- 
tinctly dotted with vermilion 30 

Fulgida Concolor. A magnificent variety of a fine vermilion 30 

Helene. Crimson, throat white pointed with crimson , 50 

Itambire. Dark green foliage marked black, large spikes, crimson with 

white and gold, marbled with vermilion 30 

Leonie. Numberless lemon yellow flowers, a first-class variety 40 


Candidum. Flowers large, of perfect form, snow white with broad lemon 

yellow blotch 30 

Corallinum. Very large coral red flowers with chrome yellow blotch 30 

Yiola. Flowers are of perfect shape, of the most exquisite bright rose, 
ornamented on the upper part with a large white spot, speckled with 
carmine and flaked with citron 30 

Gloxiniseflora. A magnificent species with large white flowers, throat 

golden yellow, blotched with scarlet 30 

Gibsonii. Fine dark blue flowers 30 

Hieroglyphicum roseum. Kose color ornated with hieroglyphs, flowers a 

beautiful pyramid 30 

Eollisonii. Fine pale blue flowers 30 

Labyrinthicum. Flower is rich vermilion, with fantastic figures resem- 
bling geographical demarcations 30 

Triumphans. Habit compact, corolla lilac, interior white with fine ama- 
ranth spots and pretty lemon yellow bands, abundant bloomer 30 

Great Eastern. Large light rose flowers, whitish macule, pointed with 

carmine 30 


The varieties of this genus are all very handsome, producing abundance of 
magnificent flowers of the most beautiful description. The tubers should be 
potted in February or March. Place in a little heat to start them into growth ; 
water sparingly till the plants are well-established. When in bloom bring 
them into the conservatory or drawing-room. After the plants have done 
blooming dry gradually oflf, by withholding water from their roots; afterwards 
remove them to a warm, dry place. 

The following are superlatively beautiful : 

Those marked thus {e) have erect flowers, 
(e) Cinderella. Pure white with pink band, most beautiful, 
(e) Brilliant. Bright crimson, margined with rose, rich violet throat. 
Ernst Banary. Dark lavender, mottled with white, a beautiful flower, 
(e) Flag of truce, pure white, large and fine. 

(e) Georgina. Fine lilac, covered with magnificent creamy white palmes. 
Henry Husson. White, with a lavender lip, a large showy flower, beautiful. 
Leon Vanderwee. Flowers having six divisions, each covered with dark, 

almost black spots, edges white, 
(e) Madame de Smet. White with violet lobes, a beautiful marked variety. 
Eose d'Amour. Rose carmine, cream colored throat, zone of ceri-e. 
Mogul. Tube dotted with red, purple crimson limb, very clear at the border. 
Nero. Dark purple, white throat, a very beautiful flower, 
(e) Princess Royal. Tube and edges white, throat mottled with dark blue, fine. 
Scarlet Gem. Crimson scarlet, extra fine. 

Theresa Saul. Scarlet carmine margined with white, very fine, 
(e) Virginalis. Tube and throat white, broad margin of carmine. 
Price 25 cts. each j $2.50 per doz. 

Descriptive Catalogue. 51 

JVJEW GLOXINIAS—Veitch & Sons— New Set. 

Per plant. 

(e) Boule de Neige. Pure snowy white, fine form, an abundant bloomer. 40 

(e) Derniere Mode. White with centre of lobes spotted maroon, throat 

dotted with lilac blue, extra 40 

Duchess of Teck. This fine variety has extra large drooping flowers of 
a rich magenta, shaded with maroon ; the ground color is lighter at 
the edges of the lobes. It is very distinct 40 

Excelsior. Flowers horizontal with lower side lobes of corolla enlarged; 

deep glowing crimson, a very robust free flowering variety 40 

(e) Lisere D'Argent. Intensely bright crimson scarlet, distinctly mar- 
gined with pure white ; light throat beautifully spotted and freckled 
with carmine, and shaded with rosy carmine 40 

Madame Hatti. Fine scarlet flower ; throat deep red shaded with purple 

slightly blotched with white; margin rosy scarlet 40 

Miss Hannah de Rothschild. Large white, tinted with purple; throat 

purple-shaded mauve, lower part creamy white 40 

(e) Mrs. Haines. Splendid erect flower, throat purplish violet, bordered 

with vermilion scarlet, with deep margin of rose color 40 

Prince Arthur. A large deep purple flower, the two upper lobes and 

margin light purple 40 

Prince Leopold. Throat purplish violet, scarlet margin shaded with pink, 

very fine 40 

The Hon. Mrs. York. Creamy white throat, bordered with mauve, with 

a margin of rich pink 40 

(e) Vesuvius. Flowers erect and crimson ; scarlet crimson of an intense 
fiery lustre, the most brilliant color yet obtained ; the throat is lighter 
and softer than the lobes of the corolla and spotted with deep crimson. 40 

The Set of 12 for $4.00. 

JSEW GLOXINIAS— Van Houtte's Neiv Set. 

Quadricolor. Rose flaked with w^hite, superb cochineal spots ; throat lilac. 40 

■Wilhelmine. White, with beautiful markings; the tube is ornamented 
with an azure blue band encircling innumerable blue dottings ; the 
throat speckled with rose 40 

Mrs. Wm. Bull. Rose and cochineal, with a large white blotch, mar- 
gined with a neat snow white ribbon '. , 40 

Suavis. Large expanded flower, ground color white, with millions of 

tender rose color dots 40 

Tricolor Cochenille. Extremely large, fine cochineal flower, with laven- 
der rays and tricolor throat 40 

Byron. Large flower of very good shape, white ground ; the margin of 

the limb is amaranth festooned with purple 40 

Camoens. Quite new color, very fine flower marbled with snow white 

and blue, bordered with crimson; extra 40 

Chateaubriand. A rose cochineal festoon ornaments the pure white un- 
dulated limb; the whole thmat marred with a beautiful delicate ros(^ 40 

(e) Goethe. Erect flower, vermilion rose with almost black throat and 

white bottom , 40 

Lamartine Very beautifully undulated, magniflient shape; white bor- 
dered rose limb, veering to cochineal,^ marbled with white and 
elegantly veined with rose 40 

Le Lion de Flandre. Very fine, dark blue, ornamented with an immense 
cream white spot which covers all the breadth of the tube to the 
margin of the limb; extra 40 

(e) Nekita. Very dark purple, nearly black; extra fine 40 

Schiller. Erect flower, fiery cherry sprinkled with violet, very large 

flower \ 40 

52 John Saul's 

Per plant. 

"Washington. Very dark vermilion cochineal 40 

Lady Cremorne. A new type of flower, adorned with an elegant, lively 

rosy and white tucker, inside of throat very lively dark rose 40 

Topaze. Tube pure white, lobes finely zoned with white and lightly 

tinted with blue, and marked with rose 40 

Pourpre de Tyr. Ver}^ deep rich crimson ; this color extends over the 

whole of the throat, the remaining portion of which is of a pure 

cream color speckled with amaranth 40 

Price $4.00 per dozen. 

NEW GLOXINIAS— Veitch & Sons^l879. 

Aimi Thibaut. Creamy white covered all over with spots. 

(e) Conquest. Flowers well formed, and of good substance. Lobes of corolla, 

bright peach margined with white; throat light pink and spotted. Very 

Eclipse. Flowers horizontal ; brilliant glowing crimson ; throat lighter, 

colored to near the base and spotted with deep crimson, 
(e) ]Se Plus Ultra. Flowers extra large; lobes of corolla deep violet purple, 

edges lighter, throat well colored. A superb variety, 
(e) Kosy Morn. Flowers of fine form ; rosy scarlet, very attractive. 

Price 75 cents each ; the Set of 5 for $3.50. 


We have taken First Premiums for Caladiums at the Maryland Horticultural 

Society for several years. 

Per plant. 

^Souvenir de Mad. Andre, (new.) The ground color is bright green 
mottled and spotted with white ; the veins are of a deep brilliant 
rose, bordered on each side by creamy white $0 75 

*Aristide, (new.) A fine new variety, with large and finely marked 

foliage 75 

■'^Excellent, (new.) Fine large foliage, ground color green, clouded bril- 
liant crimson centre, and white spots ; beautiful 50 

■*La Perle de Brazil, (new.) Ground color green, reticulated all over 

with pure white, like tine lace; a handsome variety .. 75 

*Madame Alfred Bleu, (new.) The ground color of the leaves is silvery 
white, which is blotched with green, in some leaves very sparingly, 
in others nearly half the surface ; the veins are prominent and of 
rich rosy crimson bordered by narrow bands of a lighter shade 40 

*Laingii, (new.) Reddish carmine centre, surrounded with yellowish 

green, the whole of the leaf thickly sprinkled with pure white spots.. 40 

■5^Madame Heine, (new.) Silvery white stained and edged with pale green; 

very distinct 40 

^Alfred Mame, (new.) Beautiful deep carmine, richly marked with rosy 

spots and white leaf margin ; splendid 40 

Argyrites. A small plant, leaves bright green, spotted and blotched with 

white 25 

Alphonse Karr. Leaf green, with crimson centre and brighter veins di- 
verging to the margins, and crimson blotches 25 

Auguste Reviere. Green ground, white centre, and rays with crimson 

spots 25 

Baron de Rothschild. Rich blood red centre, and spots on mottled green 

leaf ground ^ 25 

Dr. Lindiey. Green ground, crimson centre, marked with rose blotches, 

extra fine 25 

Due de Nassau. Brilliant red centre and ribs, white scattered spots on 

emerald green 25 

Descriptive Catalogue. 53 

Per plant 
E. G. Henderson. Green leaves, finely marked with transparent rose 

spots, and brilJiantly mottled crimson rays and centre 25 

Houlletti. Green ground suffused with white, pretty 25 

Halevy "White mid ribs, and marked with crimson blotches on a green 

ground 25 

Ketelere. Elegantly spotted with white upon emerald green, large crim- 
son centre .~ 25 

Lamartine. Deep crimson centre and dense white and red spots 25 

Louis Poirier. Crimson leaf ground, with green margin and white spots, 

a finely marked variety 25 

Lucy. Crimson centre, with red spots, very showy 25 

Isapoleon III, (new.) Brilliant flamed crimson centre, with forked rays 

and carmine red spots on a rich green ground, beautiful 25 

Newmanii. Green ground, spotted with red and white, very pretty 25 

Princess Alexandra. The leaf color is a pure rosy-salmon, through the 
centre of which a conspicuous green rib passes longitudinally, richly 
bordered with magenta crimson. The leaf margin is bounded through- 
out by a green belt 50 

*Prince5s of Wales. Leaves large, pale yellow, with bright crimson spots, 

beautiful 75 

Prince Albert Edward. The broad leaf blades of a green ground, with 
rich crimson mid-rib, radiating from the centre towards the margin, 
the intervening leaf spaces being densely spotted with ivory-white.... 50 
*Princess of Teck. A fine golden leaved Caladium, a robust and free 
grower, attaining a much larger size than any other yellow leaf 
variety. The ground color of the leaf is a bright orange yellow which 

towards the veins is suffused with a rich deep red 75 

Eaulinii. Rich red centre and veins, fine, spotted with white 25 

Reine Victoria. Elegant green veins and margins, spottled or marbled 

between with white and scattered rich crimson 25 

Wightii. Green ground, spotted red and white, beautiful 25 

Price $2.50 per dozen, (excepting those marked *.) 


These very beautiful foliage plants are very desirable for bedding out from 
their rich and varied colors, which contrast admirably with other plants. They 
are likewise beautiful for pot culture. 

The golden varieties are marked (g.) 

Albion. Purple, margined yellow. Eldorado, (g.) Fine yellow leaf. 

Aurea Marginata. Purple, margined Eclat. Crimson, edged gold. 

yellow. Fascination. Ground color deep 
Beauty of St. John's "Wood. Crimson, bronze, centre rich carmine. 25 cts. 

margined yellow. Golden Gem. Crimson, margined yel- 
Beauty of Widmore Leaves green, low. 

white margin, nerves crimson Hollandi. Crimson, yellow margin. 

Brilliant de Vase. Yellow, marbled Her Majesty, (^.) Red, margined gold. 

crimson. Mrs. R. B. Hayes. Golden le<if, mar- 
Bouquet. Yellow, crimson centre. bled crimson. 

Chameleon. Carmine pink, with dark Musiaca. Yellow, marbled purple. 

maroon, edged with yellow. M. Crousse. Yellow, blotched and 
Crown of Jewels. Crimson tipped veined with chocolate. 

with gold, Merrimac. Lemon with crimson bars 
Candollei. Crimson, margined green. and spots. 

Comte de Circourt. Bronzy red, with Nellie Grant, (g.) Centre green, gold 

Caroline, belting of yellow. margin. 

Duke of Edinburgh. Crimson, mar- Princess Royal, (^r.) Crimson, mar- 
gined gold. gined gold. 

Emperor Napoleon. Chocolate crim- Princess of Wales. Crimson, with 

son. golden margin. 


John Saul's 

Pine Apple Beauty, {g.) Crimson 

ground, with golden margin. 
Queen Victoria, (^r.) Crimson, with 

yellow edges. 
Pictus. Green, flushed with yellow, 

marked with chocolate brown. 
Multicolor. Many colored — crimson, 

rose, with shades of red finely 

Kainbow. Maroon, with yellow edge. 
Surprise. Crimson, margined green. 

The Shah. Kich cinnamon and golden 
yellow, distinct. 

Setting Sun, {g.) Crimson with golden 

Yerschafi'eltii. Rich crimson. 

Verschaffeltii Major. Rich claret. 

Yerschaffeltii splendens. Flamed crim- 

Verschaifeltii Yariegata. 

Zanzibar. Yellow, blotched crimson. 

Price 15 cents each, $1.00 per dozen, (save where priced.) 


Kentish Fire. Centre of leaf bright 
vermilion crimson. 

Exquisite. Brilliant violet carmine 
leaves, with a green margin. 

Fascination. Crimson centre, sur- 
rounded with yellow. 

George Bunyard. Upper surface of 
the leaf is of a bronzy crimson, edged 
with yellow. 

Price 25 cents each 

Garnet. Blotched violet, crimson 

Novelty. Cream-colored centre, mar- 
gined with yellow. 

Royalty. Centre blotched with car- 
mine, chocolate green edge. 

Empress of India. Bright crimson 
maroon, yellow edge. 

M. J. Linden. Bronzy crimson, with 
a yellow edge. 

, $2.00 per dozen. 


Aurora. Yellowish green with a 
central blotch of purplish rose, ex- 
ceedingly pretty. 

Distinction. Yiolet stem, mid-ribs 
and veins, green ground yellow, 
buff centre, fine. 

Fire-fly. In some cases the leaves are 
crimson suffused with purple with a 
yellowish green margin, and in 
others the leaves are of a violet 

Glow. Dark velvety crimson, cen- 
tre rosy crimson, margined with 

Price 50 cents each, the set 

Harlequin. A grotesque and handsome 
variety, marbled and splashed with 
purple, bronze, chocolate,, &c., on a 
yellow ground, magnificent. 

Lord Falmouth. Rosy crimson centre, 
edged with green, extra. 

Lord Oxford. Carmine centre, mar- 
gined deep green, extra tine. 

Surprise. A very beautiful variety, 
pale yellow centre, margined with, 

Majic. Green ground feathered with 
yellow, and suffused with violet 

of 9 for $4.00. 

for $1.50 after April 15th. 


Burning Bush. " Tinted carmine 
orange and crimson." 

Cloth of Gold. "Golden yellow, com- 
pact habit." 

Glory of Autumn. " Deep crimson 

Golden Ploece. "A very fine golden 
variety, superb." 

Burkii. ' ' Large leaf of a light yellow 
a fine pot plant." 

Meteor. •' Carmine ground margined 
with gold." 

Mrs. Wm. Barr. " Centre rose mar- 
gined with green and brown. "^ 

Mrs. Shuster. Yellow centre, rose. 

Descriptive Catalogue. 


Spotted Gem, " Yellow ground reeu- Sunbeam. A fiery reddish tint suffused 

larly blotched crimson, green and with rose. 

oranjre." Zebra. "Scarlet rose, orange and 

Starlight. "Splashed carmine and yellow." 

crimson on a yellow ground." 

Price 50 cents each, $5.00 per dozen. 

Price 30 cents each, $3.00 per dozen after April 15th. 


Fifteen Varieties, 

Eclipse. Scarlet, shaded with brown, yellowish green, serrated margin. 
Hiawatha. Orange, yellow and crimson, flamed with dark crimson, serrated 

Oriole. Yellow and green, maculated with various tints of carmine, crimson 

and chocolate, yellow or green, serrated margin. 
Princeps. Large, serrated leaf, dark crimson stained, with rich velvety brown ; 

greenish yellow, serrated margin. 
Ejccelsior. Yellow, slightly stained with green, and maculated with crimson. 
Bijou. Crimson, shaded with chocolate, bright green margin. 
Quadricolor. Variously maculated with bronzy red yellow, dark chocolate and 

green, serrated edge. 
Fairy. Yellow and green, blotched with crimson scarlet. 
Hesperus. Yellow, maculated with green and bronzy crimson, serrated edge. 
Gold Pheasant Solferino. yellow, green and crimson, mottled scarlet. 
Illuminator. Yellow flamed and veined with crimson, bright green margin. 
Charm. Yellow, tinged with bronzy scarlet, stained with dark brown ; green, 

deeply serrated margin. 
Idyl. Veined and mottled with green and yellow, and stained with bronzy red. 
Parroquet. Yellow, maculated with crimson and green. 
Seraph. Fiery crimson, spotted with chocolate, bright green, serrated margin. 

Price from April 15th to May 15th, 75 cents each, $8.00 per set. 
Price from after May 15th, 25 cents each, $3.00 per set. 


John Saul^s 


Class I. 


For bedding out during the summer, there is no class of plants used so exten- 
sively at the present day as this. It succeeds to perfection, flowering profusely 
during the heat and drought of summer, when \erbenas and such like plants 
sufler or are burned up. They are equally beautiful and valuable in the plant 
house during winter. 

Price 10 cents each, $1 per dozen, $8 per 100, our selection. 
15 cents each, $1.50 per dozen, $10 per 100, purchaser's selection, (save where 

25 cents each for larger plants in 4 and 5 inch pots. 

Alexander Stewart. Bright scarlet. 
Attraction, or General Grant. Bright 

scarlet, immense truss. 
Albert Memorial. Intense bright 

Arlequin. Salmon flower, beautifully 

and distinctly striped with white, 
Apollo. Kosy puce, shaded towards 

the edge with scarlet. 
Adelina Patti. Large trusses ; color 

a beautiful rich dark cerise. 
Beau Villageosis. Urange tinted sal- 
mon flowers, and blush outer belt. 
Belle Esquermoise. Pure white, with 

a well defined light salmon centre. 
Blanche of Castile, Pure white, good 

Boadicea. Light purple, orange blotch. 
Beauty of Waltham. Kich crimson 

Bertha Foache. White, large and fine, 
Boule de ^iege, A new white flower. 
Beauty of Paradise. Bright scarlet. 
Beauty of "Wilts, Orange scarlet, large 

truss, very free bloomer, good bedder. 
Bishop Simpson. A magnificent truss 

fully 9 inches in diameter, a grand 

variety, color a rich salmon 25 cts. 
Creed's Seedling. Color bright scarlet. 
Chevalier de Valdome, Plum, shaded 

with crimson. 
Circulator. Eose, scarlet, splendid 

shape pips and trusses. 
Countess Waldegrave. Very large, 

salmon scarlet, fine shaped. 
Climax. Bright rosy salmon. 
Charlie Casbon, One of the finest 

bedding bright scarlet Nosegays, 
Coleshill, A beautiful scarlet. 
Claudus. Lively cerise, shaded scarlet. 
Crimson King. Dark crimson, 
Commander-in-Chief, Brilliant scar- 

Chatsworth Speed. Scarlet, suffused 
with purple, white eye. 

Colonel d'Audlau. Deep rich crimson, 
truss immense. 

Craven Fox, Posy scarlet, large, 

Diana. Deep rich velvety crimson. 

Dr. Lindley. Deep scarlet, fine form. 

Duchess of Sutherland. Eosy purple. 

David Garrick. Intense deep crim- 

De Lesseps. Bright deep scarlet. 

Distinction. Beautiful distinct foliage, 
quite ornamental without its crimson 
flowers. 20 cents. 

Defenseur de Belfort. Dark crimson 

Darkness. The darkest crimson yet 
sent out ; its color being inost in- 
tense. 20 cents. 

Dazzler. Vivid color and large white 
eye ; very pure white, the remainder 
of the flower the most dazzling scar- 
let ; produces a very striking con- 
trast. 20 cents. 

Duchess of Edinburgh. Light salmon, 
free bloomer, extra. 

Eclat. Eich magenta. 

Emilie Lemoine. A deep blood red. 

Emile Vaucher. Pure white, 

Fausta. Bright rose color, higher than 
any out. 

Feast of Eoses. Intense deep rosy 

Fagus. A very deep bright dazzling 
scarlet color, with a white eye. 

Grand Duchess. Deep crimson. 

George Peabody. A very brilliant 
deep scarlet. 

Glitter, Very dark dazzling crimson. 

Great Eastern, The finest scarlet bed- 
ding variety. 

Glow, Brilliant scarlet flower. 

G. Goeschke. Eosy purple, large truss. 

Descriptive Catalogue. 


General Riviere. Rich vermilion with 
white centre. 

General Pourcet. Deep rose purple, 
approaching to violet. 

Gloire des Fontaines. Brilliant violet- 
rose, enormous trusses, a noble va- 

Harry King. This is certainly the 
most magnificent vivid crmson 
Zonal, color intense and brilliant 

Heron. Magenta crimson, shaded 
with violet, very attractive, fine. 

Haidee. Magenta, shaded with blue. 

lago. Bright orange scarlet. 

lanthe. Purple crimson. 

Jessica. Dark maroon crimson color, 
trusses large and globular. 

Jean 8isley. The richest scarlet, with 
white eye. 

Jacob Makoy. Vivid salmon, white 

King of Bedders. A large vivid scar- 
let with a white eye. 

King of the Forest. Large flowers of 
a dark crimson scarlet. 

King of Whites. Pure white. 

Le Grand. Brilliant crimson scar- 

Lizzie. Salmon flowers, suffused with 

Lord Derby. Intense scarlet, large. 

Lady C Kennedy. Bright scarlet. 

M arquis De Nadaillac. Deep brilliant 

Master Harry. Scarlet, similar in 
color to Jean SisLey. 

Magnifiea. Salmon scarlet, tinted car- 
mine, distinct white eye. 

Mr. H. M. Stanley. Orange scarlet, 
immense trusses. 

Madame Martha Vincent. Pure white. 

Maia. A new shade of purple pink, 
very distinct. 

Mademoiselle Marie Mezard. Pure 

Mrs. Turtle. Cerise scarlet, small 
white eye. 

Miss Gertrude. Salmon flesh with 
white margin. 

Mima Hahn. White, shading off to- 
wards the margin rose. 

Mr. Hugh Low. Vermilion salmon 
mixed with pure orange. 

Mr. Gladstone Scarlet, shaded with 

Marginata. Edge round, with pink 
on white ground. 

Mrs. Edward Ottewell. Orange scar- 
let, white eye. 

Mercy Grogan. Glowing scarlet. 

Mr. T. Hammersley. Deep Magenta. 

Majestic. Vermilion scarlet, white 
eye, of large size. 

Mr.«. Standring. Deep violet, suffused 
with scarlet, beautiful. 

M. I' go Cojali. Red tinted with vio- 
let, enormous truss. 

Martius Rich rosy cerise, with beau- 
tiful violet crimson shading 15 cts, 

Mme. Beaucharlet. An orange salmon 
striped with white, fine truss. 

Mrs. George Smith. Bright salmon; 
a very tine smooth flat flower. 

Mrs. E Groves. Bright magenta, 
slightly sufl'used with purple. 

Mrs. G. Jennings. Enormous trusses, 
dark magenta, suflused with purple. 

N. De Beaumont. White, with a rose 
centre, very large. 

Oliver. Deep magenta, tinted with 

Orbiculata. Intense fiery scarlet. 

Overall, Purplish magenta color. 

Purity Eckford. White, with a pink 

Purity. The purest white Geranium 
in cultivation. 

Peabody. This is the best and bright- 
est purple scarlet. 

Princess of W ales. Monstrous trusses, 
bright orange 

Renown Improved. Color scarlet red. 

Purple Prince. Bright dark magenta, 
with a deep purple shade. 

Pride of Osberton. Brilliant scarlet. 

Proserpine. The darkest scarlet. 

Princess of Wales. Bright scarlet. 

Princess Maud. Color a very bright 
and vivid scarlet; neat and compact 

Prince Charley. One of the cerise 
scarlet, strong grower and vfry free. 

Reine d'ltalie. Pale salmon flesh. 

Rosy Circle. White, with a circle of 
bright salmon. 

Rosalie. A very beautiful variety, 
very free flowering, compact habit. 

Robert K. Bowley. Brilliant crimson. 

Rienzi. Scarlet; when well grown 
each pip exceeds two inches in di- 

Rose of Allendale. Beautiful soft rose 
pink with a white marking upon the 
upper petals. 

Snowball. Pure white. 

Shades of Evening. Rosy purple. 

Sambo. Blood colored scarlet. 

Sir C. Napier. Brilliant scarlet, large. 

Sylph. Orange scarlet, fine truss. 

Souvenir d'Etinnie. This is the pret- 
tiest little pure white. 

Salamis. Rosy-lake tinted with vio- 
let, attractive and very showy. 


John Saul's 

Sentence de Trianon. Violet rose, 

shaded with white. 
Santley. Immense trusses ; a splendid 

soft orange scarlet, with white eye. 
The Premier. Fine massive trusses of 

bloom, rich cerise scarlet. 
Titon. Color salmon orange scarlet. 
Vesuvius. Intense fiery scarlet. 
Velocipede. Brilliant scarlet, intense 

"White Princess. Pure white, large 


Warrior. Large trusses of intense 
scarlet bloom. 

White Tom Thumb. Pure white, com- 
pact habit. 

White Perfection. Pure white. 

Wellington. Dark maroon-crimson, 
velvety, trusses of immense size. 

White Clipper. The best white flow- 
ered Zonale. 

Zenobia. A bright cherry crimson, 
with a large white eye. 


Class a. 


We have collected into this class varieties of light or delicate colors whicli 
are brought out much better under glass. 

Price 15 cents each. $1.50 per dozen, (save where priced.) 

Advancer. Color bright pink. 

Annie. White, delicately tinged with 

Apple Blossom. Trusses of a pearly 
white, suffused with rosy-pink at 
the distance assuming the appear- 
ance of a huge mass of apple blos- 
soms. 20 cents. 

Arabella. Pinkish salmon, large truss. 

Beauty of Lee. Very large truss, an 
intense bright scarlet pink 

Beaute de Sauresne. Bright rose, centre 
white, flowers and truss very large. 

Belle Courtraisienne. Trusses large, 
colors white, lilac and clear rose 

Blue Gem, An improvement on Blue 
Bell in its pure purple tinted rose. 

Black Diamond. Rich dark crim- 

Butterfly. Blush white, striped and 
flaked with pink. 

Coquette. Soft rose, striped and brand- 
ed with white. 

Christine Nosegay. Bright rosy pink, 
dwarf, compact. 

Crimson Nosegay. Intensely deep 

Countess of Rosslyn. A fine delicate 
blush pink with immense trusses. 

Cherry Lips. Trusses very large, dis- 
tinct color, bright cherry. 

Crimson Banner. Rich magenta crim- 

Claude Lorraine. This is much higher 
than Dr. H>gg ; almost a real purple. 

Dreadnought. Rich peach blossom, 
large white eye, truss extra large. 

Duchess d'Aumale. Pink, but of a 

very distinct shade, 
Edith George. Very fine deep pink, 

white blotch in upper petals ; good 

flower and immense trusses. 
Ecstacy. Salmon, blotched, striped 

and flaked with white. 
Elsternix. Rosy salmon, striped and 

marbled with white. 
Fairy Ring. White, with a bright 

pink ring round the lower part of 

the petals, and a white eye. 
Kate N icholson. Fine rose in the way 

of Maid of Kent. 
King of Pinks. Neat compact habit, 

with dark, almost black brown zone. 
King of the Roses. A rosy scarlet or 

a scarlet suflTused with magenta. 
Leila. A deep lilac tinged with blue. 

Somewhat resembles Blue Belle, but 

far surpasses it in form of petal. 

20 cents. 
Lilac Banner. A dwarf free-growing 

Nosegay, with fine, bold lilac flowers. 
Little Pinkie. Salmon pink color, 

most profuse bloomer. 
Magenta Christine. Deep rich lake 

rose, dwarf compact habit. 
Maid of Kenti Magenta, or pure lake 

rose or pink. 
Madame MLezard. One of the most 

distinct varieties, a beautiful vio- 
Mrs. Quilter. A very pleasing pink 

color with white eye. 
Mrs. Haliburton. Rich rosy pink, a 

splendid variety. 

Descriptive Catalogue. 



Miss Rose Peach. This is quite a new 

color, deep amaranth rose. 
Maid of Honor. Large flowers, white 

edged with rose. 
Mrs. Keeler. A pleasing soft rosy 

pink color. 
Marginata. Each petal and flower 

distinctly lined round with pink, on 

white ground. 
Maiden 's"Blush. "White slightly tinged 

with pink. 
Mad'lle E. de la Chapelle. A fine rich 

Mons. E. Buenzod. This has immense 

trusses, color a light delicate rose. 
Mad. Jules Adelbert. Flowers delicate 

rose, very free bloomer. 

Pantaloon. Bright orange salmon, 
flaked and striped with white. 

Queen of Pvoses. Bright rose, good 

Queen of Harvest. Flower trusses very 
large and effective, bright pink. 

Rose d' Amour. Bright rose, large 

Seraph. Rosy pink, neat, compact, 
finely zoned. 

Striata Perfecla. Fine orange tinted 
salmon, striped or barred with white 
towards the margin. 

The Marchione.5S. Blue lilac or rosy- 
blue, new in color. 

The Duchess. Rich salmon shaded, 
pink, fine truss. 


Class 3 

Price 20 cents each, S2.00 per dozen, (save where priced.) 

Agatha. Magenta color, shot with 
blue, retains its petals until they 
wither on the truss, 

Alonzo. Very finely formed flower, of 
deep crimson color suffused with pur- 
ple, distinct habit, robust and good. 

Amazon. Deep brilliant scarlet, with 
rich velvety lustre ; trusses large and 
well formed. 25 cts. 

Audiflfret Pasquier. carmine, 
fine truss, large pip. 

Aspasia. Magnificent florists' flower 
of a perfectly novel color ; the pe- 
tals are both perfect in form and of 
great substance. 

Bride of Cambridge. 

Brasidas. A brilliant scarlet, with 
white eye, of fine form and sub- 
stance, truss large. 

Dr. Peujade. Very large truss, pips 
large, tine crimson with white centre. 

Egeria. A deep purplish magenta 
crimson, trusses large, 25 cts. 

Etienne Marcel. Clear violet purple, 
grand trusses, a fine bedder. 

Eros. A brilliant white eyed scarlet, 
a great advance in form of petal. 

Fire Ball, (new.) Color a very deep 
scarlet, immense truss, very .showy, 
fine bedder. 50 cts. 

General Chanzy. Color clear violet, 
immense truss, free bloomer. 

Globosa Major. A deep maroon crim- 
son flower of the Nosegay type, 
trusses of immense size. 25 cts. 

Hebe. Dark cherry colored crimson, 
truss large, habit good. 

Heather Bell. A distinct bluish tinted 
or lilac pink color, with a white 
blotch on upper petals ; trusses large 
and globular. 25 cts. 

Hetty. Charming blue magenta, dis- 
tinct truss, habit good. 

Imogen. A brilliant purple magenta, 
changing to a deep bluish purple in 
the late autumn. 

Idalia. A dark magenta, large trusses. 

Jealousy. A very distinct color, orange 
scarlet of a yellowish hue. 

Lurline. An elegant flower, of a light 
purplish magenta color. 

Minerva. A fine-formed thick-petaled 
deep maroon crimson, quite dis- 

Miller's Seedling. A deep dazzling 
scarlet ; pips larger than any variety 
out, truss large and fine, a grand bed- 
ding plant ; extra fine. 50 cts. 

Mme Baucbarlet. An orange salmon 
striped with white, fine truss. 

Mrs. Hayes. Orange scarlet, fine truss, 
good habit, extra, 

(Enone, A brilliant orange scarlet 
with large white eye. 

Ralph. Fine dark crimson, suffused 
with amaranth, large truss, free 
blooming, good habit, fine globular 
form of truss, very distinct variety, 
extra. 30 cts. 


John Saul's 

Snowden. A white variety, with large Master Christine, and far superior 

truss, habit dwarf. in every way. 

Sir Percyval Dyke. It is of good W. K. Harris. Blush, pale red centre, 

habit, splendid shape, color a pure Fine large round flower, very large 

high pink, very much higher than truss, habit compact. 


The properties of a vigorous and compact dwarf growth, combined with 
small foliage and blooms equal in size to the large growing class. 
Price 15 cents each. The set of 9 for $1.00. 

Little Dorrit. Salmon rose, white 

Little Harry. Scarlet light centre, 

good truss. 
Little Dear. Delicate rose, with white 

Little Gem. Brilliant vermilion, white 


Little Golden Christine, Leaves yel- 
low, flowers scarlet, very pretty. 

Tom Tit. Dazzling scarlet, white 

Payne's Perpetual. Miniature, bright 
scarlet flowers. 

Richard Dean. A dwarf variety, 
orange scarlet, with white eye. 



For new varieties, see under head of " New and Rare Plants." 
Price LO cents each, (save where priced,) $1.00 per dozen, our selection. 
Price 15 cents each, $1.50 per dozen, purchaser's selection. 
25 cents each for larger plants in 4 and 5 inch pots. 

Bishop Wood. Upper petals carmine 
scarlet, shading to vermilion, lower 
petals violet ruse. 20 cts. 

Adelaide Blanchon. Color pure white, 
truss large, compact habit. 

Anna Montel. Color violet rose, up- 
per petals spotted with white ; fine 
truss. 20 cts. 

Comte de Sigismund. Pure white 
edged with rose, very large truss. 

Distingue. A bluish white, producing 
large trusses of semi-nosegay char- 
acter. 20 cts. 

Dr. Jacoby. Very large, color clear 
nankin salmon, a distinct and beau- 
tiful shade of color. 20 cts. 

Edelweiss. A nearly pure white double 
variety, trusses of large size. 20 cts. 

Ernest Lauth. Very large, color a 
deep violet, very large truss, neat 
compact habit. 20 cts. 

Eugene Baudoin. Large trusses, light 
rosy crimson color, centre spotted 
with white. 20 cts. 

Depute Viox. Immense trusses of fine 
double flowers of a carmine tinted 
violet and fiery red, fine habit and 
free bloomer. 20 cts. 

Emily Laxton. The largest flowerf 
bright flowered, scarlet, very double, 
fine habit. 

Henri Beurier. A fine large truss, 
color a rich salmon orantce, very 
striking ; fine habit, free bloomer. 
20 cts. 

Illuminator. Purplish carmine, large 
and stout ; fine habit. 

Jewel. Dwarf, truss of good size, and 
the flowers deep scarlet color. 

Jacobsea. Bluish purple, approaching 
in form and appearance the well- 
known Senecio, (Jacobsea.) 

Jennie Reid. A very beautiful va- 
riety " of dwarf habit, scarlet flow- 
ers and very free bloomer, a lillipu- 
tian geranium." Said to be dwarfest, 
brightest and best of its class. 20 cts. 

La Vesuve. A glowing scarlet, large 
and very double. 

Le Negre, Rich maroon, imbricated 
petals, distinct. 

La Constitution. This beautiful variety 
has flowers of a glowing yellowish 
salmon, the nearest approach to yel- 
low of any, very brilliant, trusses 
large and double.' 20 cts. 

Descriptive Catalogue. 


Lafayette. Large, color brilliant rose, 
grand trusses, thrown well above 
the foliage. 20 cts. 

Littre. Lare^e, color violet rose, spot- 
ted with white, large truss and free 
bloomer — tirst-class certificate R. H. 
S. 20 cts 

Le Pere Secchi. Very bright crim- 
son, habit very dwarf and neat, free 
bloomer, extra fine. 20 cts. 

Le Nord est. Very double, rich ver- 
milion, trusses large — first-class cer- 
tificates R. H. S. 20 cts. 

Madame Chas. Martine. Tender China 
rose, shaded with salmon. 

Mad. Thibaut. A beautiful rich rose 
color, shaded with carmine violet, 
base of the petals white. 20 cts. 

Mad Marie Fillion. Clear salmon, 
most profuse bloomer. 

Mad'lle Marie Cretien. Bright pink, 
bordered and shaded with pure 

M. Waddington. Very large double 
flowers, bright rose bordered with 
vermilion ; fine truss and good habit, 
extra. 2'» cts. 

Mme. Amelie Baltet. A very good 
and distinct variety, pure white 
double flowers, borne in compact 
trusses. It is the best sent aiUDngst 
others by M. Lemoine to Chiswi^k 
for trial" 20 cts. 

Andrew Henderson. Scarlet. 

Asa Gray. Light salmon orange. 

Aurora. Bright scarlet. 

Crown Prince. Deep rosy carmine. 

The Ghost. Pure white. 

Guiding Star. Purplish pink. 

Hariin. Scarlet. 

Madame Lemoine. A beautiful rose. 

Nimrod. Intense scarlet. 

M. Buchler. A dwarf habited variety, 
bearing well elevated trusses of 
cherry purple flowers, exceedingly 
beautiful, one of the most distinct. 
20 cts 

Mont Blanc. White, shaded with rose, 
compact habit, free bloomer. 

Peter Puck. Salmon violet, immense 
truss, fine habit. 

Reynold's Hole. Flowers large. cupped, 
verv double, and of a striking scar- 

Summit of Perfection. Compact, habit 
short jointed, small foliage ; for win- 
ter blooming this is one of the very 
best ; it is completely covered with 
bloom in the dullest weather. Color 
bright orange scarlet. 20 cts. 

Speculum. Blackish carmine like the 
Rose " Geant des Batailles." 

Victor Lemoine. Color finest scarlet. 

Wilfrid. A beautiful pearl white. 

Wonderful. An exceedingly vigorous 
variety of fine habit, giving freely 
its immense trusses of bloom, which 
are of an intense orange scarlet. 

Dr. W. Xeubert. Rich scarlet. 

Due de Suez. Scarlet. 

Gloire de Nancy. Scarlet. 

Goliath. Glowing scarlet. 

Le Vengeur. Light cherry. 

Lord of Lome. Deep crimson. 

Marie Lemoine. Pink. 

Monsieur Crousse. Carmine. 

Mr. Gladstone. Rosy crimson. 

Rose Queen. A deep rose. 

Madame Durand. Orange scarlet. 

Monsieur Crousse. Rich carmine. 


This section is robust and vigorous in growth as the plain leaved varieties. 
Having beautiful broad leaves, either of a plain golden color or with rich 
bronze zones, they are admirable for bedding out. 

Price 20 cents. $2 per dozen, (save where priced.) 

Per plant. 

Count Munster, (new.) Broad zone of brown chocolate, rich golden 

centre and margin, fine habit of growth 40 

Nondescript, (new.) Pale yellow centre, margin broad, and very dark 

bronze zone, marbled with bright chestnut 40 

Joseph Kerkham, (new.) Large and well defined, with a fine, broad, and 
nearly black zone, good strong habit, the yellow very black and at- 

Princess of Prussia, (new.) Golden ground color, bright chesnut zone, 

light yellow centre, very attractive 40 

Exquisite, (new.) Golden ground color, with a rich chesnut zone 40 


John Saul's 

Per plant. 
Richard Thornton, (new.) Fine foliage, deep yellow leaf, rich chocolate 

zone, fine 40 

Fannie, (new.) Flowers deep salmon color, a good truss and free 
bloomer ; foliage bold, dark bronze, stands the sun well and grows 
freely, extra fine 30 

Maritana, (new.) A richly colored variety; deep golden leaf centre, 
surrounded with dark chocolate-brown zone and margined with yel- 
low.. , 40 

Parepa, (new.) Centre of leaf pale yellow; narrow, but distinct and 
attractive zone of a dark chocolate color ; greenish yellow margin ; 
leaves smooth and round ; good habit 40 

Arthur H.Wills. Zone chesnut brown, Mrs. Charles Barry. Golden B^^onze 

bright yellow margin. section, scarlet flowers. 

Annie Keeler. Golden ground, very Mrs. Lewis Lloyd. Golden yellow, 

brilliant zone. with zone of reddish chocolate. 

Black Prince. Dark zone, scarlet Monarch. Large broad yellow leaf, 

blooms. with a dark zone. 

Black Knight. Very dark zone, a Perilla. Yellow leaf with the dark 

very distinct variety. zone, orange scarlet flowers. 

Bronze Perfection. Golden yellow, Pride of Mount Hope. Yellow, with 

dark bronze zone. a broad chocolate zone. 

Crimson Banner. Leaves yellow, flow- Red Ring. Zone regular golden yel- 

ers rich crimson. low disc and margin. 

Countess of Kellie. Bright yellow. Red Wmg. Bright and well-defined 

with chesnut zone. zone, fine leaf. 

Crystal Palace Gem. An improvement Rev. Mr. Radclifi'e. A bright yellow 

on the well known '■'■Cloth of Gold.'^ ground, with a distinct zone. 

Carrie Fowler. Leaves beautiful bright Safrano. Chocolate red zone on golden 

golden color, compact habit. leaf ground. 

Creed's Seedling. The leaf is tinged Sceptre d'Or. Golden leaves, bronze 

with yellow, color bright scarlet. rod zone, rose color. 

Crimson Crowned Canary. Olive Waltham Gem. Broad yellow leaves, 

brown zone, yellow ground. bronze zone, flowers bright red. 

Elegantissima. Smooth, deep yellow, Mrs. Thos. Archer. Yellow leaf, deep 

with a clear, well defined zone. bronze zone. 

Earl of Rosslyn. Deep chesnut zone, The Shah. A bright chocolate zone, 

with a broad edging of yellow. 5^ellow leaf ground. 

Golden Model. Fine dark zone on John Offin. The brightest yellow, with 

yellow ground. bright red zone. 

L'Africaine. Leaves yellow, with a Prince Arthur. Color bright and clear, 

deep bronze zone. neat habit, very fine. 


Per plant. 
Happy Thought. Instead of the usual yellow outer belt or margin, in 
this instance, the color forms a large conspicuous cream yellow blotch 
in the centre or disc of the leaf. The flower is a rich magenta rose, 
tinted with scarlet $0 25 


Price 25 cents each. $2.50 per dozen, (save where priced.) 

Bed of Gold or Artemus Ward. Dis- 
tinct from all others, the yellow is 
very bright, with a blotched green 

Countess of Tyrconnell. Yellow leaf 
margins, with a dark bronze and 
bright carmine zone, beautiful and 

Descriptive Catalogue. 


Countess of Craven. Broad margin of 
clear golden yellow, with a rich 
criniton and bronze zone. 

Crown Jewel. This has a fine bold 
leaf and good colors. 

Edwina Fitzj-atrick. Leaves green, 
brcmze red zone, belted with crim- 
son, edged with golden yellow. 

Gold Finch. Bread gold margin, 
broad zone, tinted with flame-red. 

Golden Pheasant. Leaves green cen- 
tre, bounded by a splendid bronze 
red zone, rich yellow belt. 

Humming Bird. The colors are very 
regular, and it has a beautifully 
shaped leaf; it is certainly one of 
the best. 

Jetty Lacy. Broad gold margin, deep 
crimson zone, good grower. 

Last of the Clan. Magnificent variety; 
leaves flat and smooth, with bright 
green centre ; zone broad and very 
conspicuous by its brilliant scarlet 
color, indented with dark chocolate. 
50 cts. 

Lady Cullum. Its ample rich bronze 
crimson ground tints being intensely 
suffused and bordered a brilliant 
flame color. 

Louisa Smith. Deep yellow, margined 
with distinct zone of bright red and 
black, light green centre. 

L'Empereur. Margined with golden 
3'ellow, rich red and black zone. 

Macbeth. A beautiful and distinct 
variety, its habit dwarf and bushy, 
wdth a good flat leaf, a splendid 
dark bronze zone, and a bright 
scarlet ring, with a good green disc. 
50 cts. 

Mrs. Turner. A quicker grower. 
Vivid colors ; one of the best. 

Mrs. George Foust. A beautiful va- 
riety. Very large smooth leaves, 
with broad rich zone of dark maroon 
interspersed with bright rosy scarlet 
and fiery crimson. The margin is 

of a pure golden color, growth vig- 
orous and compact. 50 cts. 

Mrs. Benyon. Zone bronze colored, 
richly blended with crimson and 
belted with a large golden margin. 

Mrs. Pollock. Leaves green, bright 
brcnze red zone, belted with crim- 
son, edged with golden yellow. 

i^eedle Gun. Foliage, margined with 
deep rich yellow, zone well defined, 
bright and lively, vigorous grower, 
gay and very eflective. 40 cts. 

Queen Victoria. Leaf margin deep 
golden yellow, with a rich broad 
zone of maroon, interspersed with 
fiery scarlet, deep olive green centre. 

Queen of Tricolors. Crimson scarlet 
zone. wMth brimstone edge, neat 
compact habit. 

Eosina Saul. This beautiful tricolor 
has been raised in our establishment, 
is a very vigorous grower, zone ex- 
ceedingly bright and clear, with a 
bright yellow margin, the finest tri- 
color out. 50 cts. 

Sophia Dumaresque. A beautiful va- 
riety, golden leaf margins, eifec- 
tively marked by a brilliant flame- 
tinted scarlet zone. 

Socrates. Rich golden leaf margin, 
zone flame red upon a bronze belt, 
flowers scarlet, with a white eye. 

Sunset. A rich broad outer golden 
belt, the inner margin of which is 
overlaid with a bright carmine red 
zone, and intersected with flame scar- 
let tints. 

Star of India. Margin deep golden 
yellow, zone brilliant flame scarlet, 
finf grower and habit, a distinct and 
very beautiful variety. oO cts. 

Earl of Derby, Foliage medium size, 
with very broad zone of dark ches- 
nut red and black, leaving only a 
very small green di.=c, and narrow 
margin of rich golden yellow : habit 
compact. 50 cts. 


These very beautiful Geraniums should be grown more generally. Nothing 
can be more beautiful than their foliage, during the winter, in the parlor or 
conservatory, and strong plants succeed well out doors during summer. 

Price 25 cents each, (save where priced.) $2.50 per dozen. 
Albion Cliflfs, This is a most beautiful 

variety, leaves dark green, edged 
with pure white. 
Brilliant. Leaves margined with 

Burning Bush, (Tricolor.) Leaves 
margined silver, with red zone. 

BrighTStar. It has a pure white edge 
to the foliage, rich, well formed scar- 
let flowers. 


John Saul's 

Charming Bride, (Silver Tricolor.) 
This is distinct, large reflexed foli- 
age, strong grower, color very 

Denticulatum Variegatum. A finely- 
variegated variety of Denticulatum. 
It is as highly scented as the species. 

Eva Fish. A narrow laice rose zone, 
on a vandyked chocolate ground, 
with white leaf margin. 

Excellent. A very high-colored car- 
mine scarlet zone, with a good flat 

Flower of the Day. Leaves white, 
scarlet margined flowers. 

Goliah, (Silver Tricolor.) The most 
vigorous of all silver tricolors, ro- 
bust in growth, with large well 
marked foliage. 

Italia Unita. (Tricolor.) Leaves mar- 
gined with white, bright carmine 
zone, flowers scarlet. 

Little Beauty, (Tricolor.) Silver mar- 
gined leaf, with pretty rose tinted 
zone, flowers scarlet. 

Lady Plymouth. A variety of the old 
favorite, rose scented, with silver 
variegated leaves, of vigorous habit. 

Mrs Glutton. A strong grower, with 
the best color of any yet sent out ; 
one of the most effective. 

May Queen. This has the flattest leaf 
in this section, pure white edge, 
bloom of a bright rosy pink. 

Magenta Queen. Broad green leaf 
disc or centre, slightly lobed, good 
flower truss, with bright lake car- 
mine blossoms. 

Miss Kingsbury. This is a first-class 
bedding variety ; good vigorous 
grower, fine foliage. 

Mrs. Vidler. A fine broad leaf, pure 
white margin, a very fine variety. 

Pearl. Leaves deep green, broadly 
edged with white. 

Queen of Queens. Leaves margined 
with silver, large brilliant scarlet 

Silver King. Leaves margined with 
silver, scarlet flowers. 

Snowstorm. A neat habit, leaf deep 
green centre, with a broad white 

Prince Silverwings. This is a beauti- 
ful kind ; it IS a cross with Stella, 
with .a silver and gold tricolor leaf. 


This beautiful section is admirably adapted for suspended baskets, training on 
trellis work, &c 

Price 20 cents each, (save where priced.) $2.00 per dozen. 

Alice Lee. Leaf gold color, deep 
bronze zone, dowers violet crimson. 

Ariopto. Habit trailing, broad creamy 
white margin, flowers pink. 

Butterfly. Flowers of a bright rose, 
striped with crimson. 

Argus Variegated, of strong growth. 

Coccinea. A very neat variety, with 
shining foliage, flowers scarlet. 

Duke of Edinburgh, (Holly Wreath ) 
This variegated Ivy-lt-aved Gera- 
nium has a broad margin of white. 

Elogans Floribunda. A very elegant 
variety, flowers blush white. 

Emperor. A scandent variety, flowers 
rose, with spot on upper petals. 

Fairy Belle Angular shield-shaped 
leaves, and blush pink flowers. 

Grand Duchess Maria. A light violet 

pink, striped with dark crimson. 
L'Elegante. Foliage green, with broad 

bands of white, and producing a 

mass of pure white flowers. 25 cts. 

Lady Edith. Flowers crimson, tinged 

with purple. 
Peltatum Elegans. Flowers pure 

mauve, a profuse bloomer. 
Princess Thyra. Flesh white centre, 

with crimson spots on upper pf^tals. 
Kemarkable. Leaves marked with a 

dark Vandyke Ivy-shaped zone, and 

flower tru.-s of warm rose. 
Willsii Palmata. Color lilac and 


PELARGONIUMS.— Show and Fancij. 

In describing the color, the term " blotch " refers to the large spots on the 
two upper petals, and "spots" invariably refer to the dark marks upon the 
centre of the lower ones. Those marked (/.) are fancies. 

Price 30 cents each, (save where priced.) $3 per dozen. 

Belle of the Ball. Kose, painted with Beadsman. Pink, with maroon 
carmine. spot. 

Descriptive Catalogue. 


Caliban. Light shaded crimson, dark 
maroon blotch. 

Captivation. Pure white, dark spot. 

CaraciHCUs. Lower petals purple, up- 
per rich crimson. 

Charles Rouillard. Plum blotch, 
denst^ly veined, large truss, free 

Crimson King. Crimson, with maroofa 

Clio. Rosy crimson, dark spot and 

Dr. Andre. Plowers blush pink ground, 
the margins of petals elegantly 
fringed, quite unique, a lovely pot 

Demosthenes. Rosy crimson, dark 
blotch and spot. 

E. G. Henderson. Pure white, with 
dark spots. 

Eugene Duval. Light purple, dark 

General Taylor. Carmine with crim- 
son blotch. 

Gazella. Bright rose carmine, with 
white centre. 

Hornet, (/. ) Lower petals deep ma- 
roon, upper nearly black. 

.John Hoyle. Large iiower, orange 
red, *ight centre, richly marked with 
dark red, top petals rich velvety ma- 
roon, very showy. 

Lady of the Lake. Lower petals 
orange rose, painted with crimson, 
very dark maroon top petals, with a 
narrow even crimson edge, white 

Lord Napier. A smooth and beauti- 
fully formed flower, lower petals 
rich deep orange rose, dark maroon 
blotch on top petals, shaded with 

Lord Clvde. Bright scarlet, maroon 

L' Arise. "White veined crimson, dark 

Lilac Model. Lilac lower petals, white 
centre, rich velvety cloud. 

Mad. Buzard. Delicate pink, white 
centre and margin, 

Mrs. Alfred Wigan. Pink, with clear 
white centre and edges. 

Mrs. Mendel. White, with delicate 
spots of rosy lilac, charming. 

Mazeppa Superb. Light blush, with 
crimson spot, 

Medaille D'Or. Deep cherry, dark 

Norma. Lilac rose, light centre, dark 
blotch and spot. 

Nonpareil. Large white centre, rose 
lower petals, tinted with carmine, 
maroon top, with shaded carmine 

Oriental. Bright lake lower petals, 
with white centre, rich dark maroon 
top, narrow margin of bright car- 

Pink of Perfection. Pink of a pleas- 
ing new shade, light centre. 

Prince Charlie, White ground ele- 
gantly tipped, with rose violet 
blotches, n<-at compact habit. 

Princess Teck. White, with carmine 
spots, very smooth, a most }»rofuse 
bloomer, and is sure to become a 
general favorite. 

Queen of Whites. Pure silvery white, 
very glos-y rich upper petals, line 
smooth flower, 

Rodriques. furplish rose, dark spot. 

Rosalind, A verj' early flowering va- 
riety, deep crimson veined and 
blotched ; tine fur market. 

Sir Jos Paxton, (/,) Very dark, light 
centre, profuse bloomer, fine. 

Sunrise. Delicate flesh scarlet, dark 


Mundi. Licrht 

veined and striped, showy. 
Unique Meiilez, Cherry scarlet, a 

very distinct color, 
Virginian Improved. Pure white, 

light blotch, extra, 
"Witch. Pure white, purple blotch. 


All the finest and most distinct new flowers wil 

be found in this beautiful 

Price 50 cents each, (save where priced,) $4,50 per dozen. 
Crispiflorum, See Novelties. 
Coquette de Plessis. White, with a bright rosy-carmine blotch on upper petals, 

and feather-like centre, crimson lines, under petals tipped with rosv-crim- 

son, with white side belts. 

66 John Saul's 

E. G. Henderson. Fine carmine belted, crimson blotch and white margin, 
flowers of fine form, good habit, a lovely show flower. 

Hebe the Beautiful. Color fine cinnabar scarlet, dark blotch and elegantly- 
frilled petals, a vigorous and compact grower, and profuse bloomer, ad- 
mirable for forcing or early spring blooming, one of the best for florists, so 
lovel}' and distinct. 

John Hoyle. Large flower, orange red, light centre, richly marked with dark 
red, top petals rich velvety maroon, very showy. 

Madame Seelye. A very beautiful flower raised by tbat eminent amateur. Dr. 
Seelye, Cleveland, Ohio. The flower is large, finely formed, centre pur- 
plish lilac, shaded on upper petals to blackish purple ; extra fine. 

Memorandum. White, finely reticulated with rich plum colored lines, very 

Midas. Centre orange carmine, upper petals lightly veined with maroon, a 
very attractive flower. 

Malveeflorum. Flower large mallow-form, fine lilac, with fine light lively rose 
blotches, very large umbels, very fine, a grand variety. 

* Prince of Novelties. See Movelties. 

*Prince of Pelargoniums. See Novelties. 

Striata Pelargonium. The habit strong, vigorous, an abundant bloomer, fine 
trusses; color scarlet, upper petals with a dark blotch, and all the flowers 
are beautifully striped with pure white. 

^Prince of Wales. See Novelties. 

Kosa Munda. Crimson-scarlet, dark blotch and spots. 

Sultana. Kosy-purple, top petals finely marked black, lilac margin and white 

*Triomphe de St. Maude. See Novelties. 

Woman in White. Pure white, with maroon blotch, a lovely white flower. 

Queen Victoria. See Novelties. 

Warrior. A bright and fine flower, rich glossy crimson, black spot on upper 
petals, with margin of scarlet lake. 


A class of Hybrid Pelargoniums, of distinct habit, free bloomers, mostly fra- 
grant foliage, good growers, excellent for bedding out, baskets, &c. 

Price 25 cents each, (save where priced.) The Set of 12 for $3.00. 

Benoiton. Very rich dark crimson, a Picturatum Odoratum. White, upper 

splendid bedder. petals spotted, foliage like the old 

Bridal Ring. Pure white, crimson rose. 

spot on top petal, neat and elegant. Eollison's Unique. Crimson flowers, 

Cardinal Richelieu. Bright scarlet free bloomers, fine. 30 cents 

crimson, dark blotch. Rollison's Unique Aurora. Bright 

Ladv Mary Fox. Fine bright scarlet, glowing crimson, the upper petals 

free grower, good bedder. darkly spotted, also blotched with 

London Blue. Color bluish shade, white, and feathered with maroon, 

very distinct, fine. 30 cents. 30 cents. 

Madame Csillag. A bright maroon Rollison's Unique White. A white 

tint, neat habit, a pretty pot plant. variety of this very beautiful and 

30 cents. useful plant. 30 cents. 

Rollison's Unique Diadem. Rich vio- Sunray. Color a bright scarlet, a pro- 
let crimson, the upper petals darkly fuse and continuous bloomer and free 
blotched and feathered, and the latter vigorous grower, a grand variety, 
intersected with violet rose. 30 cts. 30 cents. 

Descriptive Catalogue. 67 


This new section is of Bavarian origin, and is recommended for its perpetual 
free blooming character and the glowing colors of the flowers. The plants 
commence blooming in the spring and continue until autumn. 

Price 30 cents each. The sot of 6 for $1.50. 

Hofgartner Kellermann. The upper petals of a dark fiery carmine red color, 
with strongly marked dark spots and veins, the under petals light carmine. 

Hofgartner Huber. A fine round flower ; the upper petals rosy-purple, darkly 
spotted and veined, the under petals rosy-carmine, with light veins. 

Madame Glevitsky. A magnificent flower; upper petals of a fine vermilion 
color, veined and spotted with purple, under petals vermilion. 

Freund Ebbe. Bright carmine, with dark veins and spots; very rich and at- 

Oberbiirgermeister Heim. Rich velvety crimson, very darkly spotted ; a 
splendid flower. 

Hofgartner Braun. A beautiful flower of a very fine carmine, with intensely 
dark veins and spots. 


Price 20 cents each, (save where priced.) 

Apple-Scented. Very distinct. Little Gem. Neat compact habit, very 

Balm-Scented. Balm scented. fragrant. 

Capitata. Finely cut leaves, highly Lemon-Scented, (crispum.) A beau- 
rose scented. tiful species, very desirable. 30 cts^ 
Citron-Scented. A hybrid between Lemon-Scented. Large-leaved, larger 

the apple and nutmeg. foliage and freer grower than the 

Dr. Livingstone. Fine new sweet- other suecies. 25 cts. 

scented, cut-leaved. Comptoniana Rosea. Winter flower- 

Echinaium. (Cape Species.) Fine ing "species, witn rosy lilac flov/ers. 

winter bloomer, flowers white. 50 25 cts. 

cts. each. Lady Scarborough. Small foliage, 

Fragrans Odoratissimum. Nutmeg delicately scented. 25 cts. 

scented. Quercifolmm Nigricans. Oak leaved, 

Mrs. Taylor. A fine variety with a veined black. 

rose scent and scarlet flowers. 25 Quercifolium Fair Helen. Scarlet 

cents. flowers. 

Peppermint-Scented, (Tomentosum.) Prince of Orange. Orange-scented, 

Peppermint-Scented, (Saul's.) Foliage fine. 25 cents. 

much superior to the old. Shrubland Pet. Small miniature 

President Thiers. In the style of growth, rosy red fiowers. 

"Shrubland Pet;" the flowers are Rose-Scented. Two varieties. 

larger and more fragrant. 


Per plant. 
This was raised from the old Denticulata, but it is much more finely cut in 
the leaf, and is a very strong grower. It never changes its beautiful 
Fern-like appearance, and is one of the easiest Geraniums to grow at 
all seasons of the year. The fragrance is pleasing, and it is an exceed- 
ingly beautiful plant $0 25 


This is a very fine scented Cape species, a free grower, with pretty foliage 

and good habit, deliciously lemon-scented 3C 


John Saul's 

FUCHSIAS.— General Collection. 

The following list is a selection of the best varieties, in habit of growth, dis- 
tinct shades of color, and both single and double flowers : 
Those marked {d) have double corollas. 

Price 20 cents each, (save where priced.) $2 per dozen, $15 per 100. 

Extraordinary, {d.) Sepals scarlet, 

Admiration, {d.) A beautifully formed 
flower ; tube and sepals rich crim- 
son, the latter completely recurved; 
corolla well expanded and of a pur- 
plish crimson color. 30 cts. 

Admiranda. Tube and sepals carmine, 
double white corolla, neat compact 
habit, extra. 30 cts. 

Agnes. White sepals, crimson tube 
and corolla. 

Agamemnon, {d.) Eich scarlet sepals, 
corolla plum. 

Arabella. Pure white tube and sepals, 
corolla rose. 

Arabella Improved. White tube and 
sepals, reflexed corolla a rich rose 

Angelina Braem, {d.) Deep scarlet 
tube and sepals, pure white, striped 
with rose. 

Alpha, {d.) Coral red tube and sepals, 
the finest of the double kind. 

Alsacien-Lorrain. Keflexed carmine 
sepals, white corolla, very double. 

Beatrice. A single variety, tube short 
and stout, sepals deep crimson ; 
corolla reddish purple ; a fine shaped 
flower. 30 cts. 

Black Prince. Tube and sepals waxy 
carmine, sepals larj^e and broad, and 
large open pale pink corolla, mar- 
gined with deep rose. 

Covent Garden White. Equally val- 
uable in the white tube and sepal sec- 
tion, superseding the well-known 
Arabella and Mrs. Lye; the best 
market and decorative variety ever 
yet sent out. 25 cts. 

.Compacta Superba. A beautiful va- 
riety, sepals crimson, corolla rich 
amaranth ; very compact, free flow- 
ering habit. 30 cts. 

■Chicago, {d.) Carmine tube and rich 
light carmine sepals, white corolla. 

Deutscher Kaiser, {d.) The single F. 
Germama was much admired ; this 
is a double flowered variety. 

Duchess de Gerolstein. White tube 
and sepals, corolla crimson. 

Dominiana. Large crimson tube, fine 

winter bloomer. 25 cents. 
Desideratum, {d.) Tube and sepals 
deep scarlet, reflexed, corolla bluish 

large, corolla rich violet blue. 

Earl of Beaconsfield. Vigorous grow- 
ing, free flowering, beautiful habit, 
quite distinct, and described by Dr. 
Masters as one of the best hybrid 
varieties of Fuchsias ; the blooms 
are 3 inches in length, and of great 
substance, the tube and sepals are of 
a light rosy carmine, corolla deep 
carmine. 40 cts. 

Elm City, {d ) Corolla forming rich 
crimson balls, very good. 

Emperor of Brazil, (d.) Crimson 
tube and sepals, corolla a rich pur- 

Emperor of Germany, {d.) Tube and 
sepals scarlet, corolla deep red. 

Erancis Desbois, {d.) Ked sepwls, violet 
purple and corolla, very double. 

Fairy Queen. Tube and sepals white, 
the latter finely recurved, corolla 
rich rosy carmine. 

Beauty of Swanley. Waxy white tube 
and sepals, the latter mo^t elegantly 
reflexed ; corolla bright pink and 
w^-U shaped. 

Cannell's Favorite. Most beautiful 
tubes and sepals pure white, the lat- 
ter very broad, with the best reflex ; 
corolla scarlet. 

George Peabody (d.) Fine habit, co- 
rolla double white, splendid. 

Guillaume le Conquerant, {d.) Corolla 
violet blue, large and double. 

Grandidens. Tube and sepals large, 
recurved, color rich carmine, petals 
bright purple. 

Grande Duche-se Maria. Sepals white, 
recurved, corolla deep rose. 

Inspector. Tube and sepals white, the 
latter reflexed, corolla cuj) shaped, 
rosy pink, with white base. 

King Alfonso. Sepals carmine scar- 
let, slightly recurved ; corolla very 
large and double, rich violet. 

Little Bo-feep. Crimson tube and 
sepals, purple corolla. 

Little Treasure. Crimson tube and 
sepals, corolla violet. 

La iN lege, {d. ) Corolla very large and 
double, snow white, sepals red car- 

Descriptive Catalogue. 


Lady Dorothy Neville. Tube and 
sepals bright carmine, corolla a 
mauve pink. 

Lord Byron. Tube and .sepals bright 
crimson, with large open bell-shaped 
black corolla, the darkest yet known; 
fine habit, with sepals finely re- 

Lady Brodie. Tube and sepals medium 
sized, blush white, the latter well 
recurved, corolla rich rose. 

Mrs. H. Cannell, {d.) Equal to the 
darker kinds in habit, size and 
growth, and is the most valuable ac- 
quisition. The whole appearance 
of the plant much resembles the 
dark corolla Avalanche. 

May Queen. Tube and sepals pure 
white, recurved, corolla violet rose. 

Mrs. E. Bennett. AVhite corolla, form- 
ing a beautiful pyramid. 

Our Future Queen. A beautiful light 
Fuchsia, tube and sepals pure white, 
reflexed, corolla red, sutfused with 

Prince Leopold, [d.) Deep crimson 
tube and sepals, corolla dark violet. 

Princess Alexandra. Tube and sepals 
blush white, corolla carmine. 

Peasant Girl, Tube and sepals white, 
finely recurved ; corolla the finest 
tint of porcelain blue. 25 cts. 

Queen of Beauties. Tube and sepals 
pure white, corolla crimson. 

Kacemosa. A very distinct species. 
" It grows not over 18 inches high, 
forming a round bush, every shoot 
being terminated with a raceme of 
orange scarlet wax-like flowers." 30 
cents each. of Castile. Blush pink, violet 

Pvev. T. Wiltshire. One of the best 
bright blue corolla, of the most per- 
fect shape. 

Saintine. Flowers single, globular, 
petals mauve, sepals clear rose, beau- 
tiful habit and free bloomer ; a beau- 
tiful flower. 30 cts. 

Souvenir de Chiswick. Bright scarlet 
sepals, recurved, purple corolla. 

Striped Unique, [d.) Tube and sepals 
scarlet, purple, with scarlet stripes. 

Symmetry. Tube and sepals crimson, 
corolla large, rich violet plum. 

Sunray. One of the most beautiful 
plants ; colors as rich and clear as in 
any Tricolor Pelargonium ; the 
leaves, which are large, are of a rich 
bright crimson, white and bronzy 
green in about equal parts. Scarlet 
tube and sepals, with light pure pur- 
ple corolla. 25 cts. 

T. T. Lawden. Large flower of the 
dark blue corolla class, good strong 

Tower of London, (d.) Carminescar- 
let sepal, violet blue corolla 

Vainquerde Puebla, [d.) Sepals bright 
red, corolla white, feathered with 

Warrior. Sepals crimson, corolla large 
rosy purple. 

Warrior Queen. Sepals scarlet, with a 
large bluish violet corolla 

White Eagle. White corolla, with 
rich scarlet tube and sepals, re- 

White Perfection. Sepals white, ele- 
gantly recurved, corolla purple. 


Price 50 cents each, (save where priced.) 

Adine. A very pretty variety, producing beautiful flowers with white tube 
and sepals, the latter completely reflexed, and rich deep rosy magenta col- 
ored corolla. 

Carminata. Tube and sepals bright carmine, the latter very broad and well re- 
flexed, showing well the corolla, which is a deep violet; the petals are very 
round and smooth. 

Camille Flammarion. A free-blooming variety of good habit, producing large 
flowers with reflexed sepals of a rosy red, and well-formed corolla of a red- 
dish violet. 75 cts. 

Bland's New Striped. A great acquisition to this class; tube and sepals dark 
and glowing scarlet, former ver}' short, corolla rich plum-colored purple, 
regular and distinctly striped red and rose, pyramidal shape, very free 
^. * "dre. An extremely free flowering variety, obtained from a cross be- 
tween F. Do7ninia7ia and F. Scrraiifolia, resembling the latter in the form 
of its flowers, which are very large, with open corolla of a pale orange 
color and long carmine tubes and sepals; a winter bloomer. §1.00 

70 John Saui/s 

Compacta Ploribunda. Tube crimson, and sepals crimson, reflexed, corolla rich 

violet, beautiful habit and profuse bloomer. 
Plambeau. Short tube and well reflexed sepals crimson ; very large and full 

corolla of a dwrk violet, shaded with azure, and striped and spotted with 

scarlet. 76 cents. 
Galatea. Rosy-carmine tube and sepals, the latter very large and broad, and 

horizontally reflexed ; stout well formed corolla of a rich and bright bluish 

purple, a remarkable flower from its size and immensely thick corolla. 

75 cents. 
Gem of Ipswich. Dark coral red tubes and sepals, purple ground colored 

corolla, distinctly striped. 
Improvement. The lube and sepals of this variety are pure white, the latter 

well reflexed, of good substance, the corolla carmine shading to rose. 
Jeanne d'Arc. Pine large flowers with tube and very long reflexed sepals of a 

beautiful coral color, and large expanded corolla of snowy whiteness. 
J. Becker. Tube and sepals carmine, shape of F. Globosa, corolla pure white 

semi double, finest habit, profuse bloomer. 
Jean Sisley. A vigorous plant, very long tube, carmine tube and sepals, 

corolla orange, a winter bloomer, very fine. $1.00. 
Memphis. Tube and sepals of a bright and rich crimson color, the sepals 

gracefully reflexed ; large and well-expanded corolla of a rich purple color ; 

a fine large flower. 
M. Dufaure. A very floriferous variety of good habit, producing beautifully 

formed flowers, with rosy salmon corolla and elegantly recurved sepals of 

a yellowish salmon color with green tips; extremely distinct. 75 cents. 
Mrs. Burroughes. The tube of this variety is long and stout, pure white ; the 

sepals are also white, and much reflexed ; the corolla, which is barrel- 
shaped, is a crimson lake. 
Rainbow. See Novelties. 
Ray of Light. A pure white corolla, low bushy habit, early and free bloomer, 

a splendid market plant. 
Syringasflora. Large truss of flowers resembling in shape a bunch of lilac, color 

rosy lilac, winter bloomer. 
Snow Fairy, (d) "Growth dwarf and compact, freest blooming of all the 

double whites, literally covering the plant with its beautiful flowers ; calyx 

and sepals shining red, corolla pure white." 75 cents. 
Splendens. A magnificent species, the finest winter flowering Fuchsia ever 

introduced, and is most invaluable for that purpose. It requires a warm 

intermediate house, and if the plants are prepared about mid-summer, and 

grown on to healthy plants, they will continue to produce an abundance of 

orange scarlet flowers throughout the entire winter. 
Triomphant. Tube and sepals carmine, very large lilac corolla, fine habit and 

free bloomer ; fine. 
Unica, (d.) Tube and sepals rose, corolla double white, very pure ; a charm- 
ing plant of neat compact habit. 

DAHLIAS — General Collection, 


Our collection of Show Flowers received first premiums at the Maryland 
Horticultural Society's exhibition for the past three years. 

Our collection of this beautiful flower is unrivalled. We import annually all 
the new varieties of merit, and none are retained in our collection that do not 
come up to the standard of perfect flowers. It now embraces all the finest Show 
Flowers in cultivation. Dry pot roots of most can now be supplied, or strong 
plants in May, either can be sent long distances or by mail. 

Price 25 cts. each, $2.50 per dozen ; 50 very fine varieties for $9. Mailed free. 

Ada Tifiin. Light peach, beautiful and Aristides. Deep purple, splendid 
chaste edge flower, splendid form. form. 

Descriptive Catalogue. 


Alexander Cramond. Shaded maroon, 
a most striking flower. 

Bob Ridley. Bright red, splendid form. 

British Triumph. Very dark crimson. 

Clara Simons. White, edged with 
crimson, beautiful. 

Crimson King. Beautiful crimson, 

Cremorne. Yellow, Avith tipf)ed red, 
very fine form, superb. 

Darkness The nearest approach to 

Duke Roxburgh. Salmon buff, extra 

Duke of Wellington. Purple, very 
large, fine form. 

Edward Purchase. Beautiful bright 
crimson, pure color, very superior. 

Earl of Shaftesbury. Rich purple, ex- 
quisite shape. 

Earl of Radnor. Deep crimson, intense 
color, pure self. 

Emily Williams. Light ground, edged 
and tipped with vermilion. 

Countess of Pembroke. Shaded fawn 
centre, tipped with violet purple. 

George Goodhall. Scarlet, most de- 
sirable color, with all the qualities. 

Gypsey King, Dark crim=on. fine. 

Golden Beauty. A beautiful clear yel- 
low, of the finest quality. 

Henry Walton. Yellow ground, deeply 
edged with vermilion. 

Her Majesty. White, deeply edged 
purple, one of the finest Dahlias. 

John McPherson Rich violet purple, 
one of the gems of the season. 

Julia Davis. A most magnificent yel- 
low, clear, full and large. 

John Cocker. Black and all black, the 
blackest of all Dahlias, beautiful. 

John Downie. Yellow, tipped with 
red, fine form. 

Jennie Austin. White, laced with 
purple, extra fine. 

John Kirby. Yellow buff, a full flower, 
most constant. 

John Xeville Keynes. The finest of 
all yellows, the form is unique. 

John Sladden. Nearly black, extra. 

John Bennett. Yellow, deeply edged 
with scarlet, a beautiful flower. 

John Downie. Grand claret, very 
bright, one of the finest. 

Jennie Greive. White ground edged 
with rosy lilac, a lovely flower. 

James Wilder. Rich velvet maroon, 
shaded with red. 

Incomparable. Yellow ground, heavily 
tipped with claret. 

King of Primroses. Very large, beau- 
tiful Primrose. 

Lady Maude Herbert. Yellow, tinted 

with buff". 
Lady Jane Ellis. Creamy white 

ground, tipped with purplish rose. 
Lady Mary Wilde. White, tipped 

with rosy yjurple. 
Lilac Grand. A perfect form, con- 
stant. The finest lilac in cultivation. 
Lottie Atkins. Blush, tipped with 

lilac, a very chaste flower. 
Lord Hawke, Yellow buff, tinged 

with red, large, fine shape. 
Mrs. Fordham. French white, tipped 

with soft purple, beautiful. 
Maid of Essex. White, tips purple, 

Miss Turner. Light ground, .slightly 

edged purple. 
Miss Susan Ingram. Soft pale peach, 

shaded with white. 
Mary Keynf-s. Fawn ground, edged 

with bright rosy-purple. 
Memorandum. Light ground, tipped 

with lake, constant. 
Miss Turner. White, heavily laced 

with bright purple. 
Matilda Keynes. Fawn, with beauti- 
ful shade of cream. 
Mrs. Pigott. Pure white, good form, 

a fine white flower. 
Mr. Dix. Crimson scarlet, large, finely 

Maggie Fairbairn. Fine rosy lilac, 

with every good quality, form, petal, 

Masterpiece. Fine rosy purple, large, 

finest form, constant, miost superb 
Mrs. Brunton. Pure white ground, 

heavily laced with deep purple. 
Mephistopheles. Dark maroon, fine 

form, a superb flower. 
Marchioness of Bath. Light ground, 

deeply edged purple. 
Marchioness Lome. Orange ground, 

lightly edged with purple. 
Mrs. Stancomb. Canary yellow, very 

distinctly tipped with deep fawn. 
Mrs. Charles Kimberley. Deep blush, 

a grand show flower, very full. 
Mrs. Lewington. Rosy-purple, very 

effective, new color. 
Mrs. Harris. Light, edged with lilac. 

The finest light edged flower. 
Mr. Sinclair. Rose, tipped with pur- 
ple, grand show flower. 
Netty "Buckell. Light blush, tinted 

with pink. 
Nelly. White ground, edged and 

tipped with purple. 
Ovid. Grand purple, finest shape. 
Picotee. Yellow, perfectly laced with 

bright crimson, a perfect novelty. 


John Saul's 

Paradise Williams. Clear claret, new 

in color. 
Princess. "White, large, full and fine 

form, an excellent white. 
Princess Alice. Light lilac, extra fine. 
Paul of Paisley. The finest lilac yet 

sent out. the form perfect. 
Queen of York. White, tipped with 

purple, flower very deep. 
Eev. l)r M oflat. Beautiful dark mul- 
berry, quite a new color. 
Koyal Queen, Creamy ground, deeply 

edged with purple crimson. 
Rival Hnrris. Kose, very large, most 

desirable color. 
Rosamond Ottoway. Blush white, 

large, finest form, constant, superb. 
Star of the Morning. Orange bufl', very 

fine new orange. 
Sarah McMullen. Soft mauve pink, 

first-class certificate. 

Sarah Read. Lilac, very fine. 

Sir Jos. Paxton, Yellow, tipped with 

Sunrise. Fine soft yellow, exquisite 

shape, constant, a beautiful flower. 
Triomphe de Pecq. Dark crimson, 

extra fine. 
Thomas White. Fine deep maroon, 

almost black, of first-rate quality. 
Thomas Goodwin. Very dark, large 

fine form, a grand show flower. 
Unique. Yellow, deeply edged with 

crimson, fine. 
Walter Reid. Purple, with magenta 

tinge, very fine. 
William Keynes. Orange, one of the 

finest formed Dahlias in cultivation. 
William Pringle Laird. The finest 

maroon in cultivation. 
Willie Eckford. A beat on Lord Der- 
by, same color, wonderfully fine. 


*Price 50 cts. each, (save where priced.) $5 per doz. 
Those marked (/.) are Fancy Varieties. 

Admiration, [Keynes,'] (f.) Yellow, 

edged with lake, very large, a beau- 
tiful flower, perfect form. 
Alderman, [Turner.'] Light shaded 

purple, constant, form perfect, very 

fine show flower. 
Besse Ford, [Keynes.] Rosy lilac, 

good form, constant, a large, finely 

formed flower, superb. 
Ben. Crossland. Rich dark purple. 
Burgundy. Rich shaded puce, very 

large and useful. 
Black Knight. Blackish maroon, fine 

form, large. 
Canary. Pale yellow, good petal and 

outline, large. 
Christopher Ridley. Crimson scarlet, 

perfect outline, fine form and high 

centre, extra fine. 
Charles Lidgard, [Fellowes.] Deep 

yellow, edged with red, useful show 

flower, very distinct, fine. 
Charles Wyatt, [Keynes,] (/.) Rose 

flaked with crimson purple, extra 

fine form, frequently a fine self show 

Constancy, [Harris.] Yellow, edged 

with lake, deep and full, an exquisite 

flower, very constant. 
C\SiT&, [haw lings.] Pink changing to 

mauve, edge of petals lilac, centre 

of flower salmon, bloom large and 

symmetrical, highly attractive. — 

Gardener's Year Book. Perfect in 
finish, very constant and thoroughly 
distinct.— Garr^gw Oj^acle. $1.00. 

Dauntless. Shaded orange, fine form 
and centre, deep and full, extra. 

Dictator, [Keynes.] Bright scarlet, 
with every property of a perfect 
flower, very extra. 

EccMitric, (/.) Yellow ground, shaded 
and tipped bright scarlet. Wonder- 
ful flower, coming diff"erent colors. 

Earl of Beaconsfield. Rich plum, fine 
form and outline. 

Enchantress, (/.) Cream, striped with 
purple, large, rather inconstant, but 
when self-colored a perfect flower. 

Ethel Newcome. Clear Primrose, 
large and perfect in form, a lovely 

Empress Maude. White, edged with 
purple, large and finely formed, con- 
stant, a fine show flower. 

Estelle, [Tiwner.] White, with a thin 
purple edge, a lovely flower. 

George Smith, [Rawli7iys.] A grand 
built show flower, centre perfect, 
color bright magenta. — Garden Or- 

. acle. "A compact and beautiful va- 
riety of the finest form, with good 
close centre." 

George Barnes, [Keynes^] (/.) Lilac, 
striped with crimson, a noble flower 
of great beauty, and very constant. 


Descriptive Catalogue. 


Hercules. Yellow, striped with red, 

large and very fine. 
Henry Glasscock. Buflf, regularly 
striped, and spotted crimson often 
self, then the finest crimson, and 
grayideat of flowers. 
Hon. [Sidney Herbert. Eich glowing 

crimson, large and useful. 
Henry Bond. Rosj- lilac, large, and 
very fine, perfect form, a fine show 
James Willing. Purple, shading to 
bright magenta, received First-Class 
Certificates at the Royal Horticultu- 
ral Society and at the Alexandra and 
Crystal Palaces. 75 cts. 

John Wyatt. Crimson scarlet, fine 
petal and outline, constant. 

John W. Lord. Shaded buff, novel 
and distinct, very fine form and out- 
line, extra. 

Lady Allington, (/.) Scarlet, tipped 
with white. 

Lucy Pawcett, f/.) Straw, striped 
and spotted with crimson. 

Lady Golightly, \_FelLowes.'\ French 
white, delicately tipped with purple, 
an exquisite flower of very fine form 
and quite constant. 

Louisa Xeate, [Keynes.^ Delicate 
pink, creamy white centre, beauti- 
ful form and outline, a lovely chaste 

Minnie Bond. Cream, edged with rosy 
purple, a lovely flower of extra fine 

Monsieur Chauviere, (/.) Lilac, striped 
with crimson, large and very 

Mrs. Drummond. Pale lilac, beauti- 
ful form. 

Mrs. Standish, (/.) Yellow, suffused 
with red, and tipped with white. 

Mrs. Shirley Hibberd. Delicate cream, 
shaded and tipped with pink. A 
show flower of large size and superb 
form. 75 cts. 

Michael Saunders, [A'ej/nes.] Posy 
purple, large, and of fine form, very 
constant, a grand show flower. 

Maid of Athens, (/.) Maroon, tipped 
with light, quite distinct, a beautiful 
form, constant. 

Marchioness of Salisbury, (/.) White, 

striped with purple, large and fine, 
constant, superb 

Oracle, (/.) Yellow, striped with 

0. E. Coope. Rich crimson, fine cen- 
tre, deep and full, very constant. 

O. E. Coope, [Rawlijigs^] Rich crim- 
son, a beautiful constant variety of 
fine form, very deep, almost a ball, 
fine habit. 

Philip Frost, [Fellowes.^ Shaded 
orange, fine petal, large and con- 
stant, extra. 

Perfection, Dark brown, of exquisite 
form and very constant. 

Peacock, (/. ) Maroon, tipped with 
white, large and useful. 

Perfection of Primroses. Pale prim- 
rose, an immense flower of good 
petal and outline. 

Pev. J. Goodday, \_Rawlings.'\ A 
large show flower of grand form and 
finish ; color rich maroon, shaded 
purple; a splendid back row flower. 
— Garden Oracle. A noble flower of 
great depth and substance. $1.00. 

Rifleman, [_Keynes.'] Crimson scarlet, 
a constant free useful flower, very 

Pvobert Burns, (/.) Lilac, flaked with 
dark maroon, fine form, when con- 
stant strikingly beautiful. 

Eosette, (/.) White, striped with 
purple, fine form, compact and good. 

Silvio, \_Fellowes.'\ Yellow, edged with 
bright red, a charming flower. 

Snowball. Pure white, high centre, 
the finest of all whites. 

Singularity, (/.) Amber, edged with 
red and tipped with white, large, 
distinct and beautiful. 

The Countess, [Keynes.] Blush, deeply 
edged with purple, large and of fine 
form, extra tine. 

Tippy Bob, (/.) Yellow, striped with 

Vivid Bright scarlet, tine form, 
beautiful petal and outline. 

Wizard, \_ Fellow es,'] {/.) Fawn, striped 
with maroon and tipped with white, 
very distinct. 

William Dawkins, [Keynes.'] Fawn, 
edged with bright crimson, very at- 


Our collection of Fancy Dahlias received first Premium at the Maryland 
Horticultural Society's Exhibition the past three seasons. Fancy Dahlias are 


John Saul's 

exceedingly beautiful when thej' come true to color, but they are very much 
disposed to run plain or self colored, in which state they are fine show flowers. 

Price 25 cents each. $2.50 per dozen. 50 very fine for $9. Mailed free 

Annie Eawlings. Pure white, striped 

with lake, very large. 
Beauty of Wilts. Bright crimson, 

tipped clear white. 
Egyptian Prince. Orange red, striped 

with deeper red. 
Carnation. Clear white, deeply flaked 

with large rosy purple. 
Gem. Dark maroon, tipped with 

white, beautiful color, fine form. 
Grand Duchess. Scarlet and crimson 

stripes on yellow ground. 
Harlequin. White, striped with red, 

finest shape. 
Herbert Purchase. Kosy ground, mot- 
tled purple stripe. 
John Lamont, Maroon, striped black, 

new color, large fine form. 
John Sealey. Lilac, striped with pur- 
ple, very showy. 
Jessie Gill. Yellow ground, striped 

Livonia. Buff color, shaded rosy lilac, 

occasionally tipped white. 
Lady Spokes. Striped fancy, white, 

mottled pink, very pretty. 
Letty Coles. Pale rose ground, with 

deep red, tipped and striped. 
Mrs. Charles Smith. Puce tipped 

white, large, fine. 
Queen Mab. Eed, tipped and edged 

white, extra fine. 
Kichard Dean. Yellow ground, flaked 

with crimson. 

Eoyalty. Yellow ground, tipped with 
crimson, fine. 

Marquis Lome. Light ground, flaked 
with large stripes of purple. 

Miss Ruth. Yellow, tipped with white, 

Monarch. The darkest flower in cul- 
tivation, with a white tip, much in- 
clined to be self. 

Miss Lily Large. Puce ground, striped 
and spotted crimson. 

Maria Gerring. White, striped, deep 

Miss Large. White, beautifully ribbed 
with light purple, exquisite flower. 

Patent. Salmon, dashed with purple. 

Pluto. Dark purple, tipped with 

Parrot. Yellow crimson, striped with 
scarlet, very fine form. 

Eev. J. B. M. Camm. Yellow, flaked 
red, very large. 

Eose Flake. Beautiful white, striped 
with deep crimson, a splendid va- 

Spot. Buff ground, spotted, striped 
and tipped, very novel. 

Startler. Almost black, tipped with 
white, beautiful. 

Sunbeam. Vivid scarlet, tipped with 

Viceroy. Lilac, striped with red, 
beautiful, free bloomer. 


The flowers of this beautiful class are small, suitable for bouquets, but as per- 
fect in shape as any of the show varieties ; they are consequently indispensable 
in a garden. Dry roots can be supplied — strong plants in May. 

Price 25 cents each, $2.50 per dozen. Mailed free. 

Alabaster Eose. Pure white, extra. 
Brunette. Orange buff", quilled petals. 
Burning Coal. Bright scarlet, fine. 
Bird of Paradise. Bright crimson, 

very pretty. 
Catherine Folkmann. Pure white, 

very free and fine. 
Camilla. Crimson, edged with white. 
Coronet. Blush white, lilac tinted. 
Conflagration. Bright orange tinted 

Clementine. Delicate pink or peach 


Diadem, Ground color orange, edged 

with scarlet. 
Figaro. Eich buff, crimson edged. 
Flambeau. Bright crimson. 
Figaro. Nice buflF, with crimson edge 

and centre. 
Firefly. Orange scarlet, fine. 
Fireball. Orange scarlet, a good 

Glow-worm, Eich yellow, tipped with 

Golden Canary. Clear yellow, very 


Descriptive Catalogue. 


Guiding Star. Pure white fimbriated 

as in Camelia Alba Fimbriota. 
Hercules. Dark lilac rose, quilled. 
Jewess. Orange, sometimes tipped 

with white. 
Jubilee. Orange yellow, tipped with 

Little Ellen, Blush, tipped with pur- 
Little Nigger. Black crimson, pretty. 
Little Kate. Deep piy-ple, fine form, 

Le Nain. Crimson, very dwarf. 
Little Beauty. Pure white, free 

Little Bobby. Crimson, small and 

extra fine. 
Liebchenmien. "White, bordered with 

Little Valentine. Crimson tipped 

with white. 
3Iarginata. Orange buff, tipped with 

Markranstedt. Buff rose outside of 

petals, pretty color, quilted petals. 
Miss Novikow. Clear rosy peach, very 

Northern Light, Bright red. 

Nemesis. Dark maroon, sometimes 

tipped extra. 
National. Buff, edged crimson. 
Princess of Prussia. Golden yellow, 

margined with crimson 
Practroshen. Carmine, tipped white. 
Pearl. Pure white, prolific bloomer. 
Perfection Lilliputs Deep maroon. 
Picturata. Crimson, neat form. 
Pure Love. Beautiful lilac, extra. 
Our Tim. Buff, shading to peach. 
Queen of Dwarfs. Bright scarlet. 
Mrs. Dorling. Cream color, tipped 

lied Gauntlet. 

-Sappho. Eich magenta. 
Scarlet Gem. Bright scarlet, fine form, 

Sunshine, Scarlet Pompone. 
The Infant. White, very pretty. 
Trueliebchen. Kose, tipped with car- 
Velvet Gem. Crimson, marked with 

Voltaire. Yellow and white, very 

neat and novel. 

Bright red, pretty. 
Yellow, tipped with 


For planting in masses, this group is the most appropriate, being of dwarf, 
bushy, compact habit, giving immense masses of bloom during the season. 

Price 25 cents each. $2.50 per dozen. Mailed free. 

Alba Floribunda, Pure white dwarf, 
erect habit. 

Alba Floribunda Nana, Pure white, 
very dwarf. 

Gladiator. Kich maroon, compact, free 

Golden Bedder. Deep orange, fine 

Golden Prince, Primrose yellow, 
erect footstalks. 

King of the Dwarfs. Purplish crim- 
son, very dwarf. 

Little Snowball, Pure white, fine. 
Mont Blanc. A beautiful variety, two 

feet high, with erect stiff footstalks, 

pure white, very fine. 
3Iarguerite, (Bruent.) An exquisite 

dwarf white bedding Dahlia, profuse 

bloomer, erect habit, fine flower, 

pure white. 
Nemesis. Dark maroon, fine shape. 
White Bedder. Purest white, very 

double profuse bloomer, the best 

white bedding Dahlia. 


Price 20 cents each. $2 per dozen. 50, very fine, for $6. By mail free. 

Antonella, Salmon yellow, large, in- Alfonso. A bright glowing crimson 
curved. tipped with gold, extremely showy, 

AH Baba. Red, with golden back, Beauty of St. John's Wood. Creamy 
incurved, white, tinged with lilac. 


John Saul's 

Blonde Beauty. "White, with delicate 
stripes and tipped rose. 

Beauty of Stoke. Yellow, suffused 
with amber, incurved, 

Compactum. Silvery peach, incurved. 

Duke of Edinburg. Eose lilac, with 
lighter centre. 

Dr. Lindley. Dark orange, with am- 
ber centre. 

Empress Eugenie. Delicate rose lilac, 

Empress of India. Pure white, finely 

Fair Margaret. Peach anemone, dis- 

Faust. Bronzed crimson purple, in- 

Fingal. Rose violet with lighter 

Golden John Salter. Golden yellow. 

Gloria Mundi. Brilliant golden yel- 
low, incurved. 

Golden Beverly. Golden yellow, in- 

Golden Hermine. Golden orange, 
tipped carmine. 

Golden Queen of England. Golden 
canary, large. 

Golden Dr. Brock. Bright golden 
yellow, incurved. 

Her Majesty. Silvery blush incurved. 

Hero of Stoke Newington. Rosy blush 
sutFused with purple. 

lona. Citron yellow, incurved. 

lago. Dark purple violet, incurved. 

Luna. Pure white, incurved, fine. 

Lady Talfourd. Delicate rose lilac, 
with silvery back, beautifully in- 

Lord Stanley. Large orange amber, 
finely incurved. 

Jenny Lind. Light sulphur, incurved. 

Julia Lagravere. Dark velvety crim- 

Katharine Talfourd. Golden amber, 
shading ofiT to yellow. 

Lady Godiva. Sulphur white, large 
and full, finely incurved. 

Lady St. Clair. Pure white, large, 
full, beautifully incurved. 

Miss Hope. Delicate lilac, shading ofi" 
to white in the centre. 

Miss Eyre. Blush white, yellow cen- 
tre, a distinct anemone. 

M. Lucien Barthere. Orange crimson, 
pointed yellow. 

Mr. Geo. Haskins. A large incurved 

Mrs. Mary Morgan. Delicate pink, 

Mr. G. Glenny. A very fine large 
flower of a bright amber. 

Mrs. Gladstone. Dark red chesnut, 

Mrs. Geo. Bundle. Pure white, beau- 
tifully incurved, extra. 

Mrs. Huffington. Delicate pink, 

Miss Mary Morgan. Delicate pink, 
with rich, broad incurved petals. 

Mount Edgecumbe. Large double 

Mr. Cullingford. Dark carmine, pur- 
ple, incurved. 

Norma. Ivory white, with short, stiff 

Orange Annie Salter. Beautiful bright 

Princess. Pure white anemone. 

Pink Pearl. Delicate pink, with sil- 
very shade. 

Prince of Anemones. Lilac blush, 
very fine. 

Prince of Wales. Dark purple violet, 

Princess of Teck. Large pure white, 
very fine. 

Princess Louise of Hesse. Rosy pink, 
blush, incurved. 

Pink Perfection. Soft pink, the lower 
petals darker. 

Princess Thyra. "White anemone, with 
high sulphur centre. 

Queen of England. Striped blush, in- 

Rifleman. Dark ruby, large, incurved. 

Rosa Mutabilis. Delicate peach, veined 
with rose. 

Rival Little Harry. Dark yellow or 
golden amber. 

Rotundiflora. Pearl white, changing 
to pale lilac. 

Saint Margaret. Bright brassy orange 

Saint Columbia. Golden amber, in- 

Surprise. Large deep amber. 

Saumaraz. Bright chesnut red, ir- 

Virginale, (Anemone.) Pure white, 
late flowering. 

Volunteer. Amaranth violet, in- 

William Edward. Canary yellow, in- 

Descriptive Catalogue. 




Price 20 cents each, $2 per dozen, 50 very fine for $6. By mail free. 

Acis. Pale straw. 

Antonius. Yellow, orange red, hybrid. 

Ampilla. A bright glowing red, very 

Barra. Crimson, shaded with purple, 
a beautiful flower. 

Bijou de Horticulture. Sulphur white. 

Boule Blanche. White, shaded with 

Bob. Deep crimson, very dwarf. 

Capella. Ked chesnut, orange centre. 

Canary Bird. Clear yellow, dwarf. 

Coquette. Blush, yellow centre, ane- 

Cravochen. Dark claret crimson. 

Drin Drin. Clear yellow, very fine. 

Fairest of the Fair. Lilac blush, sil- 
very tips, incurved. 

Fair\. Lemon, with dark orange. 

General de Laurancay. Yellow and 
bronze, neat and compact. 

Gringolet. Pale yellow, very double. 

Golden Circle. Golden orange, dwarf. 

Hecla Very bright amaranth, extra. 

Helen Lindsay. Cream white, very 

Iris. White, tipped with bright pink. 

Judy. Bright golden yellow. 

Little Beauty. AVhite, bordered with 
delicate rose. 

Little Creole. Brown orange, com- 
pact habit. 

Very bright crimson. 
Dark carmine, rich 

Dark red maroon. 
Fimbriated, clear 

La Fiance. Pure white, double. 

Leonora. Very small, yellow pointed 
purple, novel and effective. 

Marguerite de Coi. White, gold and 
rose, beautiful. 

Mr. Astie. Bright golden yellow, 

Mrs. Did. White, tipped with pink. 

Minnie Warren. Kosy blush, yellow- 
ish centre. 

Mrs. Campbell. 

Princess Alice, 

Prince Victor. 

Poly carp, (Med.) 
peach rose. 

Pablo, (Med.) Very pretty, fine flow- 
ers excessively full and beautifully 
fringed, rose slightly tinged. 

Queen of Beauties. Lilac purple, mot- 

Kosiiia, (Pom.) Tender rose, reverse 
carmine, and extremely pretty 
flowers. • 

Saint Justin. Red and orange, fine. 

St. Michael. Very bright gold, full 

Toufrida. Bright golden amber. 

White Travenna. Pure white, finely 

Zobeide. Light rose and high centre, 


These are a new class of early fiowering varieties, which will be found a very 
valuable addition to this class of plants. 

Price 20 cents each. The set of 6 for $1.00. Mailed free. 

Donna Carmen. Pure white, quilled. 
Frederick Pele. Bright crimson. 
Monsieur de Soulages. Kosy purple. 

Mad. Bachaux. White shaded. 
Mad. Pccoul. Yellow. 
Virginale. Pure white, quilled. 


These differ from the varieties cultivated, by their novel and strikino- colors; 
the florets in many resemble a mass of colored threads; some spotted, others 


John Saul's 

plain colored, of singular form, 
in the greenhouse. 

They are admirably adapted for late flowering 

Price 20 cents each, $2 per dozen. Mailed free. 

Asmodee. Ground rosy yellow, tips 
of petals yellow and flamed rose. 

Bouquet d'Orange. Color yellow, with 
very long petals. 

Belle CasteTlane. Mauve lilac pointed 
with deep bufi", very fine. 

Beaute Parfaite. A free blooming va- 
riety, flowers of a rosy lilac marked 
with white. 

Chrometella. Bright chrome or orange 

Comet. Orange yellow, changing to 
chesnut red. 

Emperor of China. Kosy white, chang- 
ing to clear white, centre tinted 

Erecta Superba. Bright rose, with 
broad, large-pointed lobes. 

Katakana. Orange mixed with saf- 
fron, striped with yellow. 


Mandarin. Canary yellow, 
broad and curled. 

Meteor. Yellow, changing to orange, 
petals long and curiously curled. 

Mad. Delaux. Kose, lined white, cen- 
tre yellow, a novel and beautiful 

Nuit D'Hiver. Saffron bronzed, shaded 
brown, reverse yellow, pointed gol- 
den yellow. 

Purpurea Alba. Kich purple, mottled 
and spotted white. 

Bed Dragon. Bed chesnut, tipped 
with yellow. 

Bed Indian. Color Indian red, very 
large and double. 

Sho-Gakko. Large flower, Pseony- 
formed, amaranth red, fine. 

The Sultan. Of immense size, com- 
posed of bright rosy purple florets. 


Price 50 cents each. The set of 8 for $3.00. 

Bolivar. Double, well imbricated, color 
ochrous yellow, changing to lilac. 

Exquisite. Bright golden yeliow, outer 
petals shaded orange and salmon. 

Bertier Kendatlier. Clear yellow, 
flamed with brown red, incurved. 

Mad Tezier. Enormous globular dou- 
ble white flowers, extra. 

Meteor. Yellow with purple backs, 
large and fine. 

Leonidas. Splendid, sulphur yellow, 
imbricated, large and tine. 

L'Orient Large, double red, very fine. 

Souvenir de Mercedes. Large imbri- 
cated, incurved flower white, tinged 
with lilac. 


Price 60 cents each. The set of 11 for $4.00. 

Alba Perfecta. Pure white, ranun- 
culous shaped, fine. 

Aspasie. White, with sulphur tinge, 
large and very double. 

Golden Mad. Domage. Yellow, pret- 
tily fimbriated 

Gailiardia. Color of Gailiardia, with 
fimbriated petals. 

La Fiancee White, tinged with rose, 
imbricated, fine. 

Mme. Chate. White striped with lilac, 
centre cream. 

M. Elie. Amaranth, tipped with sil- 
ver, fine. 

M. Montariol. Amaranth tipped with 
white, pretty. 

Model of Perfection. Lilac and yel- 
low, very fine. 

Mon Caprice. Deep lilac, fimbriated, 
globular, fine. 

Thermos. Cinnamon brown, shaded 

Descriptive Catalogue. 



Price 50 cents each. The set of 12 for $4.50. 

Abbe Lageze. Delicate rose, with 

white centre. 
Alba Plena. Sulphur, with white 

centre, fine. 
Arlequin. Very long petals, nankeen 

Bronze, (Cannoll.) Bronze, margined 

with yellow. 
Cite des Fleurs. Eich crimson, reverse 

of petals white. 
Constance. Very deep crimson pointed 

with orange. 

Desaix. Golden yellow, fine petals. 
Duchess of Edinburgh. Petals white, 

recurved disk, lilac rose. 
La Xymph. Large, double, pure 

Gold Thread, Small flower, golden 

bronze handsome. 
Purple King. Brilliant purple, shaded 

with mauve and magenta. 
The Cossack. Large, double, chestnut 

brown and yellow. 


The Carnations have been long prized in the garden during summer, and for 
that purpose this class is valuable, but still more so for winter bloomiiig. 

Price 20 cents each, (save where priced.) $2 per dozen. 
Strong plants in autumn. 30 cents each. $2.50 per dozen. 

Admiral Dupont. Carmine, profuse 

Astoria. Yellow, striped with red. 

Bonnie Doon, (new.) Bright magenta 
pink. 40 cts. 

Bock's Seedling, (new.) In the style 
of La Purite. is of vigorous growth, 
of very dwarf habit, and free 
bloomer; flower is elegant rosy pink, 
a shade lighter than " Lu Purite,-' 
and one-third larger, the best double 
and most fragrant carnation yet in- 
troduced. 50 cts. 

Centennial, (Picotee.) White, tinted 
on the edges with carmine 40 cts. 

Crimson AVonder. A crimson self, 
clove scented. 

D'Fontana. Orange, striped crimson. 

Dolly Varden, (new.) The finest 
striped variety, color crimson and 
white, grown largely for cut flowers. 
75 cts. 

Edwardsii. Pure white, large, fine 

Gauntlet. A light carmine, strong 
grower and abundant bloomer. 

Hinsdale, (nfw.) " lilac, 
mottled with white." 30 cts. 

Henry Ward Beecher. White ground, 
fiaked and striped, violet, maroon 
and carmine. 

Indispensable. Yellow ground, feath- 
ered and flaked bright red. 

Isabella Barnum. Salmon flaked. 
Josephine, (new.) Yellow ground, 

striped with bright rose, a very fine 

new fl(iwer. 5<> cts. 
Louise Zeller. Very pure white, finest 

Louise Lenoir. Fine dark maroon, 

good form. 
La Purite. Carmine, 

La Purite Variegata. 

white variegated. 
Little Beauty. Yellow 

Ma Glorie 


40 cts 




flaked with 

Red and yellow, splen- 

White, tinged 

red, very fine 

scarlet, robust 


Light rose, clove 

May Dacre, 
with pink. 


Mrs. Evans, 

Mrs. McKenzie. 

Mrs. Wilson. Large bright scarlet. 

Miss JoliflTe, (new.) A blush pink, 
most profuse bloomer. 30 cts. 

Mr. Sickles Yellowish white, daz- 
zling carmine. 

Mrs Van Burn. Slate striped, ver- 
milion. prf)fuse bloomer. 

President Degraw. White, very large, 
deeply fringed, profuse bloomer. 


John Saul's 

PeterHenderson. Vigorous free growth 
good winter bloomer, enormous size 
pure white flowers, very fragrant. 
30 cents. 

Snowden, (new.) A dwarf stocky 
growing variety, rarely exceeds 1 
foot in height. ''The flowers are of 
the purest white borne in unequalled 
profusion." Will most likely prove 
the most useful of all white Carna- 
tions. 50 cts. 

Sunset. Yellow ground, flaked crim- 
son. 40 cts. 

Snow White. Purest white, never 
tinted with any color, full and of ex- 
cellent form. 25 cts. 

The Dragon. Very fine scarlet. 

Vixen. Dazzling scarlet, very double 
and fine fragrance. 40 cts. 

Vesuvius. Dark scarlet, very large, 
full flowers. 30 cts. 

William Sniythe. Pure white, fringed, 
very fragrant. 

Waverley, (Hoan.) Of free vigorous 
growth, color crimson, full fine 
shaped flower, a profuse winter 
bloomer, very fine. 50 cts. 



Suitable for bedding out in summer, or blooming in the greenhouse during 
winter; they are dwarf in habit, profuse bloomers, producing flowers in suc- 
cession for several months. 

Price 25 cents each, (save where priced.) The set of 18 for $3 00. 

Alba Pimbriata. Pure white, excel- 
lent for winter blooming. 

Dianthus C. Grenadin. Like a dwarf 
carnation grows about 1 foot high, 
bright scarlet flowers. 30 cts. 

Most Welcome. White ground, crim- 
son centre and margin. 

Napoleon III. Rich crimson, most 
profuse bloomer, extra 

Lord Lyons. Crimson laced with rose, 
delicMtely fringed, large size and of 
rich fragrance. 30 cts. 

Mrs. Pottifer. A new and very flne 

Mule Pink Double White. Flowers 

pure white, double. 
Optima. Rich dark purple, broad 

lacing, perpetual bloomer, flne. 
Quetierii. Scarlet crimson. 
Lady Blanche. Pure white, profuse 

bloomer, rose-leaved, flne. 
Violet Hill. Rosy purple very nice. 
Verschafl'eltii. Flowers white, striped 

with crimson, large and double, 

Wm. Saunders. Flowers of the richest 

crimson, a perpetual bloomer, one of 

the best hardy pinks 


Price 15 cents each, (save where priced.) $1.50 per dozen. 
Beauty of the Boudoir. Color deep B. Pfitzer, (new.) Flowers light color, 


of immense size. 25 cts. 

Descriptive Catalogue. 


Cameleon, (new.) Grand panicles, 
color rose lilac with white eye, color 
changeable. 50 cts. 

Cheshire Hero. Lilac, large truss. 

Caroline Cook. Nearly white. 

Daphne. Immense truss of dark blue 

Etoile de Marseilles. Deep violet, 

Emile Angier. Blush violet, white 

Florence Nightingdale, Dark lavender. 

Geante. Lavender, white eye. 

Jersey Beauty. The finest blue variety 
for pot culture. 

Juliette. Very dwarf, large heads of 
dark flowers. 

Lilacea Kosea, (new.) Rosy lilac, 
changing as the flowers acquire age 
to pale lilac, distinct and beautiful. 
50 cts. 

Lizzie Cook. Compact habit and pro- 
fuse bloomer, extra. 

La Favorite. Fine lavender. 

Madame Boucharlat. Pveddish lilac, 

large and fine. 
Madame Fillion. Clear violet, passing 

to white. 
Madame Boulanger. Lilac and blush. 
Mons. Hamatire. Large purple, free 

Nivelet. Pinkish shade, white eye. 
Xelly. Light large truss, compact. 
Oculata. Dark violet, large white cen- 
tre, a beautiful variety. 
Eeine des Heliotropes. Dark violet. 
Eeine des Violettes. violet, white 

centre, yellow eye. 
Souvenir J. B. Rendatler. Blue lilac, 

very large truss. 
Surpasse Guascoi. Lilac and white. 
Snow Wreath, (new.) Truss large, 

compact habit, the nearest approach 

to pure white. 25 cts. 
Triomphe, (new.) Enormous panicles 

of a beautiful violet with a white 

eye, good habit, flowers freely. 60 cts. 
The Standard. Violet, large truss. 


These are exceedingly valuable plants for bedding out during summer. They 
thrive in our hot, dry, sunny weather when so many of our other plants suffer. 

Price 20 cents each, (save where priced.) $1.50 per dozen. 

California, (new.) A rich yellow, 
flowers bordered with purple, extra 
fine. 50 cents. 

Corbeille d'Or. Clear yellow, dark 
centre, very dwarf. 

Fabiola. Rose, yellow and orange. 

Faust, (new.) A beautiful yellow, 
changing to vermilion, very beauti- 
ful. 50 cts. 

Madame Dufoy. Pale yellow and rose, 

Distinction. Rich orange yellow, fad- 
ing into rose. 

Favorite. Yellow, merging into pur- 
plish crimson. 

Princess Louisa. Yellow, merging 
into rosy crimson. 

Alba Grandiflora. Fine pure white. 

Aurantiaca. Beautiful orange. 

Comtes?e de Morny. Yellow, chang- 
ing to rose. 

Crocea Superba. Orange and red. 

Empereur des Francaise. Scarlet and 
orange, fine habit. 

La Niege, (new.) Very free, a mass 
of snow white flowers. 

Jeanne d'Arc. "White, yellow centre, 
passing to violet. 


Toison d'Or. A beautiful deep chrome 

yellow, very tine. 
Trianon. Red, bordered with yellow, 

very distinct, extra. 40 cts. 
Comtesse de Biencourt, (new.) Bright 

rose and orange centre. 30 cts. 
Jean Bart. Buff and dark crimson. 
Lutea Superba Grandiflora. Golden. 

Madame Hoste. Golden yellow, pass- 
ing to purple, 
i^inus. Yellow, changing to pink, 

Solfaterre. Golden yellow, margined 

Lizzie Cook. JSeat compact habit, 

profuse bloomer. 
Delicatissima. Pink lilac, trailing 

Ne Plus Ultra. Purple and yellow, 

fine truss. 
Raphael. Orange, rose and purple, 

close habit. 
Mons. Schmitt. Orange yellow, chang- 
ing to crimson scarlet. 
Rosa Mundi. White and rose, nice 

Victoria. Pure white, with lemon eye. 


John Saul's 


Our collection of Indian Azalea embraces the most select English and Conti- 
nental varieties. 

Price 25 to 50 cents each and upwards, varying with size and age of plants, 
(save where priced.) $2 to $3 and upwards per dozen. 

Alexander II. White, tinted with 
rose, fine. 

Anicena. Bright rose purple, (hardy.) 

Baron Ed. Osey. Very bright orange, 
with broad wavy lobes, amaranth 

Bernhard Andrea. Kosy purple, double, 
very beautiful. 

Belle Gantoise. Clear lilac, edged with 
white, in the way of Albocincta. 

Baronne de Vriere. Flowers enor- 
mous, snow white, lobes very large 
with undulated edges ; of a very del- 
icate texture and ornated with some 
red stripes and sulphur blotch. 

Comtesse de Flandre. Large, flat 
bright rose, a beautiful smooth flower. 

Charmer. Bright amaranth, good form, 
of great substance. 

Candeur. Pure white, fine form, beau- 

Comtesse de Beaufort. Kose, blotch 
deep crimson, with maroon reflex, a 
very rich color, extra fine. 

Duchesse Adelaide de Nassau. Large, 
flowers of very fine form, the upper 
lobes amaranth. 

Gledstanesia. Pure white, flaked with 

Gledstanesia Formosa. Pure white, 
striped carmine. 

Grossfurstin Helene. Yery large 
fringed, shaded salmon deep amar- 
anth blotch. 

Her Majesty. Scarlet flower large, 
finely formed. 

H. Von Aumale. Light ground, thickly 
marked with broad bands of deep 

Jean Van Volxem. Exceedingly rich 
in streaks of all shades and especially 
in well defined bands of rosy orange. 

John Gould Veitch. Its shape and 
grand coloring is similar to a Sigis- 
mond Rucker, color a lilac rose 
strongly netted and bordered with 
white, splendidly blotched with 
bright saff"ron, a grand exhibition 
plant. 50 cts. 

Louise Von Baden. A beautiful pure 
white, of the finest form. 

Madame Cannart d'Hamale. Satiny 
white, occasionally striped. 

Mars. Bright orange red, richly 
spotted with crimson. 

Meteor. Bright rose, very double 
flowers, most free. 

Princess Charlotte. Very large, of a 
deep rose, with dark amaranth 

Magniflca Alba Pleno. A magnificent 
double white variety, very pure, fine. 

Madam Marie Van Houtte. Immense 
semi-double flowers, white, striped, 
flaked and blotched with rosy sal- 
mon, like a carnation, extra. 

Mont Blanc, (new.) Avery fine variety, 
with double flowers, pure white, with 
petals of great substance $1.00. 

Nonpareil. Orange, bordered with 
white, and spotted with chocolate. 

President Van den Hecke. Pure white, 
striped with rose, double excellent. 

Narcissiflora. Double white, very early. 

Dona Maria. Tender rose, edged with 
white, superior to Albocincta. 

Due de Nassau. Dark rosy carmine, 
very large semi-double flower's, broad 
and large flame colored blotch. 

Fascination. Rosy pink, edged with 
white, and spotted with crimson. 

Flower of the Day. Fine large white, 
striped with rose. 

Flag of Truce. Pure white, large and 
double, extra fine. 

Francois Devos. Clear deep crimson, 
double extra. 

Glory of Sunninghill. Salmon pink, 

Queen of Scarlets. Brilliant scarlet, 
large size and broad round over-lap- 
ping petals, marked with rich crim- 
son spots on a violet ground, splendid. 

Queen of Roses. A charming variety 
of a warm rose color with broad 
rounded flower lobes, upper lobes 
relieved by a cloud of small crimson 

Queen of Double Stripes. A beautiful 
pure double white flower, occasion- 
ally coming elegantly tipped and 
streaked with rose, at other times a 
fine self. 

Queen of Double Whites. Flowers 
large double of the purest white, 
profuse bloomer. 

Descriptive Catalogue. 


Queen of Whites, A finely formed 

flower of the purest white, very 

Roi de Beautes. Light salmony rose, 

sufi"used with violet, edged with 

white, double, very showy. 
Eeine des Hoses. Deep clear ro?e, red 

spots, very large and attractive, a 

profuse bloomer. 
Senator Kestler. Rosy crimson, very 

fine shape and beautiful flower, ob 

Splendidissima. White ground, striped 

with carmine. 
Stella. Bright scarlet, deep violet 

stain on upper petal. 
Virgin Queen. Pure white, fine form, 

Vittata Crispiflora. White, striped 


purple and crimson, very 

Virginalis. Pure v.hite, edge of flower 

Vivid. A fine rich scarlet, beautiful. 

Jean Verschaff"e!t. Deep orange, shaded 
with buff, large hand.-ome flowers, 
the edges of which are crisped, rich 

Madam Leonie Van Houtte. Very 
fine white, flaked with rose, blotch 
sulphur yellow. 

Marquis of Lome. It is the paost beau- 
tiful orange with large lobes and 
saffron yellow blotch. 

Mad. Ambroise Verschaffelt. Magnifi- 
cent variegated variety, constant in 
its stripes ; flowers white, washed 
rose and striped crims(m. 50 cts. 

Souvenir du Prince Albert. Large 
double flowers, lobes broad, half 
white and half rose, edges pure 
white. 50 cts. 

The larger plants cannot be sent by mail. 


Of this beautiful class of plants, we grow a very choice selection. 
Price 50 cents to $1 each and upwards, according to size. 


Varieties of dwarf growth, cultivated 
Price 25 cents each, $2 50 per 

Begonia Metallica. Veins of a dark 
metallic color; ground color light 
metallic shining green, flowers pink, 
50 cts. 

Louis >chwatzer. The most beauti- 
fully marked foliage in the stvle of 

Alexander Von Humboldt. Fine foli- 

Bettine Rothschild. 

Gem. Fine 

Grace Fahnestock. Neat foliage. 

J. L. de Boucher. 


chiefly for their beautiful foliage, 
dozen, (save where priced.) 

Mons Vic-tor Lemoine. Beautifully. 

rnarblf^d like lace. 
Mad Wagner. 
Mrs. H. Low. 

Picta Spotted. 
Philadelphia. Fine. 
Queen of England. 
Qunen Victoria. 

Robt, Buist. 
Roi Leopold. 
Smaragdina. Leaves beautiful bright 

green 50 cts. 
The O'Donohue. 

The following species and varieties are of taller growth cultivated chiefly for 

their flowers: 

See NovEL- 

Argyrostigma Picta. Leaves bright 

green spotted with white. 
Coccinea. See NoyELxrES. 
Incarnata Flowers pink, a good 

winter bloomer. 
Foliosa. Drooping species, light pink 


Glaucophylla Soandens. 


Evansiana, A beautiful species. 
Fuchsioides alba. White flowered. 
Hybrida multiflora. Scarlet. 
Nitida. Flowers pure white. 
Saundersonii. Scarlet. 


John Saul's 


Gibsonii. This variety has double 


Insignis. Flowers rosy crimson, light 
centre, fine winter bloomer. 

Nigricans. Dark shining crimson foli- 
age, flowers pink. 

Palroata. Palmated. 

Parviflora. Flowers white. 

Odorata. Sweet scented. 

Eichardsiani. The flowers grow from 
leaf axils near the ends of the branch- 
lets, and are white. 

Parnelli. Foliage light green, beauti 
fully spotted with white. 

Weltoniensis. Pretty waxy pink 

SBLAGIjSBLLAS, (Lycopodium,) 

Apoda 16 

Atro-viridis. Very distinct 20 

Denticulata. Dense habit 10 to 20 

Denticulata Aurea. The tips of the 

shoots are tipped with yellow, 10 to 20 
Delicatissima, (Microphylla.) Ex- 
ceedingly dwarf 10 to 20 

Caulescins 25 

Csesia, Surface like shot silk 20 

Caesia Arboreum, (Laevigata,) 25 

Cordifolia 20 

Cuspidata, (pallescens and circina- 

lis) 20 

Elongata, (Cordifolium) 20 

Filicina 20 

Flexuosa 20 

Involvens 20 

Lyalii , 20 

Lepidophylla. This is a beautiful 
neat species ; very distinct from 
all others ; will become in great 

demand 50 

Microphylla 25 

Paradoxa 25 

Martensii. Compact habit 10 to 20 

Martensii Variegata. Tips of all the 

growth white 10 to 20 

Poulterii. Neat compact habit 20 

Stolonifera 10 to 20 

Triangulare 20 

Wildenovii, (Pubescens.) More fern 

like than the other species 25 

Eibiounda 25 

Plumosa, [Viticulosa) 50 



A most elegant and distinct Fern, with very light and graceful fronds ; the 
multiplicity of minute pinnules impart to the plant a peculiarly charming 
appearance ; the texture of the fronds, which are about a foot long and nine 
inches across, is thin and fragile ; color an olive green. 50 cts. 


A very distinct and elegant stove Maiden Hair Fern. The fronds attain a 
length of from 30 to 40 inches, and have a graceful arching habit. The mature 
fronds are a beautiful dark green, the young fronds a bronzy crimson; a tint 
they retain a considerable time. $1.00. 


"A well marked and extremely ornamental Fern, attracting the eye by its 
rigid character and the sjmimetry of its growth. The young fronds are very 
beautiful, being of a fine red color, that of the mature fronds a pale green." 
$1 .00 each. 


A very elegant species, with fronds of a beautiful light green color, small and 
elegant in regard to the size and form of their ultimate divisions. It has been 
introduced from Peru, and is a free-growing cool stove Fern, attaining the 
height of Irom 15 to 18 inches. 30 to 50 cents. 

Descriptive Catalogue. 85 

A noble species, producing fronds 2 feet long, with a comparatively slender 
glossy black stipe, bare at the lower part, and bearing, towards the top, from 4 
to 8 magnificent large pinnae. $1 each. 


The most magnificent variety of this handsome family ; the fronds are of the 
size and form of A. trapeziforme, but pendant, and all the large pinnules are 
deeply fringed and crisped. 50 cts. to $1.00. 


A magnificent species, rivalling the well-known A. trapeziforme, in the size 
of its pinnules, and surpassing it in the elegance of its large compound droop- 
ing fronds. It is a strikingly ornamental Fern. 30 to 50 cents. 


A very handsome and distinct Adiantum from New Granada, with long arch- 
ing fronds ; pinnules large and closely set upon the rachis ; of a pleasing green. 
This plant will make a fine specimen for exhibition purposes. A splendid Fern. 
$1.00 each. 


The fronds of this fine ornamental plant are from one to two feet in height, 
and decompound. It is a very grand plant, and succeeds well in a warm green- 
house. $1.00. 

POLYPODIUM KURRUDRIANUM.— (i^^rom the Sandwich Islands.) 

**A new and remarkably beautiful Fern. From its manner of growth it is 
peculiarly adapted for culture in hanging baskets. Of a drooping habit, it first 
sends out a number of wooly fronds of a dark brown color. After the rope- 
looking fronds have attained to the length of from twelve to fifteen inches, they 
unroll and become a beautiful bright green, and continue to grow until they 
are from five to six feet long. 25 cents. 


A most beautiful Fern. The stipes are quite smooth and pale colored. The 
fronds are from 2 to 3 feet long, and from 1 to 2 feet wide at the base, triangu- 
lar and pointed, of a graceful arching habit of growth, and most elegantly cut 
into a multitude of small blunt oblique soriferous segments ; color a pale green. 
30 to 50 cts. 


A very useful stove basket Fern ; its pendulous fronds are often from 5 to 7 
feet long, and are produced in great abundance, so that the plant is well fur- 
nished at all seasons ; the pinme are of more coriaceous texture than those of 
most basket Ferns, and thus the duration of the frond is prolonged. 50 cents. 


A beautiful and distinct crested variety of the Java Fern Nephrolepis daval- 
lioides. It is a noble Fern, of robust growth, sending forth, as from a central 
tuft, numerous arching fronds from three to four feet long. 50 cts. 

Per plant. 


LOMARIA GIBBA C RIS P A— cris;?ec£ leaved 50 


Dwarf tree ferns of great beauty which cannot be too highly recommended 
to all lovers of this beautiful class of plants. 


John Saul's 

An exceedingly pretty Fern ; the leaves are large and finely crested. 50 cts. 

Todea Fraserii. 

Todea pellucida. 

There is no family of Ferns which approaches this in grace and beauty, 
wardian cases, hanging baskets, &c., they are indispensable. 

Adiantum (Maiden's Hair) Con- 

cinum 25 

Concinnum Latum 25 

Cuneatum 25 

Capillas-veneris. Maid- 
en's Hair 25 

Colpodes 25 

Chilense 25 

Formosum 25 

Decorum, (Wagneria- 

num) , 25 

Excisum Multifidum... 25 

Macrophyllum .. 25 

Magnificus 25 

Scutum 25 

Pubescens 25 

Tenerum 25 

Trapeziforme 25 

Asplenium Belangerii 25 

Formosum. A very 

beautiful Fern .1 00 

Spinulatum 25 

Obtusilobum 25 

Dimorphum, (Diversi- 

folium) 25 

Aspidium Spinulosum 25 

Aculatum 25 

Allosorus Crispus, Parsley Fern... 25 

Athyreum Goringeanum pictum.. 25 

Blechnura Brasiliensis 25 to 50 

Cheilanthes Alabamensis 60 

Lendigerii Elegans... 50 

Davallia Trichostica 50 

Bullata 25 

Scabra 25 

Doodia Caudata 20 

Doryopteris Palmata 25 

Gymnogramma Sulphurea 25 

Aurea 25 



Gymnogramma Magnifica 25 

Chrysophylla 25 

Giganteum 60 

Peruviana 25 

Peruviana Argy- 

rophylla 25 

Tartarica 25 

Triangulare 50 

Gymnogramma "VVittenhalliana. 
An exceedingly handsome 
Fern, richly powdered with 
sulphur, and having the ends 

of the fronds finely tasseled. 50 

Lomaria Gibba 25 

Crispa 50 

Lygodium Japonicum 25 

Nephrolepis Exaltata 26 to 60 

Pectinata 50 

Pellcea Ornithopus 30 

Andromedcefolia 50 

Polypodium, (Hare's Foot Fern). 

Aureum 25 

Californicum 30 

Scoulerii 30 

Falcatum 50 

Spirant 50 

Platyloma Eotundifolia 25 

Pteris Argyrsea 25 

Cretica alba-lineata 20 

Geranifolia 25 

Serrulata 25 

Cristata 25 

Tremula 25 

Tricolor 25 

Hastata 25 

Platycerium alcicorne, (Elk's 

Horn Fern) ^ 50 

Woodwardia Spe 25 

My selection, nice sorts $L60 to $3.00 per dozen. 


Prices vary with size of plants. 

Per plant. 
*Cereus Ccerulescens. Sky blue cylindrical stems, jet black spines ; flow- 
ers pure white, night blooming $1 50 

Cereus Flagelliformis, (Creeping Cereus.) Flowers bright rose 30 

Grandiflora McDonaldi. The largest flower of all the night 
blooming cereus 30 to 50 

Descriptiye Catalogue. 87 

Per plant. 

Cereus Peruvianus. Flowers crimson 50 

Speciosissimus. Large crimson flowers, violet centre 50 

*Hoveyii. This is one of the most superb varieties ever produced, 
the entire flower being of clear blue-violet tint, with an extra 
row of petals, and eight inches in diameter. It will be a great 

acquisition 1 00 

Epiphyllum Truncatum. Brilliant orange scarlet 50 to 75 

Album. White, edge of petals margined with 

violet 50 to 75 

Album Yiolaceum. White, edge of petals mar- 
gined with violet 50 to 75 

Bridgesi. Deep rich violet, large 50 to 75 

Lateritium Album. White, edge of petals mar- 
gined with violet 50 to 75 

Buckerianum. White, edge of petals margined 

with violet, fine 50 to 75 

Bussellianum. Rich deep violet 50 to 75 

Bussellianum Superbum. Rich deep violet, 

large 50 to 75 

Salmonium Flavum. Salmon, shaded with sul- 
phur 50 to 75 

Sulpureum. Salmon, shaded with sulphur, 50 to 75 

All the varieties of " Truncatus " are grafted on Pereskia. We can sell 
small plants on their own roots at 25 cents each, but such we consider 

Epiphyllum Latifrons. A night blooming species with magnificent large 

cream colored flowers 50 

Phyllocactus Ackermanii. Rich crimson with violet centre 25 

Angulifer. Creamy white 50 

Crenatum. White 50 

Coccinea. Scarlet 50 

Dr. Andre. Very rich deep crimson, glowing purplish 

centre, very large, extra 50 

Grandiflorus Rosea. Delicate lilac, shaded with lavender... 50 

Hookeriana. Rosy crimson, mottled white and lilac 50 

Victoria 50 

Feast's Seedling 50 

Many beautiful and singular Cactus, Echinocactus, &c., from New 
Mexico, Southern California, «fcc. 60 cts. to $1 each. 

Pereskia Aculeata. The best stock on which to graft Epiphyllums 25 


Bromelia macrantha. Vriesia brachystachys. 

Gusmania picta. Glaucophyllos. 

Hechtia Ghiesbreghtii. 


We are cultivating some of the most desirable and popular of these beautiful 

The prices of these vary with height. 


Arenga Saccharifera 

Areca, (Cabbage Palm,) Oleracea 1 00 to 2 00 


John Saul's 

Per plant. 
*Brahia edulis. From Guadalupe Island, off the coast of Lower Califor- 
nia. A very beautiful Palm, will succeed in a cool greenhouse 1 00 

Cocos Widdeliana. An exceedingly beautiful Palm 

Corypha Australis 1 00 to 2 00 

Chamoerops Excelsa 50 to 1 00 

Humilis. Large 2 50 

Chamcerops Excelsa. 

Pritchardia Filamentosa. 

Cycus Revoluta 


Chamoedora Elegans 2 50 

Jubea Spectabilis 

Latania Borbonica. (Livistona.) Leaves large, fan-shaped, with pendant 
marginal segments, bright green tint, one of the handsomest and 
most useful Palms in cultivation 50 to 2 50 

Latania Borbonica. 

*Pritchardia Filamentosa. This new Palm has been introduced from 
Lower California. It is of graceful habit and quick growth ; the 
leaves are palmatifid with numerous divisions and whitish filaments; 
a beautiful Palm 50 to 1 


Phoenix dactylifera, (Date Palm,) 50 to 1 00 

Descriptive Catalogue. 89 

Per jA&nt. 

PhcEnix reclinata. A very graceful Palm 

*Ptychosperma Alexandrae. An extremely handsome greenhouse Palm, 
'destined to become one of the most elegant species for cool-house 
purposes, and the decoration of the flower garden during summer. 
Leaves pinnate, beautifully arched, bright red in a young state, 

changing v/ith age to light green. Native of Australia 1 00 to 2 00 

Seaforthia Elegans. An exceedingly beautiful Australia Palm, foliage 

finely arched ; a grand decorative plant 

Species. Prom Queen's Land, Australia ; a magnificent new 

Palm — young plants 1 00 

Sabal Adansoni 1 00 to 2 50 

Palmetto 1 00 


Thrinax Argentia 



A large collection of East Indian, Mexican, South American, &c., a catalogue 
of which v/ili be mailed on application. 

CimUS^Orange, Lemon, &c. 

Price 50 cents to $1.50 each. 

Citrus Japonica. Dwarf Chinese Or- 
Mandarin or Tangarine Orange. 
Havannah Sweet Orange, 
Maltese Blood. Orange. 
Pernambuco. Orange. 
St. Michael's. Orange. 
Tube Rose. Orange. 
Bahia. Orange. 
Chilensis Dulcis. 
Pseudo Chilensis. 

California Large Sweet Orange. 

Large Lemon. 



Trifoliata. Nearly or quite hardy; 

used for a stock. 
Variegated Lemon. 
" Orange. 

Medica Regina. 
Deliciosa Nobilis. 
Dulcis Vanilla. 


The following list embraces all the most popular bedding varieties. 
Price 10 cents each, 81 per dozen. $6 per hundred. 

Arab. Purple magenta. 
Acquisition. Deep maroon. 
Adriana. Carmine, purple eye. 
Agassis. Violet, white stripes. 
Amy Robsart. Deep pink, extra. 
Aristides. Light mauve, extra. 
Aucuba, Crimson, light eye. 
Beauty of Sherwood. Fine scarlet. 
Black Hawk. Dark maroon. 
Canobie. Carmine, shaded violet. 

White eye. 
Catalpa. Dark vermilion. 
Chameleon. Striped, crimson, pink 

and white. 
Charles O'Malley. Vermilion, white 


Crucible. Brilliant scarlet, yellow 

Cuba. Carmine, striped white. 
Decorator. Rose, white, flaked pink. 
Dazzle. Blood red, marked black. 
Eureka. Cerese pink. 
Eyebright. Rosy crimson. 
Flora. Blush crimson centre. 
Giant. Scarlet, yellow eye. 
Gen'l Sherman. Crimson. 
Gen'l Grant. Crimson, white eye. 
Haidee. Violet maroon. 
Hugh Miller. Scarlet, white eye. 
Imperatrice. Striped red and white. 
Inflexible. Scarlet, crimson centre. 
Iceberg. Pure w^hite. 


John Saul's 

Jewell. Bright scarlet. 

Julius Caesar. Crimson, scarlet eye. 

La Fiance. Pink, striped and mottled, 

Lena. Carmine, white eye. 

Leonore. White, flaked purple and 

Lara. Purplish crimson. 

London Pride. Claret color. 

Lufra. Scarlet, white eye, 

JMattie. White rose margin. 

Mary. Large crimson, white eye. 

Miss Arthur. Dazzling scarlet. 

Mikado. Deep vermilion, shaded vio- 

Mozart. Scarlet and white. 

Nemesis. Scarlet, yellow eye. 

Niobe. Large, pure white. 

Mrs. Hayes. Carmine scarlet, white 

Mrs. McKay. Kich pink. 

Pandora. White, striped blue. 

Pique. Kosy cherry, yellow eye. 

Pres. Thiers. Scarlet, white eye. 

Pasha. Dark maroon. 

Raven. Indigo. 

Red Cap. Blood red, white eye. 

Signal. Bright crimson. 

Splendor. Bright scarlet. 

Stately. Crimson, white eye. 

Sylph. Pure white. 

Surprise. Rosy pink. 

The Banner. Blue, striped. 

Torch. Brilliant scarlet. 

Victor. Pure white, striped. 

William Dean. Blue, white eye. 

Waterloo. Crimson, dark centre. 

White Beauty. White, large. 

Yeddo. Salmon pink, light eye. 

Zenobia. Purple, while eye. 

Telephone. Bright crimson. 

Manfred. Carmine. 

Striata. White striped purple. 

Theresa. Pink shaded vermilion. 

President Hayes. Dark crimson. 

Mrs. Hayes. Scarlet, lemon eye. 

Mrs. Bancroft. White striped crimson. 


Price 20 cents each, $1.50 per dozen, (save where priced.) Those marked {d.) 

are double. 

The following beautiful varieties were principally raised in our establish- 
ment, and are recommended as very superior : 

Attraction. White, purple striped, Purple Queen, (d) Fine deep purple, 

extra large. Mrs. Boleus, (rf.) Purple, marked 
Alexandria, (d.) Light lavender, fine. with green. 30cts. 

Beauty, (d.) Crimson, mottled with Negress, ((/.) Very deep purple, fine. 

white Purple King, [d.) Bishop's purple, 
Butterfly. White, centre of each petal very rich. 

purple and eye. President, {d.) Light purple, nice 
Clown, {d.) Crimson, striped and flower. 

mottled with white. Queen. White, striped with purple. 

Distinction. White, purple stripe in Queen of May. White, barred with 

centre of each petal. purple. 

Empress, {d.) Pure lilac, self. Rival, {d. 
Fairy. Deep rose, centre of petals white. 

Lavender, margined with 


Geo. W. Cresey, [d.) Pink, large and 
fine. 30 cts. 

Harlequin, {d.) White, striped with 

Loveliness, [d.) White, margined 

Magnificent, {d.) Large white, pur- 
ple blotch. 30 cts. 

■^Seedlings raised from finest strain, striped, blotched, double and single 
mixed, 10 cents each, $1 per dozen. (Ready in April.) 

Striata. White ground, distinctly 
striped with purple. 

The Lady, (rf.) Lavender, veined with 

Queen of Whites, {d.) Pure white, 

Purple Prince, {d.) Purple and crim- 
son, fine. 

Descriptive Catalogue. 



A pretty class of plants, giving long spikes of bloom during fall and winter. 
Price 25 cents each, (save where priced.) The set of 10 for $2. 

Andersonii. White and violet. 
Compacta Floribunda. Sky blue. 
Embleme, fn<^w.) Very fine, violet 

spikes. 50 cts. 
Faust, (new.) Indigo blue very fine. 

50 cts. 
Gloire de Marseilles, (new.) Deep 

crimson, fine spikes. 60 cts. 

Gloire de Lorraine, Blue, lilac and 

L'Ariostes, (new.) Kosy lilac, free 

flowf-ring. 50 cts. 
Marie Antoinette Red, lilac and white. 
Mad. Maria Boucharlet. Carmine and 

Eubra Splendens. Rich carmine, fine. 

These beautiful plants have succeeded admirably with us, bedded out during 
summer. They are of dwarf, compact habit, with brilliant colored flowers, 
varying from bluish purple to carmine scarlet, produced in long spikes. 

Price 20 cents each, (save where priced.) S2 per dozen. 

Azurea Yerticellata. Lilac, shaded 

with blue. 
De Saint Paul. Dark magenta crimson. 
Dr. Smith. Blue, light throat. 
James Muir. 

Souvenir de Mathieu Pernet. Magenta 

Tresor des Massifs. Scarlet, white 

Henry King. Glowing scarlet, white 


George Amer. Purplish maroon, white 

Lady Coutts Lindsay. Bright crim- 
son, extra fine. 

Royal Imperial Scarlet. Scarlet, cream 

Abbe Denis. "White, tinted with lilac. 

Antoine Muzy. Rosy vermilion, white 

"White Beauty. Pure ivory white, 
tinted rose. 

AJSTIBBHiyUM—Snap Dragon. 

Very useful for bedding out, having long showy spikes of flowers. They are 
of the easiest culture, growing and flowering freely in any soil. 

Price 20 cents each, .$2 per dozen. 

Album. Pure white. 
Amanda. Buff, with red stripes. 
Beauty. White tube, crimson lip. 
Gorgons, Light buff and orange, 

flaked crimson. 
Hydron. White tube, crimson lip. 
Hero. Crimson purple, fine. 
Gem. Rosy purple, white lip and tube. 
King of Stripes. Pure white tube, 

■with crimson lip. 

Orange Queen. Orange crimson. 
Purity. Pure white, yellow lip. 
Queen. Orange, striped white. 
Osiris. Canary yellow. 
Osprey. Lemon tube, white lip. 
Purpurea. Purplish crimson, fine. 
Striata White, striped with purple. 
Versicolor. Lilac, yellow and white. 
AVhite Perfection. Pure white. 

♦Seedlings from finest strain 10 cents each, $1 per dozen. 

peiie:snial jphloxes. 

This tribe of plants will succeed in any good, rich soil, not over dry. To the 
amateur they are invaluable. Perennials perfectly hardy, producing a profu- 


John Saul's 

sion of bloom during summer and fall. There is every shade of color, from 
pure white to rich purple and crimson. 

Our collection of Phloxes received First Premium from the Maryland Horti- 
cultural Society, the past three seasons. 

Price 20 cents each, $2 per dozen. 

Admiral de Lenois. White, deep 
violet centre. 

Alexandrine Bellet de Yerenne. Deep 
crimson, dark eye. 

Alphonse Karr. Deep crimson, fine 

Aurelie Duriez. White, deep violet 

Aurantica Superba. Kich vermilion. 

Boule de Feu. Kosy crimson, a charm- 
ing variety. 

Compte de Lambertaye. Deep crim- 
son, dark eye. 

Chauzy. Lilac rose, very fine. 

Comtesse de Serricourt. White, vio- 
let eye. 

Dame Blanche. Pure white, lilac eye. 

Deliverance. Dark rose, carmine cen- 

Duchesse de Beauffremont. White, 
shaded with blue, superb. 

Etoile du Neuilly. Striped purple and 

Eugenie la Brasseur. Purplish crim- 

Francis Henricq. Kosy crimson. 

Judith. White, violet eye. 

La Candeur. Pure white, grand 

L'Avenir. Dark crimson, deep eye. 

Madame Rendatler. White and crim- 
son flake. 

Madame la Comtesse de Malart. White, 
red centre. 

Madame Marin Saison. White, large 
pink eye. 

Madame Andry. White, crimson 

Madame Lacerf. Clear paper white. 

Madame Marsant. Light crimson, 
dark eye. 

Madame Soeur. White violet eye. 

Mr. Kobine. Bright crimson, superb. 

Mr. Bienvenue. Bright purplish crim- 

Madame Levrat. Light carmine, dark 

Madame Autin. Deep vermilion, fine 

Madame Guillsteaux. White, centre 
rose, grand panicles. 

Monsieur William Bull. Lilac rose, 

very large. 
Mons. H. Low. Crimson, dark eye. 
Madame Atger. White, violet eye. 
Monsieur Veitch. Fine purple. 
Monsieur Muret de Bont. Dark rich 

Mr. Delamere. Light crimson, dark 

Mr. Bonneau. Purplish crimson, fine 

Mad'Ue Irma Huet. Pure white, beau- 
tiful white. 
Monsieur Domage. White, crimson 

Monsieur Eafarin. Pale salmon, crim- 
son eye. 
Mad. Moisset. Rose, crimson centre, 

large flower. 
Midas. Rose, crimson eye, good habit. 
Monsieur Gigre. Red scarlet, dark 

Mad la Comtessa de Turenne. Pure 

white, purple centre. 
Mons. Caillard. Pure white, purple 

Monsieur J. Heine. White, with pink 

Mr. Rollison. Purplish crimson, dark 

Mr. Forrest. Crimson purple, very 

Mr. Thibaut. Rosy crimson, dark eye. 
Pio the IXth. Scarlety crimson, dark 

Professor Koch. Light vermilion, 

dark eye. 
Reve d'Or. Brilliant salmon, cerise 

eye, fine. 
Souvenir de Soultzmat. White, large 

crimson eye. 
Souvenir de Ma Mere. White, violet 

Surpasse Maria Bellanger. Rosy 

crimson, dark eye, 
Surpasse Mad. Fontaine. Very beau- 
tiful, white. 
Yenus. Pure white, fine spike. 
White Lady. Large panicle of pure 

white flowers. 

Descriptive Catalogue. 


I^erennial JPhloxes, 

The following are dwarf in habit, belonging to the Sufruiicosa section. "We 
can, with the greatest confidence, recommend those to all lovers of this class of 
plants. The heads of blooms are immense, whilst the delicacy of the marking 
is most beautiful. 

Price 25 cents each, $2 per dozen. 

Sanspariel. Snow white, large rose 

Cameleon. Purple, with white spots. 

Croix d'Honneur. Immense spikes of 
large well-formed flowers of a beau- 
tiful rosy mauve color ; each petal 
being distinctly and effectively mar- 
gined with white, thus giving the 
flower the appearance of a cross. 

Comtesse de Fernandona. White 
ground, purple centre. 

La Fraicheur. Pure white. 

Miss Charlotte Duncan. White, rosy 
pink eye, 

Eesolution. Lilac blue, marbled with 

Miss Robinson. Spikes of the purest 
white, considered one of the purest 
whites, and free bloomers of the 
dwarf class. 

Mad. Hoste. Pure white, large. 


Spenceri. Kosy lilac, light eye. 

The Hon. Elizabeth Lake. Pure 
white, large rosy crimson eye. 

M. Gardner Brewer. Salmon red, 
very brilliant, fine spikes. 

Pearl. Pure white, large spike, extra. 

Queen of Whites. Purest white, fine 
form, grand panicles of white flow- 
ers, splendid. 

Souvenir de Chate. Pure white, extra. 

York and Lancaster. A. very beauti- 
ful Phlox — white, striped with vio- 
let, the marking distinct and con- 
stant. Fine large spikes of well 
shaped flowers. This plant will be 
largely grown. 

^ew jPerennial Phloxes. 

Price 50 cents each. The Set of 10 for $4. 

Agar. A beautiful pure white, fine 

A. Manzoni. Grand panicles, delicate 

rose, centre purple. 
Angele. Flowers large and fine, pure 

Chas. Dickens. Grand panicles, rosy 

Comtesse de Castries. Grand panicles, 

delicate rose striped violet, carmine 


Geo. Sand. A dwarf plant, fine pani- 
cles, purest white 

Lucie Genim. Large panicles of the 
purest white. 

Saint Beuve. White, with rose centre, 
grand panicles. 

Themis. Fine rose and white. 

Th. Lavallee. Deep rose, with crim- 
son centre, grand panicles. 


The following are among the finest novelties in this class, which have recently 
appeared in Belgium : 

Price 50 cents each, $5 per dozen. 

Alba Sulphurea. Exterior of petals pure white, centre cream color, very double. 
Faust. Exterior petal deep flesh, centre creamy white, very beautiful. 
Faubert. Reddish purple, almost black, double, a superb flower. 
Comte de Cussy. Exterior petals clear purple, centre petals white, tinted with 

carnation, lovely. 
Marie Stuart. Deep flesh color, with cream centre. 
Madonna. Pure white centre, lighiU' tinted with salmon, 
Magiiifica, White, slightly tinted with rose, a grand flower, superb. 
Madame Calot. Pure white, large and very double. 


John Saul's 

Madame Leonie. White, tinted with carnation, very double. 
Docteur Andry. Violet purple, large and double, a grand flower. ^ 
Edmond Lebun. Bright rose, large and full, an extra fine flower. 
Mad. Chaumoy. Satiny rose, very large and double, very fine. 
Mad. Dhour. Bright rose, bordered with white, large and double, extra fine. 
Marie Dhour. Deep carnation, very double, a splendid flower. 
Vicomte de Forceville. Very bright rose, large and double, most excellent. 
Mad. Crouisse. Pure white, large and double, a lovely flower. 
M. Paul du Ribert. Very deep red, with purple reflection, distinct, fine. 
Mad. Loise Mere. Light, flesh colored, centre cream, very large and very 
double, a noble flower. 
A large collection of older varieties. Price 25 cents each, $2.50 per dozen. 

GLADIOLUS-^General Collection. 

Class 1. 

The varieties in this class are well tested sorts, and such as we can supply at 
moderate prices. 

This very beautiful summer flower is now so well known that any recommen- 
dation is unnecessary. 

Price, those quoted at 15 cents each, $1,50 per dozen. 

u a a 20 *» 2.00 " 

(( u II 30 u 3 00 " 

■'^Mixtures, $1 per dozen, $4 per 100. 


Adonis. Cherrycolor, yellow throat. 15 

Agatha. Kosc, suff'used with lake, 
flamed with carmine amaranth; 
yellow spots 20 

Amabilis. Bright vermilion, stained 
with yellow 10 

Angele, White showy and effective 15 

Antonius. Scarlet, tinged with or- 
ange, white blotch 15 

Archimedes. Light red, lower pe- 
tals bufi*, striped carmine 10 

Aristote. Flesh color spotted red, 
lower petals carmine 10 

Branchleyensis. Bright vermilion 
scarlet 10 

Bertha Kabourdin. Pure white, 
carmine blotch. 20 

Bijou. Orange cherry, flamed scar- 
let 15 

Bowiensis. Rich scarlet, fine spikes, 
beautiful 10 

Bernard de Jussieu. Violet, shaded 
and tinted with cherry 15 

Calypso. Carnation, striated rose 
and stained carmine 15 

Canary. Light yellow, streaked 
with rose 20 

Celine, Delicate rose, striped 10 

Chas. Dickens. Delicate rose, tinted 
buff", striped carmine 25 

Citrinus, Light yellow, lower pe- 
tals darker 25 

Clemence. Satin rose, shaded dark 

rose, feathered carmine 15 

Cleopatra. Soft lilac, lower petals 

darker, suffused with violet 20 

Coiide. Orange, white blotched, 

feathered. 15 

Comtessa de Bresson, Red, mottled 

occasionally 15 

Dr. An-iry. Very bright orange, 

beautiful 15 

Diana Blush white,shaded blotched 

carmine 25 

Don Juan, Orange red, lower petals 

tinted with yellow 10 

Etendard White, slightly blazed 

lilac or violet bluish 35 

Elvire, Pure white, fiamed car- 
mine, very delicate, perfection.,. 35 

Edith. Orange striped 10 

Egeria. Light orange, rose darker 

stripes 15 

Eldorado, Clear yellow, lower pe- 
tals streaked red V 20 

Emile. White suffused with rose,. 10 
Felicien David. Cherry, white 

blotch 10 

Fulton. Velvety vermilion, purple 

stain, large flower, extra fine 15 

Galathea, Nearly white, carmine 

stains 15 

Greuze. Intense cherry, flamed 

with lake 15 

Descriptive Catalogue. 



Gandavensis. Light orange, striped 10 

Golialh. Light red, striped car- 
mine 15 

Hector. Delicate rose marbled 15 

Ida. "White, tinged with rose and 
blazed carnation 10 

Imperatrice. White, tinted with 
blush and rose 10 

Imperatrice Eugenie, (Souchet.) 
Very large flower with perfect 
form, white ground blazed with 
violet rose, one of the most strik- 
ing varieties 40 

Isoline. Carnation color, stained 
with carmine 15 

Isabella. Pure white with dark 
crimson blotch 30 

James Carter. Orange red, pure 
white blotch 10 

Jeanne d'Arc, White, tinted with 
rose and carmine 15 

James Veitch. Bright crimson red, 
stained with violet 20 

John Bull. White, slightly tinged 
with sulphur, extra large 10 

Lamarck. Cherry tinted orange, 
blazed with red, centre light, 
pure white stain 25 

Laura. Orange red, flamed car- 
mine 10 

Le Titien. Very brilliant, rosy 
scarlet ". \. 30 

Le Poussin. Light red, white 
blotch 20 

Lord Byron. Brilliant scarlet stain- 
ed and ribboned with white 15 

Lord Granville. Straw color, deep 
yellow blotch, feath^^red 20 

L'Ornement des Parterre.'. White 
ground, flushed with rose, car- 
mine blotch 25 

Mad'lie Fanny Rouget. Carnation 
under petals striped rosy car- 
mine 10 

Madame Monneret. Delicate rose, 
with white stripe. 10 

Madame Vilmorin. Rose, white 
centre and striped with carmine.. 40 

3Iadame de Sevigne Cherry stain- 
ed and striped with pure white, a 
charming variety 25 

Meteor. Very brilliant dark red, 
white blotch 20 

Meyerbeer. Very brilliant light 
red, blazed with vermilion, ama- 
ranth, perfect shape, splendid 20 

Mr. Lebrun d'Albane. Bright red, 
white stain, beautiful 20 

Mr. Vichon. Light salmon red, 
variegated and striped with white 10 

MacMahon. Satin orange with 
cherry rose, striped red 20 


Milton. Carmine, rose centre, 
blazed with red 40 

Margarita. White, slightly suf- 
fused with bright carmine 16 

Marie. Pure white, deep carmine 
blotch 25 

Mozart. Bright rose, tinted with 
violet, blazed with carmine 25 

Mars. Beautiful scarlet 10 

Mirabilis. Light red 10 

Mr. Blouet. Delicate rose, shaded 
carmine 15 

Napoleon III. Bright scarlet, 
striped white 10 

Xelly. White, flamed rose and 
carmine 15 

Neptune. Red, blotched with car- 
mine 10 

Ophir. Dark yellow, purple blotch 20 

Osiris. Dwarf, purple, stained 
with white - 15 

Othello. Light orange red, dwarf, 
very eflective 10 

Princess of Wales. White, flamed 
with carmine rose 10 

Prince of Wales. Bright red vio- 
let feathered, white blotch 50 

Pallas. Bright, streaked with deep 
rose 15 

Pegnsus. Flesh color, with purple 
blotch 15 

Prince Imperial. White, tinged 
with flesh 10 

Penelope. Blush white, tinged yel- 
low and carminp 15 

Princesse Mathilde. Delicate, 
striped and blotched carmine 15 

Princess Clotilde. Salmon rose, 
large purple stain on a white 
ground 15 

Rebecca. White, mottled with 
lilac 1.5 

Rembrandt. Bright deep scarlet... 10 

Reine Victoria. Pure white, stain 
carminate violet 25 

Romulus. Brilliant dark red, pure 
white blotch 10 

Rossini. Dark amaranth, lined and 
stained with white 50 

Sir Joseph Paxton. Red, tinted 
with orange, striated with car- 
minate red, on white ground 35 

Sir Walter Scott. Bright rose on 
white ground striped with car- 
mine 25 

Stella. White, slightly tinted with 
yellow and rose, flamed with car- 
mine 25 

Sulphureus. Sulphur yellow 25 

Surprise. Rose amaranth 20 

Shakespeare W'hite, very slightly 
blazed with carminate rose 10 

96 John Saul's 

Cts. Cts. 

Themis. Delicate satin rose, flushed Yesta. Pure white, with purple 

with carmine, cream colored carmine blotch on yellow ground, 20 

blotch, beautiful 20 Vulcan. Scarlet purple, shaded 

Triomphe d'Enghien. Carmine, violet purple c 20 

stained with yellow 15 Zenobia. Kose, tinted with violet, ' 

Van Dyck. Crimson amaranth, flamed carmine, white blotch 15 

striped with white. 15 Thalia. White, flamed and streaked 

with carmine, fine 25 


Per plant. 
Alcyon. "White, largely bordered and flamed rose carmine, charming 

plant $0 40 

Addison. Kose, tinged lilac, blotches amaranth on white ground 50 

Asmodee. Brilliant cherry purple, edged and flamed garnet, with white 

stains and stripes 1 00 

Andromeda. A fine rose, tinted with carmine and streaked with white, 

large 3'^ellow blotch, extra fine 1 50 

Arlequin. Salmon rose, very richly striped and flamed with bright car- 
mine; carmine blotch on yellow ground, well shaped flowers 1 50 

Beatrix. Long spikes of large flowers, pure white ground, very delicately 

blazed with carmine lilac, splendid 1 00 

Christopher Columbus. Large flowers, rosy carmine, flamed red, large 

violet red blotch on lower petals, marbled and spotted crimson 75 

Columbine. Yery fine spike, cream color, blazed with lilac, purple stain 

on yellow ground, fine new shade 1 50 

Camille A beautiful magenta lilac, shaded towards the centre, flamed 

and feathered dark lilac, a splendid variety with robust tall spikes... 1 50 
Carnation. Flowers fleshy white, tinged at the edges with richest car- 
mine, the lower petals blotched purplish carmine, fine long spike 1 50 

Diamant. Fleshy white, throat ivory white, blotched and streaked with 

carmine; new color of exceptional distinctness, a magniticent plant.. 1 50 

Delicatissima. Fine white flowers, bordered with a soft carmine lilac 40 

Elizabeth. Dark rose, beautifully flamed bright carmine purple, very 

large carmine spots striated pure white 75 

Eurydice. Pure white, shading ofi" to bright carmine 50 

Esther Yery large, pure white, deeply edged with bright rose, spotted 

with carmine, lower petals rose, mottled carmine, very eifective 1 50 

E. Dombrain. White ground flamed with dark carmine, blotch carmine, 1 00 
Giganteus. A fine rose, shading to cherry ; upper petals rose, blotch dark 

carmine, veined white all over 75 

Ginevra. A beautiful cherry-rose color, centre line of petals pure white, 

purplish carmine blotch on straw colored ground 1 50 

Homer. Light amaranth, blazed with ver}^ bright purple 75 

Isaac Buchanan. Flower clear yellow, good spike; the finest yellow in 

cultivation 1 00 

La France. Pure white, slightly flamed with carmine, large amaranth 

blotch on white ground, fine spike 75 

Lacepede. Long spike, rose colored, tinged with cherry and violet 75 

La Candeur. Long spike of a perfect white, lightly striped with car- 
mine violet, perfection 75 

Leda. Bright flesh, striped with carmine, very pleasing 75 

L'TJnique Yiolet. Dark lilac, tinted with violet, flamed dark carmine, 

peculiar shade, perfection 1 50 

Mary Stuart. Yery long spikes, white, very slightly tinged with rose, 

and blazed Vv^ith very bright carmine cherry color, perfection 75 

Mme. Desportes. Yery large and wide spike, well opened, of a very pure 
white, the interior divisions slightly striped with violet, splendid va- 
riety < 1 75 

Descriptive Catalogue. 97 

Per plant. 

Mr. Legouve. Very long spike, bright fire red, divided by a white line, 

pure white stain 75 

Norma. Pure white, occasional]}' slightly suflTused with light lilac 50 

Octavia. Light rose, flamed with red, large pure white blotches, perfec- 
tion 1 00 

Primatice. Rose, slightly tinged lilac, flamed with bright carmine, car- 
mine blotch on white ground, showy 40 

Phoebus. Fine spike of large fine red flowers, large pure white stains, 

much recommended for the striking brilliancy 1 00 

Phoenix. Beautiful cherry rose, flamed with darker shade, pure white 

blotch, charming 1 50 

Kosita. Tall spikes, flowers of a very delicate satiny creamy rose color, 

blotched and marbled cherry carmine, fine shape, extra 1 75 

Robert Fortune. Long spike, of a carmine red, bordered and blazed with 

crimson, ground clear violet tinged, veined white lines 50 

Eosea Perfecta. A fine rose color, tinged violet, centre light colored, 

pure white lines on all the divisions 40 

Eeine Blanch. Pure white, dark carmine blotch, very fine 75 

Titania. Beautiful tall spike, extra large flowers of creamy-salmon 

flamed cherry, distinct and pleasing novel shade of color 1 50 

Virginalis. Long spike, very pure white, bordered and blazed with car- 
mine tender rose, very fine and delicate 75 

Variabilis. White, with or without blotch, flamed lilac 75 

Urania. Very pure white, largely blazed with carminate bright rose, 

very fine and brilliant variety 75 

Saundersonii. A species from the Cape of G-ood Hope, a brilliant scarlet, 

white centre ; the brightest of all Gladiolus 1 50 

Purpureum Auratum. Another very distinct Cape species, flowers yel- 
low, blotched with purple 1 50 


Among the hardy bulbous-rooted plants, the Lilies are the most beautiful. 
Nearly all are perfectly hardy. 

Auratum, white ground, rayed with golden yellow, and spotted with red.$0 50 

Bulbiferum Auranticum, orange red, with black dots 3d 

Canadense, orange yellow, spotted 25 

Candidum. Large white Lily, grows about four feet high ; this is the 

well-known white Lily 25 

Pleno or Monstrosum, a double variety of the last 40 

Chalcedonicum. (Scarlet Turk's Cap.) Grows three or four feet high, 

flowers brilliant scarlet 1 00 

Columbiana. Grows 1^ to 2 feet high, flowers small, petals turned 
strongly backward, orani^e yellow spotted with purple, 

an exceedingly neat and interesting dwarf Lil}' 2 00 

Croceum. Brilliant orange color 25 

Major. A large variety of the last 50 

Fortunii, (Maxim.owiczi.) A fine Japanese variety; color, orange scarlet 

with black spots. A hardy and free grower. Q 50 
Fulgens (Atrosanguinea or Davuricum) Umbellatum Grows iwo or three 

feet high, flowers erect, brilliant red, dotted with black 20 

Erectum. Very erect, brilliant red, spotted black 20 

Immaculatum. Orange, with large black spots 20 

Fulgidum. Very brilliant rt d, spotted black c> 20 

Grandiflorum. A large flowered variety, with black spots 20 

Incomparable. Brilliant red, spotted black 20 

Maculatum. Brilliant red, large spotted 20 

Humboldtii, (Bloomerianiim.) A fine California species — color, rich or- 
ange yellow, with spots of deep blood red, grows five to 
six feet high. A beautiful species and quite hardv 75 


98 John Saul's 

Per plant. 
Humboldtii Ocellatum. A variety of the last from California, flowers 
are of a rich tawney orange, spotted nearly up to the tips 

with large spots .... 1 50 

Japonicum Brownii, Stem two to three feet high, with very large flow- 
ers of the purest white on the inside, purple on the outside. 

A magnificent variety 2 50 

Eximium. Stem two feet high, with very large flowers of the 

purest white, a very fine variety .. 60 

Longiflorum. Stem two feet high, flowers pure white. This 
is a very useful sort, being of free growth, early and free 

blooming, fine for forcing 25 

Takesima. Stem two to three feet high, vigorous grower and 
free bloomer, of the purest white, like the last, of easy cul- 
tivation and very valuable 50 

Martagon Flora Alba. (Turk's Cap Lily.) A pure white Turk's Cap 

Lily, very beautiful 2 60 

Pardilinum. A fine California Lily, four to five feet high, yellow centre, 

densely spotted with crimson, reflex of petals deep orange, very fine. 50 
Philadelphicum. Stem two to three feet high, color yellowish red with 

purple dots 30 

Pomponicum. (Little Turk's Cap Lily,) Kubrum. Stem two to three 

feet high, flowers vermilion 

red 50 

Luteum. Flowers yellow 60 

Giganteum. Large flowered variety 1 00 

Parryii. A rare and beautiful new California Lily, deep yellow spotted 

with purple 2 00 

Speciosum (or Lancifolium) Eubrum. Japan Lily. Stem two to three 
feet high, color white, suff'used with red, and dotted with 

bright crimson on inner surface 25 

Kubrum Verum. Very fine, deep color, beautiful. 1 00 

Album. White flowers 50 

Roseum. White, spotted with rose 25 

Punctatum. White, delicately spotted with rose 50 

Macranthum. A variety of Kubrum, flowers large and highly 

colored 75 

Melpomme. This fine variety is richer in color than any of 

the varieties of Speciosum 1 00 

Montrosum Album. White, monstrous flowered 50 

Koseum. Kose spotted, " " 40 

Kubrum. Crimson " " " 40 

Precox. Early flowering and distinct variety, flowers pure 

white 75 

Corymbiflorum. A variety of Kubrum, flowering in corymbs.. 50 
Superbum. Stem four to six feet high, orange spotted with purple, having 

a grand panicle of 20 to 40 flowers 20 

Szovitsianum. (Colchicum or Monadelphum.) Stem three to four feet, 
flowers bright citron yellow with black points, 2^ to 3^ 
inches long, fragrant and early blooming. A very 

beautiful hardy Lily 1 50 

Tenuifolium. Stem one and a-half to two feet long, very slender, flower 

bright pale crimson 

Testaceum (or Excelsum.) Stem four to five feet high, flowers light yel- 
low, fragrant, hardy, a fine Lily 50 

Thomsonianum. A very distinct species-, flowers fine rose color, bulbs 

small 50 

Thunbergianum (or Elegans.) Stem about two feet high, flowers orange 

scarlet with black spots 30 

Flora Pleno, double 80 

Biligulatum, yellow spotted with black 30 

Feukwam, new 30 

Ja-Ehal, light yellowish salmon, spotted black 30 

Descriptive Catalogue. 99 

Per plant. 

Thunbergianum Kikak, Nankin spotted dark purple 30 

Kemi Gajo, light yellow 30 

Bi-color, two colored 30 

Tigrinum, (Tiger Lily.) Stem four feet high, flowers brilliant orange red, 

spotted with black, very showy 20 

Flora Pleno, a double variety of the last, exceedingly beauti- 
ful and attractive 50 

Splendens. A grand variety, grows four to five feet high, very 
robust in growth, with larger flowers, more brilliant and 

more heavily spotted than the species. Magnificent 50 

Yenustum. Stem about two feet, flowers bright orange, slightly spotted. 50 
Washingtonianum, (Nevada Lily.) Stem three to four feet high, flowers 
white, tinged with reddish purple and lilac dots, fragrant. A grand 
native Lily 1 00 


Per plant. 
*Agapanthus Umbellatus, (African Lily.) Large truss of blue flowers, 

fine bedded out 50 

*Alba. White flowered 100 

*Major. Large flowered 1 50 

*Variegata. Variegated leaves 75 

^Amaryllis Artemasia, (new.) Pure white, with large vermilion stripes, 

very large flowers, splendid variety.. ; 3 GO 

*Atrosanguinea. Brilliant vermilion, deep rich glowing 
shade, generally produces two spikes of finely shaped flow- 
ers. A grand plant for winter forcing 75' 

Aurore, (new.) Pure white, extra large flowers, with large 
garnet red stripes, slightly tinged with yellow on the bor- 
ders. Very vigorous, producing generally two spikes of 
six flowers 3 00 

*De]icata, (new.) White, delicately striped and veined with 
crimson 3 CO 

*Etoile, (new.) Transparent yellow on white ground, slightly 
striated and striped with purple ; well opened flowers. 
Vigorous and fine, generally produces two spikes 3 00 

*Fettanii (robusta.) Flowers large, finely shaped, of a dark 
jet bright scarlet crimson, veined all over ; flowers about 
mid- winter 1 50 

*Fulgida. A large flower, deep crimson, veined with white, 
robust grower, generally has two spikes 1 50 

■'^Johnsonii Grandiflora, (new.) This variety produces from 
two to four flower spikes, each bearing from four to eight 
large scarlet flowers, with pure white stripe through each 
petal 1 50 

*Lindenii. Glowing vermilion, with light stripes in the cen- 
tre of each petal. Flowers freely during mid-winter, 
magnificent 2 00 

*Optima, (new.) Deep bright crimson, with broad white 
stripe in the centre of each petal, very vigorous, generally 
producing two spikes. A magnificent flower. 3 00 

■^Oriflamme, (new.) White, with large salmon-red colored 
petals, somewhat darker in the centre bands ; large and 
well-opened flowers of a splendid shape 3 00 

*Phoebe, (new.) Pure white, striped and striated with car- 
mine rose. Well-opened flowers, perfect shape 3 00 

*Kefulgens. Glowing vermilion, clear, deep and brilliant, a 
fine flowerer, and one of the finest and richest flowers, gene- 
rally produces two spikes; fine for winter forcing 1 00 

*Lutea. Yellow flowered, autumn bloomer, hardy 25 

100 John Saul's 

Per plant. 
*Amaryllis Belladona Major. Large charming white flowers, richly 

flushed with rosy-red, very fragrant 1 00 

Formossissima, (Sprekelia.) Jaeobea Lily 25 

Fine unnamed varieties 75 

Amorpliophallus Kivieri 25 

Anomathica Cruenta, brilliant red flowers in pots 25 

Arum pictum. Foliage green, spotted with white 30 

Bravoa Geminiflora, spike of Pentstemon-like crimson flowers, very fine.. 25 

Brodioea Conjesta, flowers blue on a long scape, a free flowerer 10 

Grandiflora, grows about 1 foot high and covered with a mass of 

violet blue flowers 10 

Cyclamen Persicum, good flowering bulbs, a fine strain 25 to 50 

European Alba, pure white, very pretty 50 

Giganteum, large flowered 25 to 50 

Cannas. In sorts 15 to 25 

Calla Ethioptica Nana. The well-known " Calla Lily " 25 to 50 

Coburghia Incarnata. A beautiful Peruvian plant with scarlet flowers.... 50 

Crinum Americanum. Large umbels of white flowers, fragrant 50 

Crocosmia. See Tritonia. 

Dielytra Spectabilis, (Bleeding Heart.) Long racemes of purplish crim- 
son flowers 25 

Eximia, (Formosa.) Rosy crimson flowers 25 

Scoulerii. Rosy crimson 25 

Punkia. Japan Day Lily. 

Fortunii. Large flowers, light blue, a flne species 50 

Grandiflora. Flowers large, coerulean blue 50 

Japonica Alba. White Day Lily. Blooms all summer 30 

Gigantea. Long spikes of blue flowers 50 

Liliflora. Large lily-like flowers, white 50 

Sieboldi. Flowers coerulean blue 50 

Undulata variegata. The variegation is pearly white all through 

the spring, very attractive 30 

Subcordata. Long spikes, flowers white 40 

Grandiflora. A larger variety of the last 40 

*Gloriosa Superba Grandiflora. (new.) A distinct and beautifftl variety, 
habit vigorous, stems freely clothed with neat sessile leaves, and ter- 
minated with long spikes of large beautifully formed Lily-like flow- 
ers. The flowers are composed of long lanceolate shaped petals, 
which are deeply undulated on their margins, centres of flowers rich 

orange yellow, outer portion of petals brilliant vermilion scarlet 2 50 

Hemerocallis Thunbergii. A fine new species from Japan, bright yellow 

flowers, showy 30 

Hemerocallis Disticha Pleno. A double flowered variety of this fine old 
perennial herbaceous plant, flowers of an orange yellow. 
After growing this superb plant several seasons, I can 
recommend it as one of the most beautiful as well as 
one of the most valuable hardy herbaceous plants ever 

introduced 30 

Kwanso Variegata Fl. PI. A superb hardy plant, pro- 
ducing long deep green leaves, broadly striped with 
white ; in addition to which it produces very large 

double copper-colored flowers 40 

Helleborus (Christmas Rose) Niger. Blooms mid-winter, flowers white 50 

Ismene Calathina. Large umbels of white flowers 50 

Iris Setosa. Flowers blue and purple 25 

Susiana. Very large flowers, veined and spotted with black 50 

Reticulata. Flowers of a very flne violet with bluish refltx and 

spotted with white, yellow and black, superb 50 

Pumilii. A pretty dwarf Iris 20 

Siberica 25 

Talmeanceana. A species from the Rocky Mountains 25 

Kempferii, (Species.) White, marbled with purple.. ..$2.50 per doz,, 25 

Descriptive Catalogue. 101 

Per plant. 
Ins Kempferii, Alexander Von Humboldt. Flowers large, snow white, a 

fine variety 1 00 

Alex. Von Siebold. Flowers large and showy, brownish 

black, striped with orange 1 00 

Duchesse de Belcourt. Flowers large brownish crimson, 

tine 75 

Gloire de Rotterdam. Flowers large double white, fine, 1 00 
Le Souvenir, Extraordinary large petals, very dark 

purple blue, light striped semi-double 1 00 

Eutherford Alcock. Fine violet crimson with golden 

eve and blue belt 50 

Lily of the Valley.' Single white 15 

Nerine, Guernsey Lilies, crispa, rose 60 

flexuosa, rose colored 40 

Sarniensis, beautiful rose crimson 80 

corusca, scarlet 60 

Ornithogalum thyrsoides alba. Long spikes of white flowers 25 to 40 

Arabicum. A grand spike of pure white flowers, magnifi- 
cent 50 

Pancratium Mexicanum. Flowers large, pure white 50 

Richardia Alba Maculata. Bright green foliage spotted with white 25 

Ethiopica, (Calla,) Egyptian Lily or Lily of the Nile. Fine 

roots 25 

Sparaxis Pulcherrima. Very elegant, sub erect flower stems or scapes, 
5 to 6 feet in height, with graceful terminal arching racemes 
of lovely rich violet crimson or red flowers, but are found to 
vary from crimson to deep rose or maroon, and from those to 

pink, blush or white, nearly or quite hardy 50 

Thunbergii. This is somewhat similar in growth to the last, 
with pale pink and white bells, smaller, but expanded more 

fully, a lovely species 50 

Tigridia, (Tiger or Shell Flower.) Pavonia. Oranged red, spotted 

black $1 00 per doz., 10 

Conchjflora. Yellow, spotted black $1 00 per doz., 10 

Coelestina $1 50 per doz., 15 

Tritoma, (Flame Flower, Grandis. A handsome plant, with spikes of 

flowers 3 feet high, color orange scarlet 25 

Glaucescens. The foliage of this variety is very glaucus 25 

Uvaria. Long spikes, color orange scarlet 25 

Tritonia Aurea, (Crocosmia.) Lovelv golden blooms in tall branching 

spikes r. 20 

Crocata. Orange scarlet flowers, fine 25 

Tube Rose, (Double.) First quality bulb 75 cts. SI pf^r doz., 10 

Pearl. A variety of dwarf growth, 18 to 24 inches, with 

larger flowers than the common 75 cts. to SI per doz , 10 

^Urceolina Aurea, Cpendula.) An exceedingly beautiful bulbous plant 
from Peru, flowers golden yellow, very free, it is of easy cultivation 

in an ordinary green-house 1 50 

Vallota Purpurea. Flowers brilliant scarlet, cup shaped 50 

Major. A larger variety of the last 50 

Zephyranthes Atamasco, (Atamasco Lily.) A pretty dwarf Amaryllis- 
like plant, with white flowers 25 

Rosea. Rose colored 40 


Per plant. 
Calampelis (Eccremocarpus) Scabra. A rapid growing vine with orange 

flowers 20 

Cobasa Scandens. A very rapid growing vine, flowers purple 20 

102 John Saul's 

Per plant 
Ipomsea. Noctiphyton, (Evening Glory.) An exceedingly vigorous 

grower, which open during night ; flowers very large, pure white.... 20 

Lophospermun Scandens. Eapid grower, flowers rosy crimson 20 

Maurandya Barclayana. A very elegant vine, flowers purple 15 

Alba. A fine white variety 15 

Kosea. Flowers of bright rose 15 

Madeira Yine, (Boussingaultea Baselloides.) A vine of rapid growth 

with fragrant white flowers $1 per doz. 10 

Yariegata. f*rettily variegated 25 

Khodochiton Yolubile. See Novelties 50 

Physianthus Albans. A fine climber, with white flowers 20 

Solanum Jasminoides. Flowers rosy purple, free growth 20 

Passiflora Incarnata. Fine hardy Passion flower 20 

Ccerulea. Blue 20 


Per plant. 
Abutilon Boule de Niege. (A colored plate, 1874-) Pure white flowers... 15 
Due de Mai akoff" Yariegata. Large leaves, four to six inches in 
width, being richly blotched or mottled with white and gold. 15 

Due de Malakofl" ,. 15 Abutilon Yexillarium 15 

Marmoratum 15 Yariegatum. 15 

Acalypha Tricolor. Foliage irregularly blotched and mottled with crim- 
son : a very distinct plant, fine for bedding 25 

Macrophylla. A large leaved variety, blotched and mottled, 

fine bedding plant 25 

Acacia. Sorts 50 

Agave (American Aloe) Americana 25 to 50 

American Yariegata 50 Agave Antillerium 50 

Xylynacantha 50 Utahensis 1 00 


Anthericum Yariegatum. This fine plant has been compared by many to 
Pandaiius Veitchii. The foliage is of a bright grassy green, beauti- 
fully striped and margined with creamy white 30 

Allamanda Cathartica 30 

Nobilis. See Novelties.. Allamanda Nerifolia 30 

Hendersonii or "Wardliana.. See Novelties 

Ardesia. A pretty plant which gives a profusion of scarlet berries during 

winter 25 to 50 

Alba. White berried , 25 to 50 

^schynanthus Lobbianus. A trailing plant, suitable for suspending bas- 
kets, &c., flowers crimson 30 

Aphelandra. Nitans. Yery dark foliage 50 

Yariegata. Leaves striped with white 50 

Asclepias Curassavica. A very ornamental plant for summer decoration, 
blooming from July to November, growing about three feet in height. 

The stem terminated with heads of yellowish scarlet flowers 25 

Aspidistris Lurida Yariegata. A large foliage plant, leaves finely striped 
with white and green. A very valuable plant and nearly or quite 

hardy 30 

Bougainvillea Glabra. This is the freest grower and bloomer of the genus, 

a very fine winter blooming plant ; color a rosy pink 40 

Browallia Elata Ccerulea Major. A plant of quick, compact growth, 
with rich blue flowers, fine for bedding or winter blooming in the 

greenhouse... 15 

Brugmansia, (Datura.) Knightii. Beautiful large double white flowers. 25 
Bignonia Yenusta. A beautiful free flowering winter climber, flowers 

orange 40 

jiosa. A very splendid new species, flowers pink 50 

Descriptive Catalogue. 103 

Per plant. 
Cissus Lindenii. The foliage of this showy plant is bright green, veined 

and banded with silvery white 25 

Discolor Foliagebeautifully shaded with silver, crimson and purple 25 
Cyperus, (Nile Tufted Grass ) Laxus. An exceedingly graceful and dis- 
tinct species 20 

Alternifolius. A tufted grass with alternate leaves 20 

Variegatus. A variety of the last, with hand- 
somely variegated leaves 30 

Ceanothus Gloire de Versailles 25 

Centradenia Grandiflora. Rose colored flowers 25 

Coccoloba Platyclada. A singular flat stemmed plant, has no leaves like 

a cactus 25 

Campylobotrys Discolor. Pretty variegated foliage 25 

Deeringia Variegata. Variegated foliage 25 

Daphne Odorata Alba. Wliite flowers, very fragrant 50 

O. Rubra. Nearly white, outside of flower shaded, very fragrant; 

the variety usually grown.. 25 to 50 

*Mazeli, (new.) This beautiful new Japanese Daphne differs 
from all the preceding varieties in the flowers being borne on 
short lateral branchlets all along the branches, instead as usual 
in dense clusters at end of the branches. Flowers during 
winter ; tube rosy-crimson, petals white shaded with pink, very 

fragrant foliage, variegated with yellow. Small plants 1 00 

Duranta Bungertnierii Variegata. Centre of leaf deep green, margined 

with golden yellow 25 

Echeveria Secunda Glauca. Of a beautiful glaucus hue 20 

Metallica. Large leaves of a rich metallic hue 20 

Metallica Minor. Similar to last, but smaller 20 

Mexicanum 20 Echeveria Sanguinea 20 

Retusa 20 

Pretty dwarf plants, similar to the House Leek. 

Eranthemum Andersonii or Elegans. This very beautiful plant is of free 
vigorous growth, producing long terminal spikes of its 
pure white and rich lake flowers during the winter 
months, which last a long time in perfection — a plant of 

great beauty 25 

Pulchellum. Flowers deep blue during winter, very hand- 
some 25 

Cooperii. Pretty foliage 25 

Tuberculatum, Flowers during winter, pure white in 

great profusion 30 

Echites Nutans. Leaves dark velvety green with rose colored veins. A 

greenhouse climber i 25 

Erythrina Crista Galli. Beautiful summer flowering plant with dark 
crimson coral-like flowers. The roots, which are fleshy, 
can be put away in a cellar, like Dahlias, during winter. 
There is no plant more valuable than this for bedding out 

in our climate, and very beautiful 25 

Madame Belangier. A very beautiful coral plant, dwarf 

compact habit, very free flowering 50 

Eupatorium Riparium. White, blooming January until March 20 

Elegans. Fine winter bloomer, pure white 20 

Francisia Eximia. A pretty winter flowering plant with purplish violet 

flowers ... 50 

Euphorbia Sanguinea. A good old plant, the foliage is a purplish crim- 
son, distinct from other dark colored foliage plants 25 

Atropurpurea, Foliage blackish purple, tine for bedding from 

its very dark color 25 

Jacquiniaeflora. Invaluable for winter blooming flowers of the 

richest scarlet ,...25 to 50 

Splendens. Blooms during winter, flowers scarlet 30 

104 John Saul's 

Per plant. 

Fabiana Imbricata. A heath-like plant with pretty white flowers 30 

Ficus Eepens. An admirable plant for hanging baskets, etc 15 

Minor. Small leaved 15 

Fittonia Argyroneura. A trailing plant with light green foliage, beauti- 
fully striped with white 20 

Grevillea Kobusta. A fine decorative plant .- 25 to 50 

Gyranostachyum Pearcei. A superb species, and in every respect one of 

the most beautiful of foliage plants 20 

Giganteum. In this beautiful species we have a plant of 

equal beauty with others of the genus 20 

Verschafieltii. Stems and branches are of a reddish 
tinge, red leafstalks, upper surface of the leaf smooth 
and richly painted with reticulations which vary from 

red to rich pink, passing into brilliant scarlet 20 

Graptophyllum Pictum. Leaves deep green with a large blotch of bright 
gold in the centre, a beautiful foliage plant requires a 

hothouse 25 to 50 

Versicolor. Various colored 30 

Hoya Carnosa Waxplant. A very beautiful and well-known plant 25 

Carnosa Variegata. Centre of leaf green margined with silver 25 

Bella. A delicate growing but charming species 60 

Paxtonii. A distinct and beautiful plant 50 

Hardenbergia Comptoniana. Pretty greenhouse climber with rose and 

purple flowers 40 

Hexacentris Mysorensis. A beautiful climbing plant, flowers yellow and 

crimson ,.,.., 75 

Impatiens Hookeriana. A very pretty plant, blooms freely during win- 
ter 50 

Justicia Carnea. A winter bloomer, flowers pink 20 

Jasminum Grandiflorum. Beautiful white Jessamine 25 

Kevolutum. Yellow 25 

Kadsura Japonica Marginata. A beautiful half hardy climber, foliage 

green, margined with gold 50 

Kleinea Repens. A free flower, bushy in habit, and the leaves are about 
three inches long, by one-quarter of an inch in diameter, perfectly 
round, and a bright blue in color ; a succulent plant of easy growth.. 80 

Linaria Cyrabalaria, (Kenil worth Ivy. ) A pretty trailing plant 10 

Lavendula Spica Alba. White lavender 25 

Leonothus Leonorus. This is an old but very beautiful plant, which suc- 
ceeds admirably bedded out during summer, where it will produce its 
remarkably long terminal spikes of brilliant orange colored flowers in 

dense zones throughout the summer 30 

Leea Coccinea. A large fine foliage plant 40 

Lingularia Kempferi Argentea. A herbaceous plant nearly or quite hardy, 

Avith large finely variegated leaves 40 

Libonia Penrhosiensis. Freely producing its fine showy flowers, which 

are of a bright rich crimson color. It blooms in the depth of winter. 25 

Laurestinus, (Viburnum Tinus.) For winter flowering 25 

Lasiandra Splendens. Violet purple flower, fine for winter 40 

Lotus Jacobeus. An old, though scarce plant, producing continually and 
in the greatest profusion, beautiful dark brown, fragrant, pea shaped 

flowers 25 

Lobelia Blue King. Lovely blue 

Paxtonia. Blue, white with white eye 10 

Many beautiful varieties each 10 

Fine for suspended baskets, vases, &o. 

Mahernia Odorata. Winter bloomer, flowers yellow, fragrant 15 

Mikania. Violacea, (Parlor Ivy.) A creeping plant with purplish green 

upper surface of leaf ; under glossy carmine , 15 

Mesembryanthemum Cordifolium Variegatum. An exceedingly attractive 
variegated foliaged plant. The branches are furnished with fat fleshy 
heart-shaped leaves, distinctly margined with cream color 15 

Descbiptive Catalogue. 105 

Per plant. 

Myrtus Communis. Small leaved Myrtle t) 20 

Meyenia Erecta. Purple flowers, pretty plant 25 

Alba 25 

Myrsiphyllum Asparagoides, (Smilax.) Beautiful climber for wreaths, 

cut flowers, etc 10 to 20 

Magnolia Fuscata. A very fragrant species 50 

Mandevillea Suavolens. Greenhouse climber, with lovely white fragrant 

flowers 50 

Mimulus Muschatus Harrisonii. The flowers are rich golden yellow 
color and delicate odor and are attractively spotted with rich brown 
on the lower segments. The foliage has the same agreeable fragrance 

as the Old Musk 25 

Othonna Crassifolia. An exceedingly beautiful plant for hanging baskets, 15 
Ophiopogan Spicatum Argentea Marginatum, A half hardy Japanese 
plant, with broad grassy leaves, margined with 

white, and producing freely white flowers 30 

Aureo Marginatum. Similar to the last, but in 

this variety the variegation is a deep yellow 30 

Olea Fragrans. Fragrant Olive,...! 25 to 50 

-r, . K 1 Dwarf growinsr plants, suitable for baskets, 

Peperomia Argyrea | ^^^ ^^^^^f^^ cases. The leaves are delicately 

Ve?«chaS' r blended, being bright green along the line of 

verscnaneiti.j ^he nerves 15 

Plumbago Capensis. We have no plant of the same color of flowers to 
approach this for summer bedding. Plants bedded out in 
May will continue flowering through the summer; color a 
delicate azure blue. The plants can be kept in a cellar 

during winter 25 

Larpentas. Like the last, this blooms through the summer ; 

color bluish purple 20 

Rosea. Flowers rose color, fine for bedding or winter blooming, 25 

Poinsettia Pulcherrima. Fine winter blooming plant 25 to 50 

Pittosporum Tobira Yery fragrant shrubs 25 

Variegata, Variegated .. 25 

Pleroma Benthamiana. Purple flowers, winter blooming 80 

Pilea Muscosa. Artillery plant , 15 

Pothos Argyrea. A pretty foliage plant 40 

Ehodea Japonica. Leaves green, edged with yellow 40 

Eogiera Amcena 80 

Gratissima, (new) 50 

All are lovely winter flowering plants, as fragrant as the Heliotrope. 

Russellia Juncea. Pretty basket plant, scarlet flowers 25 

Ruellia formosa. A free flowering winter blooming plant, wnth bright 

scarlet flowers 25 

Rhyncospermum Jasminoides, A lovely winter blooming climber, with 

white fragrant Jasmine-like flowers, very valuable... 25 

Yariegata 25 

Reinecki Carnea Yariegata. A pretty variegated plant 25 

Senecio Scandens 10 

Macroglossum, A variety with deeper and more shining foliage, 10 
Sanchezia Nobilis Variegata. Leaves upwards of twelve inches in length, 
and of most intense green, the veins being broadly margined with 

golden yellow 25 

Sempervivum Arboreum Atropurpurea 25 

Sericographis Ghiesbrechtii. Fine winter bloomer 25 

Thyrsacanthus Rutilans. The flowers of this plant are borne in long pen- 
dulous racemes, having a very graceful appearance, bright scarlet 

color 40 

Thunbergia Laurifolia. This magnificent climber cannot be too highly 
praised. To the Florist, and all who require winter blooms, 
it is indispensable, as it flowers in the greatest profusion 
during the winter months. Color delicate violet blue 40 


John Saul's 

Per plant, 
rrasrrans. Another valuable winter-blooming plant, flowers 

pure white, and free flowerer. 30 

Tecoma Jasrainoides. Flowers white, with crimson centre, a lovely 

climber 30 

Torenia Asiatica. Rich blue and dark violet 20 

Tradescantia Zebrina. Zebra plant 10 

Striata. A pretty striped variety 15 

Repens Vittata 10 

Discolor. Two colored 25 

Aquatica. Small foliage .' 10 


Per plant. 

Abutilons, in sorts. 10 

Acalyphas, in sorts 25 

Alyssum Sweet. Double flowered 10 
Ageratum Mexicanum Imperial 

dwarf. Coerulean blue.. 10 
Blanch. Very pure white 25 
Mexicanum. Light blue.. 10 

John Douglass. 25 

Aloysia Citriodora. Lemon Ver- 
bena 15 


Amoena. Magenta colored 10 
Amabilis. Magenta col- 
ored 10 

Magnifica. Very robust 

ingrowth 10 

Paronychiodes. Bronzed, 

tipped with red 10 

Tricolor. Rose color, pur- 
ple veins 10 

Asclepias Curisavica 25 

Browallia Elata Coerulea Major.. 15 
Centaurea Gymnocarpa. Leaves 
of a downy white, form- 
ing an admirable con- 
trast with Coleus and 

other foliaged plants 15 

Argentea Plumosa. This 
variety has very elegant 
silvery surfaced leaves, 

long and Fern-like 15 

Clementei. Of robust 
growth, producing large 
rosette-like leaf clusters 
from the base, with 

white serrated leaves 15 

Candidissima. Fine white 

foliage 15 

Babylonica. Foliage sil- 
very 15 

Nigra Aurea Marginata. 
Green, margined with 
gold; a very effective 
plant i n spring and 
autumn and nearly or 
quite hardy. Very 
desirable 20 

Per plant. 
Cineraria Maritima. Silvery 

foliage 10 

Maritima Candidissima. 
Avaluable improvement; 
foliage and branches of 
a pure silvery white ; 
well adapted for borders, 

groups, etc 10 

Caladium Esculentum. A mag- 
nificent plant for bedding out 
where large, broad, tropical 
foliage is desirable, grows about 
four feet high, very effective... 

15 to 25 
Celosia Huttonii. Foliage rich 
claret crimson. I have no hesi- 
tation in saying this is one of 
the best bedding out plants for 
our climate ever introduced.... 15 
Cuphea Platycentra. Pretty for 

bedding out 15 

Hyssopifolia. Very dwarf 
and compact ; flowers 

bright lilac 15 

Euphorbia Sanguinea 25 

Atropurpurea 25 

Gnaphalium Tomentosum. Sil- 
very leaved, fine for bedding.. 15 
Iresine Lindenii. Leaves blood 

red. 15 

Aurea Reticulata. Crim- 
son reticulated with gold, 15 
Verschaffeltii. Crimson 

stems and leaves 15 

Acuminata, crimson leaves 15 
Wallisii, (new.) A dis- 
tinct new species of 
dwarf compact habit; 
the leaves are small, 
round and of an attrac- 
tive reddish purple color 
with intense metallic 
green reflections, pro- 
ducing a brilliant effect. 
Fine for bedding out. 
All are fine bedding plants, 
per dozen, $1.00. 

Descriptive Catalogue. 


Per plant. 

Lotus Jacobeus 

Klenia Repens 

!Nierembergia Frutescens. A 
beautiful dwarf bedding 

out 20 

Gracilis, A very neat free 

flowering day plant 15 

Peristropbe Augustifolia Aurea- 

Variegata 15 

Plumbago. A superb bedding 


Ruellia rormosa 

Salvia Grahami Purpurata. Pur- 
plish crimson 20 

Gordoniana 20 

Leucantha. Blue 20 

Marmorata Nana..,, 15 

Splendens. Scarlet sage... 15 

Per plant. 
Salvia Splendens Yariegata. Va- 
riegated foliage 15 

Splendens Alba. (White 
Scarlet Sage,) flowers 

white 15 

Heeri. Flowers during 

winter 20 

Patens. The finest of all 

blue Salvias 20 

OflScinalis Aurea. Varie- 
gated 15 

Vinca Kosea. Pretty shrubby 
plant, with rose colored 

flowers 10 

Alba. White flowers 10 

Occulata. White, with 

crimson eye 10 

There are no bedding plants that 
can equal these in value and beauty. 


Per plant. 

Achillefe Ptarmicae Pleno. Dou- 
ble white flowers $0 25 

Anemone Japonica Alba, (Hono- 
rine Jobert.) Makes a 
splendid bed for autumn 
flowering, large white 
flowers, handsome per- 
ennial 20 

Japonica Rubra. The crim- 
son variety. A fine au- 
tumnal flowerer 20 

Aquilegia Chrysantha. This is 
unquestionably one of 
the finest perennials. Its 
large golden yellow, long 
spurred flowers are pro- 
duced in great abun- 
dance from densely tuft- 
ed plants, which main- 
tain a long succession of 
blooms. It is a native 
of the Rocky Mountains. 20 

Chrysantha Coerulea. A 
variety of the last with 
blue flowers, and fully as 
beautiful 20 

Californica. A species of 
recent introduction, very 
beautiful 20 

Wittmaniana. This is a 
remarkably fine new 
species, with large pur- 
plish blue flowers 25 

Glandulosa 20 

Skinerii 20 

Per plant. 
Aquilegia Ccerule. A very fine 
blue Columbine from the 

Rocky Mountains 20 

Olympica. Large pur- 
plish blue, very showy.. 25 
Alba Pleno. Double white. 20 
Coryophylloides. Striped. 20 

Vulgaris. Common 20 

All beautiful hardy perennials. 
Astilba Japonica, (Spirea Japon- 
ica.) A beautiful flower 
either for forcing or open 
ground, large panicles of 

white flowers 25 

Japonica Aurea Variega- 
ta. A hardy herbaceous 
perennial, with glossy 
red tinted stems, and 
triply three lobed green 
leaflets, richly traced 
throughout with gold 
colored veins. The 
flowers are produced in 
large, erect, densely 
flowered, snow white, 

plume like racemes 30 

Aspidistris Lurida Variegata. 

fine variegated foliage 30 

Bocconia (Macleya) Cordata. 

Large ornamental foliage 25 

Campanula, (Bell Flower.) Ur- 
tieifolia pleno, double 

white flowers 25 

Medium Calvanthema Al- 
ba. White 20 


John Saul's 

Per plant. 
Campanula Medium Calycanthe- 

ma Ccerula. Blue 20 

Medium Calycanthema Li- 
lac. Blue 20 

The ordinarj'^ single form bears 
flowers of the shape of a broad 
cleanly-modeled and open bell. 
The variety we are now describ- 
ing takes quite a different devel- 
opment. In habit the plant re- 
sembles the well-known old blue 
or white Canterbury Bell, "but 
the corolla is much larger, and 
the calyx in addition is enlarged 
to nearly four inches in diameter, 
presenting the form of a saucer, 
and changed from its ordinary 
green color to the same hue as 
that of the corolla." 
Callirhaoe Involucrata. Trailing 

habits, crimson flowers 25 

Cassia Bifolia. Panicles of yel- 
low flowers 25 

Commelyna Ccelestis. Pretty 

azure blue flowers 25 

Dictamnus Fraxinella Kubra. 

spikes of red flowers 25 

Fraxinella Alba. White. 25 
Delphineum Formosum. Spikes 

of blue flowers 25 

Elatum Hybridum. Bee 

Larkspur 25 

Cordiopetalum. Spikes of 

azure blue 25 

Hendersonii. Fine azure 

spikes 25 

Grandiflorum Coelestinum. 
Magniflcent, color coeru- 

lean blue 25 

Farfugium Grande. Hardy plant 

with variegated foliage 25 

Feverfew. Double white.$l p. d. 10 

Prince Arthur $1 p. d. 10 

^Geranium Sylvaticum Pleno. A 
fine double variety of hardy 
Geraniums, flowers double, 

bright rose color 1 00 

^Hypericum Olympicum Au- 
gustifolium. A fine new per- 
ennial with golden yellow 

flowers 75 

Gypsophila Acutifolia 20 

Hibiscus Coccineus, (Speciosus.) 
A hardy perennial with large 
magnificent deep crimson flow- 
ers 25 

Hollyhocks. Seedlings,fine mixed, 

$lperdoz. 15 

Iberis Gibraltarica. This beauti- 
ful plant flowers pure 
white in profusion 20 

Per plant. 
Iberis Sempervirens, Evergreen 

Candytuft 20 

Cariacea. A strong grower; 
fine head of pure white 
flowers; fine for florists.. 20 
Tenoreana. Another fine 

variety ; flowers white.. 20 
Iberica. A dwarf species, 

pretty 20 

Pretty dwarf shrubby plants, 
which are covered with snow 
white blooms in the early spring 
months ; hardy and of the easiest 

Lychnis — Double "White. {Lych- 
nis Floscuculi Pleno.) This is 
a perfectly hardy plant of quick 
growth. The flowers are almost 
identical with a pure white car- 
nation. In bloom the whole 
summer. Invaluable to florists' 
summer work, taking the place 

of carnations 25 

Lysimachia Chetrioides. A beau- 
tiful perennial from Ja- 
pan, flowers white, quite 

hardy 25 

Nummularia Aurea. A 
new variety of Money- 
wort ; it differs from the 
old in the color of the 
foliage, which is of a soft 

yellow color, 15 

Myosotis, (Forget-Me-Not.) 

Alpestris Alba 15 

Palustris. Azure blue 15 

Azorica. Bluish purple... 15 

Pentstemon Cobea 25 

Torreyii 25 

Barbata Coccinea 25 

Murrayanus. A hardy pe- 
rennial with long spikes 

of scarlet flowers 26 

Grandiflora. A hardy pe- 
rennial, with long spikes 
of light purple flowers... 25 
Lineroides. A pretty small 
species from Eocky 
Mountains, flowers blue. 25 
Azurea or Camatis. From 

Rocky Mountains 25 


Purpurea. Deep purple... 25 


Plumbago Larpentii 

Pansy or Heartsease. From 
large show flowers, $1 

per doz 15 

From finest fancy varieties, 
$1 per doz 15 

Descriptive Catalogue. 


Per plant. 
Pansy Hybrid Viola. This is the 
Viola with all the well- 
defined markings of the 
Pansy, $1.50 perdoz.... 15 
Ehexia Virginica, A very beau- 
tiful native perennial, flowers 

crimson - 25 

Eubus Rosceflorus — Bridal Rose. 

Double white flowers.... 25 
Japonica. Large double 

white flowers 30 

Eudbeckia JNewmannii A showy 
hardy perennial with large yel- 
low flowers 20 

Saxifraga Sarmentosa. Foliage 

prettily reticulated 20 

Japonica Tricolor. Three 

colored leaves, etc 20 

Sedum Macrophyllum Aurea 
Marginata. Deep green, 
margined with yellow... 20 

Carneum Variegatum 20 

Japonicum Variegatum. 
Green, with a golden 

blotch 20 

Spectabile Purpureum. A 
large flat cymose head of 
flowers, six to seven 

inches across 20 

Sieboldii. A light green, 

a pretty plant 20 

Salvia (Sage) Rubicunda. A 

pretty perennial species. 25 

Picherii. Fine blue 25 

Silene. Double scarlet 25 

Sweet William. Auricula eyed, 
beautiful $1.00 perdoz. 10 

Per plant. 
Spirea Filipendula. Double white 

flowers, pretty 25 

Japonica Variegata 30 

Palmata. This is undoubt- 
edly the finest species in 
this genus, and one of 
the best hardy plants of 
recent introduction. The 
flowers aie deep crimson 
and produced in large 
terminal corynibs,which 
are from six to twelve 

inches in diameter 50 

Ulmaria Flora Pleno. Dou- 
ble white 25 

Venusta, (lobata.) Beauti- 
ful crimson flowers 25 

Stokesia Cyanus. A beautiful na- 
tive perennial plant with sky 

blue flowers 50 

*Thalictrum Adiantioides. A 
very elegant hardy perennial, 
from twelve to eighteen inches 
in height, of a neat branching 
habit ; in delicacy of structure 
it rivals the finest species of 
exotic Adiantums or Maiden- 
hair Fern, by the exquisite 

beauty of its leaf fronds 50 

Trycirtus Hirtus. Flowers white, 
dotted with purple, a fine hardy 

perennial 25 

Vittadenia Triloba 25 

Vinca Aurea Maculata. Blotched 

Vinca.... 15 

Major Aurea Marginata. 
Foliage margined with 
golden yellow 15 


Per plant. 
Bambusa Aurea. Has a golden 
tinge over stems and 

foliage 40 

Fortunei Variegata. Beau- 
tifully variegated Palm- 
like leaves; it is a very 
ornamental plant ; it is 
splendid as a single plant ; 
in the summer it requires 
abundance of moisture.... 25 
Metake. A fine hardy Bam- 
boo 40 

Simonii Striata. Finely 

striped 50 

Acorus Variegatus. Leaves green, 

margin white 20 

Alopecurup Pratensis Aurea Varie- 
gatus. Pretty for baskets 20 

Per plant. 

Erianthus Ravennse. A tall reed- 
like grass, hardy... 25 

Festuca Coecia. Ornamental dwarf 
grass, with bluish foliage 20 

Eulalia Japonica Variegata, See 
Zebrina. See Novelties. 

Gymnothrix Japonica. Japanese 
grass 25 

Isolepsis Gracilis. Bright green 
wiry leaves for baskets 20 

Gynerium Argenteum. Pampas 
grass 25 

Molinia Ccerulea Fl. Striatis. Green 
and yellow striped, tinted with 
blue 20 

Panicura Variegatum. Beautiful 
trailing grass for baskets 20 


John Saul's 

Per plant. 

Holcus Lanatus Alba Variegatus. 
An elegant dwarf silver varie- 
gated grass for baskets 20 

Panicum Sulcatum..., 20 

Per plant. 

Phalaris Arundinacea Variegata. 
Eibbon grass 20 

Stenotaphyrum Glabrum Variega- 
tuni. A fine new silvery varie- 
gated grass 20 


Per plant. 
Acuminata. This exceedingly beautiful new variety has large heads of 

pink flowers, witlistands the sun well 25 

Glauca or I^ivea. A native species, flowers white 25 

Hortensia. The well-known garden variety has immense heads of beau- 
tiful pink flowers 25 

Elegantissima. See Novelties. 

Imperatrice Eugenie. Large heads of pink flowers, tinted 

with blue 25 

Variegata. Leaves green, margined with yellow 50 

Variegata Speciosa, (new. ) In this striking variety the mar- 
gin of the leaves are green, with a broad white band pass- 
ing through the centre 25 

Involucrata Vera. A beautiful and distinct new species 25 

Otaksa. Flowers large bright pink tinged with blue, last a considerable 

time; a splendid plant 25 

Paniculata Grandiflora. A highly ornamental shrub with enormously 
large dense flower heads, opening pure white and tinted with rose in 
their mature bloom, flowers profusely during summer, and perfectly 

hardy 25 to 50 

Stellata Flora Pleno. A magnificent new Japanese variety, flower heads 

very large, double, of a bright pink 30 

Thunbergii Flora Percis. A distinct species, much smaller foliage, and 

flat cymes of pretty blue flowers 25 

Thomas Hogg. See Novelties. 


Per plant. 
Aucuba Himalaica. A fine ever- 
green, broad green leaves 50 

Aucuba Japonica. The mottled 
leaves of this fine evergreen 
have long formed one of the 
most familiar objects in culti- 
vation, but the scarlet berries 
have appeared but of late in 
consequence of the absence un- 
til recently of male plants. 
There are quite a number of 
fine varieties recently intro- 
duced, differing in the form or 

variegation of the leaf 

The following are some of the 
finest varieties : 

Japonica Maculata 50 

Alba Variegata, (foem,) 50 

Bicolor, (mas.) 50 

Elegans, (foem.) 50 

Foemina Vera, (foem.) 50 

Longiflora, (foem.) 60 

Grandis, (foem.) 50 

Latimaticulata, (foem.) 50 


Mascula, (mas.) 

Marginata, (foem.)... 

Macrophylla, (foem.) 

Media lutea, (foem.) 

Picta, (foem.), 

Sulphurea, (foem.) 

Acer Poly morphum,( Deciduous.) 
A handsome Japanese Ma- 
ple 50 to 

Daphne Cneorum. A pretty 

trailing dwarf shrub 

Euonymus Japonica. In great 


Helianthemum. This is a pretty 
class of dwarf trailing 
shrubs, suitable for rock 

work, baskets, etc 

Cupreum pleno. Double, 

copper colored 

Alba pleno. Double white. 
Purpurea pleno. Double 


Aurantea pleno. Double 


1 00 
1 00 


Descriptive Catalogue. 


Per pilant. 

Helianthemum luteo pleno. 
Double yellow 

Irish Junipers 25 cts. to 1 00 

Irish Yews. Splendid cemetery 
plants SI to 2 50 

Poeonia Banksia. Large flowered 
double Tree Poeony, a magnifi- 
cent hardv plant..*..... 50 cts. to 1 00 

Khododendfons. Named. ..$1 to 2 00 
With buds according to size. 

Eetinosporas. 12 varieties. .25 to 50 

We have a large stock of Evergreen 
plants can be sent by Mail. Catalogues 

Per plant. 
Santolina Charnaecyparisus are 
exceedingly pretty dwarf ever- 
green shrub 25 

Yucca, Filamentosa . 25 

Augustifolia 50 

Superba 50 to 1 00 

Eecurva 25 to 50 

Flaccida 25 

Gloriosa 50 to 1 00 


(new) 1 00 

Stenophylla, (new) 1 00 

Trees and Shrubs at low rates. Small 
on application. 


Per plant. 
Akebia Quinata. Very distinct and 
beautiful 25 

Ampelopsis Variegata. Variegated 

fine hardy climber 25 

Veitchii or Tricuspidata. A 
miniature foliaged Virgi- 
nian Creeper, which clings 
to any building with the 
tenacity of the strongest 
Ivy, is of exceedingly rapid 
growth, and from earliest 
spring it produces its beau- 
tiful purple tinted leaves, 

turning red in autumn 25 

Bignonia Grandiflora. Orange scar- 
let flowers 30 

Capreolata. A beautiful ever- 
green climber 40 

Clematis. See Special Collection. 
GelsemiumSempervirens — Carolina 
Jessamine A lovely climber, 

with fragrant yellow flowers 25 

Lonicera. (Honeysuckle.) A large 

collection \ 25 

Hedera, (Ivy.) Variegated 25 

Aurea Maculata Foliage 

blotched with gold 25 

Japonica Argentea. Small, 

margined silver 25 

Marmorata, (Latifolia Macu- 
lata.) An Irish Ivy with 

marbled foliage 25 

Marginata Argentea. Mar- 
gined yellow... 25 

Marginata Elegans. Mar- 
bled silver foliage 25 

Marginata Cullissii. Silver 

margined 25 

Marginata Elegantissima. 

Margined yellow 25 

Marginata Pulchella. Small, 
margined yellow 25 

Selecticns from the above beautiful 

Per plant. 
Hedera, (Ivy,) Rhombia Variegata. 

Margined silver 25 

Tricolor. Margined silver 

and tipped rose 25 

Plain leaved. 

Canariensis. Irish large 

leaved 25 

Chrysocarpa. Golden berried, 25 
Donerailense. Miniature Do- 

neraile 25 

Gracilis. Slender branched.. 25 

Palmata. Palmated 25 

Dahurica. Dahurican 25 

Ecegneriana. Ecegner's very 

large foliage 25 

Dentata. Dentate, fine ro- 
bust grower 25 

Inequiloba. Irregularly 

lobed ;. 25 

Ehombea Ob' vata. Very 

distinct foliage 25 

"Wisteria Alba. White Wisteria... 30 

Consequana. Blue 25 

Magnifica. Blue 25 

Kivea. White 25 

Double flowered, fflorapleno.) 
A new beautiful, double 

flowered Wisteria 50 

Japonica. New Japanese... 50 

Japonica Macrobotrys 50 

Japonica Multijuga, (new.) 
Flowers lilac purple and 
white, grand racemes over 

2 feet long 50 

Bachybotris 40 

These are very fine and distinct 
New Wisterias. 

Lonicera Fuchsioides, (new.) A 
very handsome new Japan- 
ese Honeysuckle 50 

With a very large collection of va- 

Climbers SI. 50 and $2.50, bv Mail. 


John Saul's 

tdleii ©f Pkili. 

The following Collections of Plants will be packed and delivered at Express 
Office (will not be forwarded by Mail) in our city, at any time during Spring 
months — the varieties being our selections. None but best varieties and good 
plants will be sent : 

^20 Collection of Plants. 

12 Monthly Roses. 

4 Perpetual Roses. 
10 Zonale and Nosegay Geraniums. 

4 Double Geraniums. 

4 Sweet Scented. 

4 Ivy-Leaved. 

6 Chrysanthemums. 

6 Lantanas. 

4 Ageratums. 

6 Begonias. 

8 Cannas, assorted.^ 

4 Scarlet Sage. 

6 Fine Double Dahlias. 

2 Blue Sage. 

4 Monthly Carnations. 

2 Perpetual Pinks. 

2 New Feverfew Prince Arthur. 

2 Caladium Esculentum. 
24 Yerbenas. 

6 Heliotropes. 

2 Alternantheras. 

6 Fuchsias. 

8 Golden Coleus and Iresine. 

2 Lemon Verbenas. 

6 Hardy Phlox. 

6 Tube Roses. 

4 Silver Variegated Geraniums. 

4 Pelargoniums. 

6 Gladiolus. 

4 Gold and Bronze Geraniums. 

6 Petunias. 

1 Libonia. 

2 Vinca. 

4 Ornamental Grasses. 

2 Pomegranate. 

4 Pceonias. 

2 Crape Myrtles. 

New JPlants 

1 Sonerila Hendersonii. 
1 Dieffenbachia. 
1 Dracaena. 

1 Croton. 

2 New Pelargoniums. 

2 New Double Geraniums. 
4 New Zonal es. 

1 Maranta. 

2 New Clematis. 

2 Fancy Caladiums. 
2 New Roses. 

1 Hypericum Patulum. 

2 New Hibiscus. 

^15 Col lection 

10 Monthly Roses. 

4 Perpetual Roses. 

6 Zonale and Nosegay Geraniums. 

4 Double Geraniums. 

4 Sweet Scented. 

4 Ivy-Leaved. 
24 Verbenas. 

4 Heliotropes. 

2 Alternantheras. 

4 Scarlet Sage. 

6 Fine Double Dahlias. 

4 Monthly Cnrnations. 

2 Perpetual Pinks. 

2 New Feverfew Prince Arthur. 

6 Hardy Phlox. 

6 Tube Roses. 

2 Silver Variegated Geraniums. 

4 Fuchsias. 

8 Golden Coleus and Iresine. 

2 Lemon Verbenas. 

6 Chrysanthemums. 

4 Lantanas. 

2 Ageratums. 

2 Begonias. 

2 Caladium Esculentum. 

6 Cannas, assorted. 

4 Pelargoniums. 

4 Gladiolus. 

2 Gold and Bronze Geraniums. 

4 Petunias. 

1 Libonia. 

2 Ornamental Grasses. 
4 Pceonias. 

2 Crape Myrtles. 

Descriptive Catalogue. 113 

li ew Plants. 

1 Sonerila Hendersonii, 2 New Clematis. 

1 Dracaena. 2 Caladiums, (fancy sorte.) 

2 New Pelarsjoniums. 2 New Koses. 

2 New Douhfe Geraniums. 1 Hypericum Patulum. 

2 New Zonale Geraniums. 2 New Hibiscus. 

1 Croton. 

*J0 Collection. 

Embraces the collection of plants as in the $15 collection, from Monthly 
Roses to Crape Myrtles inclusive. 

*5 Collection, 

Half the $10 collection. 

*Plaatg f fit \j Mall 

"We have for some years forwardpd plants in large numbers by mail to the 
most distant parts of the Union, as Texas, Utah, the Pacific Coast, with per- 
fect success. All of which are properly labeled and carefully packed in boxes 
or oiled paper. The following plants will be sent by mail, prepaid, at the 
prices annexed, or any new plant can be forwarded in the same way. No order 
for less than one dollar will be filled. This rule is necessary, as the mailing of 
one or two cheap plants will not compensate us, in the hurry of business, for 
the time and labor of packing, directing, pre-paying postage, etc. Our selec- 
tion, one- quarter of a dozen at dozen rates : 

Per dozen. 

Achyranthus. Assorted — $1 00 

Alternantheras. 5 distinct sorts 1 00 

Antirrhinums. 6 distinct sorts , 1 50 

Aquilegias. 6 distinct kinds 1 50 

Ageratums 1 00 

Basket Plants 1 25 

Begonias. Assorted 1 50 

Carnations. 12 distinct sorts 2 00 

Chrysanthemums. Over 100 distinct sorts 1 50 

Coleus. 12 sorts, distinct 1 00 

Centaurias 1 50 

Cineraria Maritima Candadissima 1 00 

Dahlias. Over 100 distinct sorts 2 00 

Fuchsias. 12 distinct sorts 1 50 

Ferns. Fine assorted species 1 50 

Geranium, Zonale and Nosegay. 12 distinct sorts 1 00 

Double. 12 distinct sorts 1 00 

Variegated. 12 distinct sorts 1 50 

Sweet-Scented. Assorted 1 50 

Gladiolus. 12 distinct sorts 1 50 

Gloxinias. Assorted 2 00 

Hibiscus. Very fine, assorted 1 50 

Heliotropes. 12 distinct sorts 1 00 


114 John Saul^s 

Per dozen. 

Lantanas. 12 distinct sorts , 1 00 

Lobelia. Assorted 1 00 

Lilies. Catalogue prices 

Petunias, double and single. 12 distinct sorts 1 00 

Penstemons. 12 distinct sorts 2 00 

Phloxes. 12 distinct sorts 1 50 

Pinks, Perpetual. 6 distinct sorts 1 50 

Pansies. Fine strain.... 1 00 

Fine fancy varieties 1 00 

New Hybrid Viola 1 50 

Koses, Monthly and Perpetual 1 50 

Selaginellas, (Lycopodiuras.) Mosses 1 50 

Salvias. Scarlet and blue 1 00 

Verbenas. Distinct sorts 1 00 

12 Bedding Plants, our selection 1 25 

25 Packages of Flower Seeds 1 00 

All Plants suitable for mailing at Catalogue rates. !Not less than one dol- 
lar's worth sent in one order. 

Garden and Mower Seeds. 

Having been many years engaged in the Seed business, both as a grower and 
dealer, I can, with confidence, recommend all articles offered. They are new, 
PURE and GENUINE. See Catalogue No. 2. 

Fruits^ Ornamental Trees, Evergreens. 

A very extensive stock of Fruit, Ornamental Trees, Evergreens, Shrubs, 
Roses, etc., are grown at my Nurseries, on the Seventh Street Road, all oi 
which are of the most vigorous description, and are offered at low rates. See 
Catalogue No. 1. 

Descriptive Catalogue. 


This is certainly the most magnificent vivid crimson Zonale ever yet 
sent out, and the above engraving conveys but a very inadequate idea 
of its immense trusses ; color intense and brilliant scarlet, considerably 
darker and more glowing than Jean Sisley ; large white eye, each pip 
of fine shape, and of great substance, which causes every petal to reflex 
as soon as each bud expands, consequently each flower remains a longer 
time in perfection than any other Zonale ; it also has the valuable prop- 
erty of keeping its centre well filled up. The color of this variety totally 
eclipses all other older kinds, and is unquestionably the most magnificent 
crimson scarlet Zonale ever sent out. lf> cents each. 

116 John Saul's Desckiptive Catalogue. 


An Australian Plant of much Grace and Beauty, with 
very Long, Narrow and Graceful Foliage, admirable for 
Vases, single specimens on Lawns, &c. 



Abelia 44 

Abutilon 24 

Acalypha Macafeeana 30 

Adiantum 19, 84 

Ageratum 25 

Allamandaj 29 

Alocacias 21, 32 

Amorphophallus 30 

Anthurium 21 

Anthericum 30 

Antirrhinum 91 

Antigonon 30 

Aphelandra 22 

Aralia 21 

Arundo 30 

Azalea 82 

Bamboo and Grasses 109 

Begonias 33, 83 

" Double Flowered 34 

Bertalonia 13 

Bouvardia 36 

Bromeliads 87 

Campylobotrys 19 

Campsidiura 23 

Carnation — Collection 79 

Coleus 53 

Croton — [New 14 

Croton — Collection 39 

Cyanopbyllum 24 

Cantua 30 

Canna 32 

Cactus 86 

Caladiums 52 

Camellias 83 

Cedrela 43 

Calliphruria 29 

Choisya Ternata 14 


Clerodendrons 29 

Clittoria Ccerulea 31 

Chrysanthemums 75 

Citrus 89 

Clematis — Collection 45 

Clidemla Yittata 13 

Cordyline 39 

Coculus 31 

I Coprosma 32 

I Collection of Plants by Express 112 

I ♦' " " Mail 113 

' Crassula 30 

Curculigo 32 

; Cyclamen 28 

' Doryanthus 22 

Dennstoedtia 20 

! Dahlias 70 

1 " Maximilian 31 

j Desmodiums ,.. 44 

I Dieffenbachia 26 

' Dichorisandra 18 

: Dipladenia 13, 28 

j Dimorphantus 44 

j Dracaena — Collection 36 

! " Goldiana 12 

Dracocephalum 19 

Dwarf Bedding Plants 75 

Evergreens 110 

Eriocnema 23 

Eranthemum Laxiflorum 14 

Eulalia Japonica Variegata 25 

*♦ Zebrina 25 

Eupatorium 32 

Eucharis 30 

Eucodonia 48 

Erythrina Marmorata 12 

Ferns 19, 84 




Ficus 27 

Fuchsia — General Collection 68 

" New .., 69 

Geraniums — New Double 4 

** New Zonale and Nose- 
gay 6 

'* General Collection 56 

** Newer Zonale and 

Nosegay 59 

" Liliputian Zonale 60 

" Double Flowered 60 

»' Freak of Nature 8 

<♦ Golden Bronzed........ 61 

" " " New. 8 

" Golden Tricolor 62 

" Happy Thought 62 

•• Silver-Margined and 

Tricolor 63 

•' Ivy-Leaved 64 

" New Bronze Zonale... 8 

Gardenias, 41 

Gesneria 48 

Gladiolus 94 

Gloxinias 50 

Gyneriums — Pampas Grass 25 

Hardy Climbing Plants HI 

Hedera .Ill 

Heliotropes 80 

Hibiscus 25, 41 

Hydrangea 23, 110 

Herbaceous Plants 107 

Idesia 43 

Imatophyllum 31 

Iresine 32 

Ixora 29 

Jasminums 29 

Lan tanas 81 

Lagerstramea — (Crape Myrtle) 42 

Lasiandra 31 

Lastrea Aristata Variegata 20 

Liliums 97 

Mackaya. 23 

i Pagb 
I Manettia, SI 

I Maranta — (Calathea), Collection... 2& 
Miscellaneous Gesneriaceous Plants 48 

" Bulbous Plants 99 

" Greenhouse Plants...l02 

*' Bedding Plants 106 

" New and Rare Plants 3 

New and Kare Hardy Trees and 

Shrubs 43 

New Plants 12 

Neriums 35 

Nepenthes 13 

Nsegelia 49 

Orchids , 89 

Panax 31 

Persimmon, Japanese ,. 45 

Pelargonium — Mrs. John Saul 4 

" Dr. Masters 4 

" Gloria Patriae 4 

'♦ Triomphe de St. 

Maude 4 

♦» Duchess of Bedford, 4 
** New Double Flow- 
ered, Ivy-Leaved, 8 
" New Hybrid Ivy- 
Leaved 9 

" New Kegal 9 

" New Fringed Va- 
rieties 10 

«• Show & Fancy...ll, 64 

" New and Karer 

Show and Fancy, 65 
•» Hybrid Perpetual... 66 

" New " " ... 67 

'* Sweet Scented and 

Cape Species 67 

" Filicifolia Odorata, 67 

" Scabrum 67 

Pavonia "Wioti 12 

Primula 35 

Passiflora 42 

Plectopomas 50 




Palms , 87 

Pinks 80 

Petunias 90 

Penstemons 91 

Phyllanthus 17 

PhyllotEenium 19 

Poinsettia 26 

Phelodendron 23, 43 

Posoqueria 23 

Paulinia 23 

Pampas Grass 25 

Pandanus 27 

Phormium 28 

Pyrus 43 

Phlox 91 

PcBonia 93 

Punica 42 

Rose — Jules Chretien 3 

Rosa Polyantha 3 

Rodochiton Volubile 32 

Euellia Macrantha 14 

Salvias — New 24 

Selaerinella, 84 

Senecio Pulcher 19 

Sonerila Hendersonii 18 

" Margaritacea 22 

Sphcerogyne 24 

Stephanothus 31 

Stokesia 109 

Stauntonia 44 

Spirea 109 

Styrax 44 

Summer Climbing Vines 101 

Tabernaemontana Camassa 22 

" Camellifiora 31 

Thalictrum 109 

Tacsonia 42 

Tydsea 49 

Torenia 18 

Toxicophlasa 19 

Veronica 91 

Verbena 89 

Violet — Sweet Scented 17, 41 

Vriesia 18 

TTiegelias 45 

Yucca 28 

Write your Natne plainly, give Post Office f Connfy and State, 
at all times yoti write, however frequent, 

FL^isTT OK.r):n:i?. sheet. 

•*¥£=/ ^Ti^ 

iM mM 


Is requested to for-ward the folloiiring List of Plants to 

Post Office 


Erpres!^ Office County 
Fo r v:h ich find a m o u nt en closed : 
Post Office Order, -f 

Cash, '} : Draft, •< 

Date, _... 1880. 








I was Awarded the following Premiums at the 


First Premium — -'(Best Group of Crotons." 

First Premium — ''(Best Single Specimen of CrotonJ' 

First Premium — "(Best Group of (braccenas." 

First Premium — "^est Group of Marantas/' 

First Premium — "^Best Single Specimen of Maranta.'* 

First Premium— ''^^5/ 6'f^^/^6/>^am^;^ Qf(biejfenbachia.'* 

Second Premium — "Second (Best Group of Variegated 
Foliage (Plants/^ 

First Premium — "(Best Single Specimen of Variegated 
Foliage (Plant/' 

Special Premium — "For (Davallia Mooreana." 

I have also been Aivarded for several years, leading 
(Prem^iums by the Maryland Horticultural Society for 
l)iiacssnas, 6iiatons. Falicige ^I^^ts, ^tave aiifl €jrppn 
Jf ouse plants, |;ei]ns, \z. In Cut Flowers, for l)a^lias, 
]^osES, 5^1oxEs, JferliacEOus ^^lants, \z. 

Campanula Medium Calycanthema A 
Cam^panula Medium, Calycanthem^a Cod» 

Dark; Blue, 

Cam^panula Medium, Calycantiiem^a Lilac, 


These splendid biennials are almost unrivalled for their brilliant effect in the 
flower garden, and as single specimens for conservatory decoration, it is scarcely 
possible to over-estimate their value. In habit the plant differs but little from 
the well-known form of the old blue and white Canterbury Bell, but while the 
corolla is much larger, the calyx, in addition, is enlarged to nearly four inches in 
diameter, presenting the form of a saucer, and changed from its ordinary green 
color to the same as that of the corolla, thus adding considerably to its beauty. 
The fact of its coming true from seed renders it easy of access, placing it within 
the reach of all amateurs and lovers of their garden. 

Price per Plant, 25 cents.